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Take a poll on Dr. Hite’s departure.

We are thankful that Dr. William R. Hite Jr has decided to resign after pressure from several elected officials and concerned citizenry.  As we write this, he is heading out to Philadelphia ”the city of brotherly love”.  We wanted to take a quick poll to see how you feel about his departure from the massive cover up of corruption, nepotism and professional misconduct which he initiated in many ways. We, the Reform Sasscer Movement, are willing to “let bygones be bygones” on condition that he does not interfere with the selection process of the next superintendent and Deputy superintendent of schools. Take our survey by clicking the link below.

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Target: Governor Martin O'Malley, Dr. Bernard J. Sadusky and Board of Education members
Region: United States of America


Vote of No confidence on William Hite EdD.

Dear Governor O’Malley, Dr. Bernard J. Sadusky and Board of Education members,

We are respectfully requesting that you act to have Dr. William Hite Jr removed as superintendent of schools in Prince George’s County Public schools (PGCPS). Under his watch, we have witnessed nepotism, professional misconduct, discrimination and corruption.

Dr William Hite has been the disgraced Jack Johnson’s side kick before and after he became the County superintendent of schools. We have the evidence and the PG County needs new officials with no ties to corruption.

Keeping Superintendent Hite is just not working well for students and staff of Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS). We the public, would like to see an effort to address this situation by the state of Maryland. Enough is enough.

Reform Sasscer Movement.

We are asking people to sign a petition that will be forwarded to Governor Martin O’Malley of the state of Maryland, the local school Board of Education and State superintendent Dr. Bernard J. Sadusky in order to address the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) situation! The Online petition requests that, nepotism, professional misconduct, discrimination and corruption by senior staff in PGCPS be brought to an end.
Dr William Hite has been the disgraced Jack Johnson’s side kick before and after he became the County superintendent of schools. We have the evidence and the PG County needs new officials with no hands tied to corruption.Please sign the petition. However if you leave comments, no foul language, belittling etc should be used. Example, what you see on comment boards.

We need for everyone to post this link to Face book. Twitter. Email. This will close March 30th 2012. We need several thousand to be heard!

Also please forward this link. We need many signatures!


Sign the petition~> Here



Children no longer come first. If you notice the PGCPS website, “Children come First” logo has been taken off under Superintendent Hites orders.

According to confirmed and liable sources, Reform Sasscer Team has learned with great shock and utter dismay that, all PGCPS schools turned in their projected budgets to Dr. William Hite’s appointed subordinates this past week (early November 2011).

Every PGCPS school is now operating under “student based budgeting” which is being managed by Jeff Kang (jeff.kang@pgcps.org)

According to Dr. Hite’s newsletter, to PGCPS staff and on his blog “Getting into the budget”:

“School communities must have a greater voice in how their schools are funded. That is why we are rolling out our new Student Based Budgeting (SBB) program, which allows school administrators, parents, and community members to guide the decision-making process for how school budgets should be spent. This new process, done solely at the school level, essentially gives the school community more authority over their school budgets, encourages innovation and enhances school effectiveness”. From blog titled “Getting into the Budget”.

The above statement is simply untrue and is “bull crap”.

If you go to any PGCPS school and ask faculty, parents, students or community members if they had any input in the budget, the answer will undoubtedly be NO.  Teachers will tell you that the principals decided on their own how to spend the money. No faculty, parents and community members  were allowed to give input or recommendations.

Principals, off the record, will tell you that they have less money and received the same amount of dollars from last year even if they had the same number of students and same number of free/reduced lunch, special education, and MSA below basic including advanced students.

That is to say, we have a ploy here being perpetuated by Dr. William Hite Jr and his subordinates. They created a  pretense that everyone has input, but in reality they do not. All decisions rest with the principal and his/her “favorites” on the staff. The schools are being squeezed, but if you go to Dr. William Hite, Matthew Stanski or even your board member they will put the blame is on the principals.  William Hites also states in his blog “They were to confer with the community [and] make decisions about how to spend money and staff the school.” At the end of the day, the kids are getting a very unfair deal.

Once again, did you notice that the PG County Public Schools (PGCPS) took the “Children Come First” logo off the system’s website? Students no longer come first. Only William Hite EdD matters.

A good example of wasteful spending is the “middle college” program. The system pays $3 million for a program that benefits 100 students – $30,000 a student.  There is also a secondary school in PGCPS with about 200 students whose budget is $4 million.

