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Residency Concerns Led to Eubanks School Board Resignation as Disarray Continues.


Former District 4 Board of Education Member Patricia Eubanks announced her resignation from her position on Sept. 24

UPPER MARLBORO — District 4 Board of Education Member Patricia Eubanks announced her resignation from her position on Sept. 24 after serving on the board for eight years throwing the entire District in yet another disarray.

Eubank’s officially submitted her resignation letter to the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Board of Education on Sept. 19. She had been a member since 2010, and her current term was set to expire in December 2020.

Her resignation was effective September 30, 2019.

Despite the cloud of suspicion which met with its new Chief Executive Officer and the spirit of optimism that spawned the beginning of the new school year despite many issues surrounding public corruption, the shroud of controversy surrounding education in Prince George’s County continues. The Prince George’s County Board of Education is now looking for new representation in District 4 after questions were raised about the current representative lives.

Representative Patricia Eubanks was forced to step down from her post when Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks asked for her resignation after concerns were raised about her residency.  Maryland law requires that the County’s school board members live in the district they represent. However, there is ambiguity regarding how long a board member has to live away from their district before having to forfeit the position.

“As a long-term resident of Prince George’s County, I look forward to the continued development of our school system under the stewardship of the board of education and Dr. Monica Goldson’s administrative leadership,” she said in her resignation letter. “I wish the board, Dr. Goldson and you continued success as you work together collaboratively to provide the children of our county the highest quality education possible.”

Eubanks expressed that it was a pleasure working with her colleagues on the board. One of the highlights included collaborating with educators to implement the Family Institute, which is an innovative initiative designed to enhance parenting skills among families and facilitate their ability to navigate the school system.

While Eubanks thanked the board of education and the school system for the opportunity to work with them, she did not give a specific reason why she is leaving her position so abruptly and is not taking media interviews at this time.

“I am pleased with the contribution that I was able to make to our effort to improve customer service, responses to stakeholders and our school system’s approach to addressing mental health issues among our students and employees,” she continued in her resignation letter.

“I also place high value on the role that I was able to play in working with colleagues as the board worked through very complex board reorganizations and changes in the leadership of the school system.”

Board of Education Chair Alvin Thornton who is running the Board under suspicious circumstances involving public corruption, thanked Eubanks. He extended her appreciation for the advanced notice of her resignation, her decade of service and “the sustained, dedicated and diverse service that you provided to the people of Prince George’s County and Maryland.” The Washington Post reports Eubanks acknowledged to board chairman Alvin Thornton she had lived out of the district for a time before moving back.

“Members of the Board of Education and I enjoyed working with you and appreciate the contributions that you made to the education of our students,” Thornton continued.

Now that Eubanks has stepped down, County Executive Angela Alsobrooks will appoint a new member to take her place.

The Prince George’s County Board of Education consists of nine members who are elected by the public to serve each of the nine school districts in the county. Four other members, including the board chair, are appointed by the county executive to serve four-year terms. The student member is elected by the Prince George’s Regional Association of Student Governments.

Although Eubanks’ position was an elected position, if a board member resigns, the county executive has the right to appoint someone to replace them.

Alsobrooks said she plans to appoint a new member by mid-October. The person she selects will serve the remainder of Eubank’s term through December 2020.

“I would like to thank Patricia for her service to the citizens of Prince George’s County over the last eight years,” Alsobrooks said. “I appreciate her commitment to the education of our children and all that she helped our school system accomplish during her time as a member of the Board of Education.”

As a member of the board of education, Eubanks has been an advocate for the PGCPS Family Institute and has also advocated for the implementation of a department that tracks, reports and trains PGCPS employees on the importance of excellent customer service.

In addition to her service on the board, Eubanks has been active in the community in other roles.

She has been a member of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE), Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) and the National School Board Association (NSBA).

As a member of Koinonia Congregation in Washington, D.C., she was part of the Pastoral Advisory Committee, the Single Parents Ministry and the Ministry of Helps. In 2001, she started an organization called My Opportunity To Help Everyone Resource, or M.O.T.H.E.R., to assist families.

Eubanks resignation letter does not mention the reason for her departure.  She never went into specific details about her residency. Instead, she chose to delay any further comments involving the questions we had paused for her by saying, “When the time is right, I will tell my story. I thank you for them, but I won’t comment on any of them at the moment. For me timing is everything, and I won’t answer if I don’t feel I should right now. When I do talk about the school system…..”

Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is currently being run under a cloud of corruption. One resident who worked in PGCPS shared her thoughts through the blogs and stated the following…. “Monica Goldson, has been involved in several illegal acts of contract fraud, sole source awards of multi-millions, in bids and anyone who got in her way or refused to participate were fired. The Union Presidents Theresa Dudley, Doris Ried and Hugh Wheather are paid to through cases, miss deadlines, ignore evidence and more importantly, ignore their own Union Bylaws. God help you if you read the Bylaws, supported by facts! They skip the “argue process” phase and go straight to “pound the table” in an attempt to intimidate not the Board but the members. The PGCPS is a stepping stone to a political career of corruption and our lawmakers and enforcers like Ms Alsobrooks knew and allowed it for years. Ms. Alsobrooks stated, Fraud in PGCPS is Not A Crime! I didn’t know about you but I thought Fraud was illegal every and and anywhere?? Go figure!” she concluded.

District 4 includes the cities of Cheverly, Bladensburg, Landover, Capitol Heights, Hyattsville and Glenarden.  There are 29 schools in the area centrally located inside the County. The schools consists of such schools as Beacon Heights Elementary School, Bladensburg Elementary and High Schools, Glenn Dale Elementary School, Thomas Johnson Middle School, Charles H. Flowers High School, Fairmont Heights High School and Dodge Park Elementary School.

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Dr. Alvin Thornton is facilitating the worst misconduct in history within the Prince George’s county public schools. He needs to resign at the earliest opportunity before he is arrested #DespotsMustFall




PGCPS Boy hit by train in Laurel had joined friends who walk home near tracks, family says


Jacques Ambrose sitting next to his mother, Marie Boursiquot, 55 on the sofa in their living room, his brother was struck and injured. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

By Rachel Chason 

Terry Boursiquot was already home from school when a friend of his brother’s came knocking at the door, crying as he delivered news the family still is trying to understand: Fred Boursiquot had been hit by a train.

Terry, 16, said Fred, 15, usually took the school bus home from Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School in Prince George’s County. But on Oct. 21, he had gone with a group of friends who sometimes walked home along CSX-owned train tracks in Laurel, Terry said. The friend that arrived at the house that night said Fred “had not gotten out of the way of the train fast enough,” Terry said.

He and his mother rushed to the hospital in Baltimore where Fred was being flown by medical helicopter. The boys’ older brother, Jacques Ambrose, a casino dealer at MGM National Harbor, was watching local news on a work break when he saw reports that service on the Camden Line had been halted during rush hour after a teenager was struck by a MARC train.

Minutes later, Ambrose, 27, received a call from his mother, who through tears instructed him to hurry to Baltimore. When he arrived, doctors told the family that Fred was unconscious with swelling in his brain, a broken right leg and a fractured shoulder.

Fred was taken into surgery on his leg that night, Ambrose said. Throughout the week, he was in a coma, which doct ors at Johns Hopkins Hospital told the family was induced so that he would not be in as much pain.

Prince George’s County police spokeswoman Jennifer Donelan said an investigation into the incident is ongoing. “We do not think anybody pushed him or that he was trying to hurt himself,” she said.

Fred has not spoken since the accident, and was awake only briefly Wednesday, his family said, but they think he can hear what they are saying because he squeezes their hands.

Brittany Marshall, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Transit Administration, which oversees MARC Trains, referred requests for comment to Bombardier Transportation, a contractor that operates the Camden and Brunswick lines. Bombardier did not return requests for comment.

The friends who were with Fred that night have not visited him in the hospital, Ambrose said. But he said he does not fault them because he knows they are probably frightened by the ongoing investigation, adding that he, too, might have been afraid of police at their age.