Finally,  we need to make children come first once again and more than ever before and elect a new Supritendent. Dr. William Hite should resign immediately as a suprintendent and without delay.  (William Hite Jr  EdD is pictured below).

Face of Corruption.


Legal issues regarding the use of photos by Reform Sasscer Team movement belonging to public officials in a public gallery has been done properly. For clarification for those who might not know their rights in fair use, the exhibition of photos involves the following;

If you were in a public place when the photo was taken (a basketball game, the mall, etc.), then one does not need permission from anyone but the photographer. If the images were yours and taken without your permission, then you might have a case.  However, since they didn’t make any money from the pictures, you cannot sue for punitive damages. If they got your picture off of MySpace, Face book, websites or something like that, then you have no case. You put the images out there for public viewing and the only person that would have a case would be the photographer if he or she stood to make money off of the images otherwise.

Therefore, the use of the Superintendent’s pictures or any of his close public officials in the administrator union involved in harassment of female staff in our blog does not violate anything. (see the blog) We continue to support the fight against corruption and bullying in public schools both by students on students and administrators to staff members. In this regard, the bullying campaign does not negate Dr. William Hite, Jr. from taking personal, political and criminal responsibility, or otherwise. We must fight gross mismanagement, professional misconduct, and fraud, waste of public resources, gross incompetence, or gross inefficiency within Prince George’s County public schools (PGCPS).  (William Hite Jr. EdD is pictured below).

12 points why PGCPS needs a new Superintendent

What Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) – District Community needs in a new Superintendent;

  1. Community needs a new Superintendent who has a vision, is able to communicate that vision and is able to make it come to pass.
  2. Teachers in all schools are 100 percent focused on the children. “Our problem here isn’t funding, it’s some administrators,” one teacher said recently. “There are givers and takers in this world, and it’s sad that in this community we have too many takers.” How can one justify thousands of administrators making over $100,000 with nothing to show for it?
  3. The community also needs a new Superintendent who is a team leader and a team player who can educate children on their individual level. William Hite Jr. EdD  (pictutered below) is neither a good team leader nor a good team player.
  4. Administrators, Teachers and support staff need a new superintendent who can quickly gain the confidence of leaders within the system, inspire them, motivate them and re-energize them.
  5. They also strongly favor a new superintendent as someone who can focus on one or two key areas of change; improve student achievement and be fair and consistent in his or her dealings with employees, students and the community.
  6. Other Key suggestions made to the “Reform Sasscer Team” are; A new superintendent who could implement a system wide focus on all schools, meet the needs of students who aren’t college-bound and unify the school system and public behind one vision.
  7. A new Superintendent who could assist students make AYP as well as staying focused on students and working on parental involvement. Many schools have been failing contrary to what William Hite has been saying lately as a cover up, (Read the news clip here).
  8. The big superintendent goals/qualities that came out of the teachers’ input meeting recently are making data-driven decisions that are not one-size fits all, giving administrators the autonomy to use school data to identify problems at their schools and create solutions to fix them, and bridging racial divisions that exist in the school system.
  9. Encouraging collaboration and creativity among teachers, being a visionary and having sensitivity for other cultures including southern and racial issues.
  10. A new Superintendent who can work with all the board members without targeting those who do not toe the line by not supporting fraud and other corrupt activities.
  11. The Business Community wants a new superintendent who can utilize sound business practices to achieve the outcome that everyone wants — or should want — and that’s getting the best results for our kids. Today, we spend a lot to get a poor product. No business can sustain itself with that model.
  12. Finally PGCPS needs a new superintendent who can fight corruption and take heads on  Bully administrators who are sexually harassing staff in various locations, schools, central offices within the PGCPS District system with blind eye of embattled Superintendent Hite.  This issue has been compromising quality of service and has gotten worse under  him. (William Hite Jr. EdD). 

No Confidence vote on Dr.William Hite:

A Call for action – Please call your elected representatives now.

Some accusations leading to the Community’s perception of betrayal and lack of confidence in Superintendent William Hite Jr. this school year include:

 1.)  Careless personnel decision in the hiring of Ms. Synthia J. Shilling – Chief Human Resources Officer, including not investigating or monitoring her work. Also activities of Mr. Roger Thomas Esq. – Chief legal counsel her former boss involved in cover ups, paying off attorneys and intimidating witnesses.