“They’re a bunch of kids,” he said. “They’re not grown enough to know how to behave.”

For Terry, who was nearly inseparable from his little brother, the event has been especially hard. On a typical Monday afternoon, Fred would have gotten off the school bus and they would have done their homework together, played basketball and video games, had dinner and talked, a lot, Terry said.

“He loves to hang out with his friends, and he loves to play basketball,” Terry said. “Even at night.”

The living room of the family’s townhouse in Laurel is filled with family photos and signs, literally, of Fred. On a red door, Fred wrote in black permanent marker: “Fred’s House.” The WiFi, too, he named after himself after once fixing it, Ambrose said with a laugh.

“He’s a good child,” Ambrose said. “He cares about other people, and he is always trying to help them.”

When Terry broke his phone and didn’t have money to replace it, Fred gave him $100 he had saved, Ambrose said. He said he didn’t realize Fred had given the money until a new iPhone 7 arrived at their door Thursday morning.

Sitting next to Ambrose on the sofa in their living room, the boys’ mother, Marie Boursiquot, 55, quietly flipped through family pictures of Fred and Terry, always side by side: Fred and Terry grinning as toddlers; Fred and Terry relaxing on a vacation in Miami; Fred and Terry posing in suits before church.

“We almost never took pictures of just one of them,” Ambrose said. “They’re always together.”

The family moved from Haiti to Maryland four years ago. Ambrose taught Fred and Terry how to speak English during their first year in the state, when the family lived with an aunt in Silver Spring and the boys hadn’t yet been enrolled in school. Marie Boursiquot is still learning English, Ambrose said.

She proudly showed birthday cards that Fred and Terry had written for her in French when they were in elementary school: “Mom, it’s your birthday. I would like to say happy birthday,” read one. “I love you a lot mom. Happy birthday, mom,” read the other.

Terry told his older brother that he at first didn’t want to tell their mother, who had been struggling with depression, about the track incident.

“Terry didn’t want my mom to fall apart,” Ambrose said. “Even though she still fell apart.”

Fred attends Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School, and Terry goes to Laurel High School, Ambrose said. Prince George’s County schools spokeswoman Raven Hill said Eisenhower has been in touch with the family and made counseling available to students.

“I think about him every day,” Terry said. “I pray for him. Everything I do I can’t stop thinking about him. No matter how hard I try.”

Ambrose said he has not been able to work since the accident, driving himself and family members between their home and the hospital in Baltimore.

He dropped out of school a few years ago to work full time to support his family and said he is again starting to worry about money.

“I’m like a father to them,” he said. “They’re all on me.”

Via Washington Post 


A teenager who was struck by a MARC train in Maryland died of injuries. News outlets report several teenagers were trying to cross train tracks Monday evening in Laurel when the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) boy was hit.

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Prince George’s County doesn’t have enough bus drivers at the moment. With a fleet of 1200 buses and 1100 daily routes, officials with Prince George’s County Public Schools said in the beginning of the school year, that they’re 50-60 drivers short.



Bedbugs discovered in PGCPS, Officials Play it down as pest specialist engage.

BN-GF705_randd_P_20141231140823CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. — A licensed pest control specialist will be brought into Walker Mill Middle School in Capitol Heights, Maryland, after bedbugs were found in a classroom roaming freely. Authorities in Prince George’s County notified the parents that bed bugs have been discovered at the Walker Mill Middle School in Capitol Heights, according to a letter from Principal Erin V. Cribbs.

Prince George’s County School officials are describing the situation as an “annoyance,” not a health hazard.

In a letter to parents the principal and the county’s chief school nurse said: “finding a bed bug does not mean our entire school is infested.”

“It is unlikely for bed bugs to reproduce and spread in schools,” the letter said.

Officials say professional exterminators are being called in to treat and monitor the results for at least a month.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency: “While bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, their presence may cause distress and health issues for many people.”

The agency’s website notes bites are itchy, can become infected and could cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Because bedbugs are described as an “annoyance” and not a disease threat, “students with suspected bed bugs are not to be excluded from school,” according the the letter sent home to parents.

According to the US EPA, bedbugs can hide in wall cracks and behind wallpaper and are most likely to bite at night while a person is sleeping.

Parents with concerns may call the Office of School Healthy Police, Services and Innovation at 301-749-4556 or 301-749-4722.


Principal Erin V. Cribbs send letter to parents.



Senator Miller, the country’s longest serving state Senate president, steps down as he battles cancer


Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr retires as Maryland Senate President.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. announced Thursday he will end his unparalleled three-decade tenure leading the Maryland chamber, a reign so dominant that it shaped the course of Maryland policy for many generations.

After a closed-door meeting of Democratic senators, the powerful 76-year-old Senate president who is battling cancer said at a news conference that he would return to the role of senator representing parts of Prince George’s, Calvert and Charles counties.

“It’s been a great run. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,” Miller told reporters, as he was flanked by dozens of senators. But he said it’s now too difficult to keep up with the demands of being Senate president, a role he has held since 1987.

“My mind is strong, but my body is weak…,” Miller said. “I suffer from anemia, I suffer from fatigue. This is a full-time job, it’s a statewide job and we need somebody younger.”

Miller is said to have told The Washington Post that his battle with cancer had sapped his energy and he did not want “to be perceived as lingering on or trying to hold on to something past my time.”

Miller, 76, is the country’s longest-serving senate president in the entire United States. He has wielded power in the Maryland Senate since before some current senators were born. He controls everything including courts in Maryland. No one can win a state case without his consent. He is said to know all the judges who must be screened before being elevated to the job and his son works in the Maryland legal system as a senior officer.

He said he will cede the presidency but intends to serve the remaining three years on his term as a rank-and-file senator. “I don’t intend to go cut the cord completely,” he said in an phone interview from a hospital room earlier this week according to Washington Post reporter. The interview was embargoed until Miller announced his decision, the report reported.

Miller, is battling Stage 4 prostate cancer that has metastasized to his spine and pelvic area.

The larger-than-life Democratic lawmaker has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments including during the annual legislative sessions, and he has lost much of his hair and some of his energy. Doctors say the cancer may be containable, but there is no cure.

On or around July 25th, 2018, Senator Mike Miller came under major political attack by Ms. Theresa Dudley, current president of the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA) who is engaged in conflicts of interests. During the meeting, Dudley unveiled a chain bought at Home Depot and said county officials, including those elected to the central committee, have for too long been controlled by “the master who lives in Calvert County,” referring to state Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D), whose district also includes part of Prince George’s. As fate had it, Dudley is currently serving two masters and should resign one position due to conflicts of interests in politics. She is also engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity in PGCPS involving well connected individuals facilitating union corruption starting with Dr. Alvin Thornton and others for personal gain.

We wish Senator Mike Miller well.

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Theresa Dudley, president of the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association, used a chain she bought at Home Depot to illustrate the control that she says party leaders wield over which Democrats win office in the county. However, as fate had it, Dudley is currently serving two masters and should resign one position due to conflicts of interests in politics. She is also engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity in PGCPS involving the very politicians she spoke about. #DespotsMustFall


Dr. Alvin Thornton is facilitating the worst misconduct in history within the Prince George’s county public schools. He needs to resign at the earliest opportunity before he is arrested #DespotsMustFall



Whitehall Update: Perturbed CEO Goldson finally withdraws changes under pressure!


Dr. Monica Goldson current CEO for Prince George’s County advanced corruption for years! Since the exposure of her illegal activities, Goldson has since scheduled three meetings where she only takes notes, she did not respond to the concerns expressed by employees, parents and others in the last two meetings. They say it was a listening session. #DespotsMustFall

LARGO, Md. (Reform Sasscer) In what is turning out to be a comedy of errors, Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) CEO Dr. Monica Goldson has finally withdrawn an illegal procedure she enacted without consulting the community or Board members. This deliberate blunder led to an outcry in the community of Whitehall and surrounding areas. Goldson who has surrounded herself with sycophants lately in order to enact a systematic scheme, is causing untold worry in the community. There is clear evidence of personnel known to each other who are out to abuse power. They are running the entire school system under a cloud of corruption. These violations of law which have been willful in nature were reported years ago. Furthermore, CEO Goldson herself has an active case within the United States legal frame work and others are pending, a clear piece of evidence which furthers the scale of public corruption which is ongoing concern.