 2.)  Wasteful spending of taxpayers’ monies and misrepresenting to the School Board and the Stakeholders which School District budgets would be used to fund certain contracts.

 3.)  Disrespect and disdain shown to Teachers, including stalling contract negotiations over three years now; not earmarking funds for Teachers when receiving federal monies; taking away Teachers’ steps.

 4.)  Allowing a flawed curriculum, including scope and sequencing of that curriculum, to launch in all PGCPS schools without the input of Teachers and other Stakeholders and without implementing a test pilot of the program first.

 5.)  Ignoring critics of the flawed program and ignoring months of protests, calls, letters, pleas from the Students, Parents, Teachers and Administrators, i.e., all Stakeholders.

 6.)   Unwillingness to listen to “Stakeholders.”

 7.) Characterizing certain Stakeholders as “elitists,” “disgruntled,” distractions,” and “racists.”

 8.)   Intimidating Teachers, witnesses and Parents who spoke out to correct problems.

 9.)   Not prioritizing school safety with regards to unfair salary and resource reductions for school police.

 10.)  Failing to meet/abide by the bus drivers’ contract terms.

 11.)  Misrepresenting matters of importance to the School Board members

 12.)   Initiating new leaders for new schools without implementing a test pilot of the program first.

 13.)  Pumping lots of money in the IT Department and allowing mismanagement to occur under unqualified Directors and managers involved in illicit affairs.

 14.)  Allowing some Principals involved in questionable activities including unprofessional relationships with their juniors to continue the same without   separation of duty with the other half hence creating a conflict of interest.

 15.)  Making false reports to stakeholders that High school Consortium (HSC) has been abolished only changing the name to High School performance under the same corrosive Director Ms. Monica Goldson in order to continue cover ups and mismanagement.

 16.)  Playing with numbers to confuse parents that everything is okay and the system is making “huge gains” in math and reading when the kids can’t read and write properly.  – This is corruption. 

 17.)  Covering up corruption even when presented with facts.

 18.)  Ignoring immoral activities of  The Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) Union – especially its current  leadership – Mr. James Smallwood (President) and Mr. Dwayne Jones – (secretary) involved in harassment of variety of female staff making some pregnant and refusing to own up to the responsibility. (Focus on Largo and Laurel High Schools).

 19.)  Allowing PGCPS HR personnel to engage in illegal procedures as part of hiring practices in recruiting foreign teachers, then making excuses even when found to be willful violator of the government rules.  The illegal action costing tax payers millions of dollars. Ms. Shilling lists her former position as Deputy General Counsel for Prince George’s County Public Schools. How could a former attorney for the school system be unaware of legal requirements regarding hiring practices for foreign teachers? It’s simply inexcusable.

 20.)  Increasing salaries and wages for human resources staff, and the creation of a new Human Capital Management division, at a cost of $16 million while teachers have not had a raise in years.

 21.)  Compromising the union activity to render them useless including striking corrupt deals at the expense of employees.

 22.)  Laying-off employees and then recalling only politically connected “friends”.

 23.)   Ignoring the state audits which identified several areas of concern including the IT Department inventory and audit function. .  

 24.)  Assisting with introduction of a profit bank (Capital One) which has gotten in trouble in the past for misleading practices with the public, so to have an organization like that around students seems questionable.  Education is more effective when a profit margin is not needed.  Therefore, a non-profit organization – instead of capital one would have been a more prudent alternative. To make things worse and illustrate Dr. William Hites short sightedness, warpt and corrupt vision. He is trying to use this trial project as a model for High schools. Everyone knows capital one is a Callous credit card exploiter and repo-man. This Bank should never be allowed anywhere near children and students.  

 25.)  Encouraging what appears to be very unfair hiring practices which includes nepotism at Sasscer and throughout the school District hence creating a conflict of interest.

 26.) Mismanagement or embezzlement of state assets; i.e.; Supervisors and others taking county assets home without any audit trail.

 27.) Illicit enrichment; Promoting or ignoring illicit unauthorized activities.

28.) Punishment of persons who inform about improper conduct of public officials in retaliation;

29.)  Dissemination of erroneous information or its provision seeking to mislead investigators;

30.)  Damage to the public service – Promoting or turning a blind eye to illicit activities. Example selling of contraband.

31.)  Unfair performance evaluation in which highly qualified teachers and support staff are terminated due to discrimination.

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