Local Board of Education member for the area Ms Raaheela Ahmed on Tuesday was quoted in part as stating the following “…But in my opinion, this item is not an FYI. For an item like this, input needs to come from the community BEFORE a proposal is made. Housing audits should be complete BEFORE a boundary change is confirmed to present. Proposals need to be complete, sensible, accurate, and stand up to questioning. Central office needs to listen and ACT when the PTA has reviewed the proposal and expressed concern over it days before it came to the community as a whole. That’s not what happened here, and that’s the problem,” she added. We previously covered the story here.

We reprint the report by The WUSA9 News below.

BOWIE, Md. — The CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools changed course Tuesday after parents fought back against the proposed re-zoning of Whitehall Elementary.

The district had proposed shifting more than 200 students to four other nearby schools in 2020 to solve the long-standing overcrowding problem at Whitehall.

After multiple parents complained, the CEO announced Tuesday that she would be withdrawing the proposal at Thursday’s school board meeting in favor of creating a task force.

“My son would have ended up going from one of the best performing schools in Prince George’s County to one of the worst, and my wife and I were not going to do that,” said RiShawn Biddle, the father of a kindergartner who just started at Whitehall.

In his mind, Whitehall is the best and Northview is the worst.

“The way that they rolled out this proposal is just in poor taste,” Emebet Booker, parent of three, said. “People made a big investment. I mean, we’re paying a premium to live in the school zone that we’re in.”

Booker has children in fourth and first grade at Whitehall, and one in pre-school. She said if the changes would have gone through, she would have had to take her kids to three different schools.


The CEO of PGCPS wrote a letter announcing she would be withdrawing the rezoning plan Thursday after violating due process rights in the community.


Dr. Alvin Thornton is facilitating the worst misconduct in history within the Prince George’s county public schools. He needs to resign at the earliest opportunity before he is arrested #DespotsMustFall


Facilitator agents of Union Crime and Public Corruption in Maryland.


Dr. Monica Goldson current CEO for Prince George’s County advanced corruption for years! Since the exposure of her illegal activities, Goldson has since scheduled three meetings where she only takes notes, she did not respond to the concerns expressed by employees, parents and others in the last two meetings. They say it was a listening session. #DespotsMustFall

LARGO, Md. (Reform Sasscer) Nearly fifty years after John F. Kennedy first condemned corrupt leadership in the American labor movement, it is still plagued by rampant corruption, embezzlement, racketeering and influence from numerous organized crime organizations. From penny-ante theft to multi-million dollar embezzlement schemes, labor leaders continue to violate the trust of the members they claim to represent.

The labor movement is nothing but the sum of its many parts—millions of working Americans who have entrusted union leaders to spend a portion of their hard earned salary for the benefit of the collective good. Financially speaking, the sum of the movement’s parts total more than $10 billion dollars annually in mandatory dues and control another $400 billion in financial assets in strike funds, pension plans, and health care benefits.

In fact, in just the last five years, hundreds (maybe thousands) of labor leaders at all levels of the movement have been convicted of embezzlement, corruption, racketeering, or engaging in organized crime. The problem is rampant, getting worse, and yet the unions seemingly refuse to address it.


Mr. Christian Rhodes who is the current Chief of Staff for PGCPS is involved in numerous conflicts of interests involving PGCEA where he was an officer and other unions facilitating criminal activities. He makes more than $215,000 a year #DespotsMustFall

Here in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), Mr. Christian Rhodes, who is the current Chief of Staff for PGCPS, facilitates public corruption within the Prince George’s County Schools via various union representatives. Some of these individuals were his colleagues at his former employers the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) and Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA) who are well connected.


James E. Spears Jr., who is a Field Services Director facilitates crimes within PGCPS under ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 #DespotsMustFall

In ACE-AFSCME Local 2250, corruption is facilitated and covered up by James E. Spears Jr., who is a Field Services Director and a former colleague of Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Daniel Besseck at MSEA, and Mrs. Theresa Mitchell Dudley. They coordinate willful violation of the law with Mr. Damon Felton, the attorney for MSEA and PGCPS Human resources personnel tied to them, in order to blackmail union members and PGCPS staff. The willful violations of civil rights and cover ups by these individuals, including County Executive Alsobrooks office, is an ongoing concern and others tied to PGCPS CEO Dr. Goldson.

In the past, the PGCPS working in conspiracy with MSEA and PGCEA used services of former MSEA attorney Mr. James Whattam. Whattam was promoted in an organized scheme to become PGCPS labor relations director.  An investigation about Mr. James Whattam and Mr. Rhodes who have extensive ties to AFSCME Local 2250, PGCEA, MSEA and others need to be investigated and exposed.


Dr. Alvin Thornton is facilitating the worst misconduct in history within the Prince George’s county public schools. He needs to resign at the earliest opportunity before he is arrested  #DespotsMustFall

There is evidence that Dr. Thornton’s role is driven by dirty politics in order cover up misconduct within the Prince George’s county public schools and in Maryland. Long before County Executive Alsobrooks made the announcement for Mr. Thornton to be the new PGCPS new Board Chair, this troubling revelation was already known. Dr. Thornton has links to the current President of Prince George’s County Community College, Dr. Charlene Dukes, who endorsed wrongful terminations after she was awarded about $10 million to start a charter school within the Prince George’s County community college when hearing concerning PGCPS corruption was in progress. This malicious activity was part of quid pro quo. A Motion to recuse her due to many conflicts of interests requesting her to step aside was presented to her and she refused. Dr. Thornton has strong links too with the Maryland State Education Association officers who interfered with arbitration and the lawyers whom employees had hired to represent them but were compromised during County Executive Alsobrooks tenure as the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney.


Dr. Charlene Dukes, endorsed wrongful terminations after she was awarded about $10 million to start a charter school within the Prince George’s County community college by Dr. William Hite Jr as part of quid pro quo. #DespotsMustFall

It is very interesting that former PGCEA teacher’s union director, Lou Robinson, became Labor Relations Director and prior to that a PGCEA Uniserv Representative, Susan Lesscer, began working in the PGCPS Labor Relations Office—both of whom were under the supervision of former PGCEA President, Kenneth Haines and a close friend of Mrs. Theresa Mitchell Dudley, who was allegedly conspiring with PGCPS leadership instead of supporting teachers which is why, he was ousted.  Many of us have heard in a corrupt system, the corrupt are promoted meaning people who will engage in wrongful behavior if told to do so will apparently be promoted. This is wrong and a violation of employee rights.


Mrs. Theresa Mitchell Dudley (pictured here) is a real thug based on many observations. She is currently serving two masters and should resign one position due to conflicts of interests in politics. She is also engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity in PGCPS.  #DespotsMustFall

Many violations in this county involve the use of the Unions including Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA) and Association of Supervisory & Administrative School Personnel (ASASP). Both organizations are advancing public corruption and cover up under Mrs. Theresa Mitchell Dudley and Ms. Doris Reed close friends of County Executive Alsobrooks and Dr. Monica Goldson. Mrs. Dudley, as the President of PGCEA has played several illegalities in allowing public corruption in the county schools and cover ups after she rigged her election in order to remain as President of PGCEA. She has also used union dues to hire outside activists to help hide major violations within the county schools. We have evidence and witnesses of these violations.


Ms. Doris Reed has facilitated misconduct involving two past presidents who abused employees willfully. Some teachers where impregnated as part of abuse of power through the union without recourse. #DespotsMustFall

Please note that, Mrs. Dudley engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity when she advanced the selection of the current Board of Education Chairman Dr. Alvin Thornton.  During  a campaign meeting in PGCEA in the spring of 2018 to support Ben Jealous, a candidate for governor in Maryland, Mrs. Dudley was working with Dr. Thortorn and others (omitted parts which were highlighted concerning public corruption in Maryland involving the unions in PGCPS after presention of issues to the group). When notes were made to circulate in the social media, these items involving public corruption which we raised were no longer there. A member of PGCEA forwarded information concerning a double standard in pay increase in which Mrs. Dudley was accused of benefiting while calling out Dr. Kevin Maxwell and Mr. Christian Rhodes, who were advancing the same. Mrs. Dudley later retaliated against these issues due to the exposure.

If you want to know the source of most of monetary woes, public-sector unions are a good place to start — not just in Prince George’s County, but anywhere a local or state government is faced with stratospheric labor costs and corruption.

Call your Elected officials now and the media. Demand an end to this charade by the county officials!


Never give up. Never surrender. Never compromise.
County-Executive-Angela-Alsobrooks covered up public corruption and promoted Dr. Goldson to be PGCPS CEO when she knew about corruption she was engaged in. #DespotsMustFall


Prince George’s County Corruption Continues and Must End ASAP.


Dr. Monica Goldson current CEO for Prince George’s County advanced corruption for years. #DespotsMustFall

LARGO, Md. (Reform Sasscer) When a small clique of crooks have imposed themselves, plundered the county’s resources, created zombies through substandard education, dirty water and food and committed crimes and subverted democracy for too long, a lot of citizens believe tyranny is normal.

When tyranny is normalized, citizens start finding justifications why they are poor, homeless and hungry while the despots, con-men and con-women have everything. Citizens begin to hurl abuse at freedom fighters because they feel impotent. “God created rulers and made us poor,” they say.

“If you can’t beat them, join them,” they yell, not understanding that “joining them” means becoming their slave and accepting the subhuman condition that they have institutionalized. Those yelling such nonsense are too scared to admit that “joining them” only means surrender. Accepting that you are a slave.

After despotism, conman-ship and criminality have been normalized and institutionalized the way they are in Prince George’s county, it is a duty of all self-respecting patriots to fearlessly, consistently and ruthlessly do everything within our power to uproot that system of bad governance. Use all means necessary.

According to a concerned parent who was in a meeting at Laurel High School about Prince George’s County Public School (PGCPS), she stated that, “…The system is REALLY broken: curriculum, under-staffing of teachers, overcrowding with students, old buildings, supplies, late buses, HVAC problems, resources, rezoning & very underfunded. The children deserve better. I believe there is corruption,” she concluded.

“Corruption” is just one symptom of a more serious societal illness. The GERM that causes the illness is the CULTURE OF IMPUNITY which creates the belief that one is above the law and protects those who commit serious crimes like murder, steal elections or loot public resources.

To significantly reduce corruption we must first and foremost remove from positions of power and authority those who believe that they are above the law. We must punish to the full extent of the law all criminals, thieves and those abusing power STARTING with Dr. Monica Goldson.

Shouting or singing about the “fight against corruption” while expecting the DEAN OF IMPUNITY like Dr. Monica Goldson to be the one leading that fight is like a fox guarding a chicken house. Those disobeying court orders, bribing attorneys, court officials and subverting the Constitution cannot fight impunity.

This last week, we filed our case to the US Supreme Court and more is being done elsewhere. After we wrote to the county executive Angela Alsobrooks concerning the violations on September 4 and on October 4th, 2019, she arranged a series of meetings including yesterday, October 21, 2019, in order to help with the cover ups currently in progress in Prince George’s County led by PGCPS CEO Dr. Monica Goldson. There also been a variety of public relations exercises involving the despots in order to derail justice. We are demanding a proper federal investigation on these issues.

The despots and their collaborating con-men and con-women don’t care about you. They believe that you and many of us in the struggle are not human beings!

It’s now time for the opposition, the clear and level-headed in the democratic and republican parties – if such still exist – businessmen and women and the tax-paying and law abiding in Maryland to demand that an end be brought to this charade.

We need leaders who can lead – who are willing to lead – because they’re capable and we need these leaders to inform the mobs that they will not succeed in turning the Prince George’s county into another chaotic and mindless county, a failed county with a failing school system being used as a cash cow, purely because it’s their right to do so.

There are only so many taxpayers, there is also only so much that they will bear and that needs to be firstly addressed.

The corruption, the crime and general neglect of the county, together with the pampering to the whims of the masses, are turning Prince George’s county into a quagmire of racial, class and economic disharmony which the real owners and drivers – the taxpaying citizens who enable the county to grow and prosper – will eventually turn their backs on.

Call your Elected officials now and the media. Demand an end to this calamity by the county officials!


Never give up. Never surrender. Never compromise.

County-Executive-Angela-Alsobrooks covered up public corruption and promoted Dr. Goldson to be PGCPS CEO when she knew about corruption she was engaged in. #DespotsMustFall

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Parents upset over potential school re-zoning in PGCPS as disarray sets in.

7e06cda9-9dd6-42cc-b66f-c23e20c00eb5_360x203BOWIE, Md. — Whitehall Elementary school is overcrowded, according to Prince George’s County Public Schools.

The district’s solution? Re-zone that area to funnel students into one of the four other nearby elementary schools starting in 2020.

Some parents, however, are not happy about the potential change.

“The way that they rolled out this proposal is just in poor taste,” Emebet Booker, parent of three, said. “People made a big investment. I mean, we’re paying a premium to live in the school zone that we’re in.”

Booker has children in fourth and first grade at Whitehall, and one in pre-school. She said if the changes go through, she’ll have to take her kids to three different schools.

Another parent, Ericka Moten, said she and her husband closed on their new house last Thursday because of it feeding into Whitehall.

She has a four-year-old child, who would be starting kindergarten there in 2020.

“We were strategic in our decisions in fact-finding for our house,” she said. “We picked the house—we love the house—but also because it’s zoned for Whitehall.”

Parents said Whitehall Elementary consistently outperforms other schools in the district. It earned five out of five stars on the Maryland State Department of Education’s 2018 report card.

The proposal would redirect students to one of four other elementary schools:

  • Northview Elementary
  • Rockledge Elementary
  • Tulip Grove Elementary
  • Yorktown Elementary

Parents said they agree that overcrowding is a problem that needs to be addressed, but some are unhappy with the pace at which the district is addressing it.

“I’m for addressing that issue, but there needs to be a task force,” Booker said.

The school board representative for her district, Raaheela Ahmed, said she plans to suggest a task force to the superintendent in a letter she’ll be sending this week.

“I think there’s a sense of urgency around this, because it’s such a permanent decision that needs to be made,” said Ahmed. “And, at the end of the day, it lies with all of us that are in education, that are in public service.”

The next discussion session will be held on October 24.

The first reading of the proposal to the Board will be on November 7.

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Later PGCPS School Board Member Raaheela Ahmed later issued a statement decrying the lack of due process in Prince George’s County School district. Her request for a committee comprising of parents, students, teachers and community members to help address the issues is attached below.



Prince George’s County Corruption and predictions


Dr. Monica Goldson current CEO for Prince George’s County advanced corruption for years. #DespotsMustFall

LARGO, Md. (Reform Sasscer) As a long suffering resident of Maryland focusing on Prince George’s County who has seen numerous superintendents promising reform, here are my predictions:

  1. The scandals in PG County schools will continue and Wapo will write about them (regularly) as time goes.
  2. At the end of her contract, PG schools will be performing no better than they are today. If the past is any guide, they will be worse. Reforms in PG County usually make things worse.
  3. The new superintendent will leave her job under a cloud of corruption/incompetence. Mega corruption is already underway and no newspaper or blog has published anything because of fear.
  4. More corrupt elected officials will either resign on their own or be arrested for ongoing mega corruption involving the school system or other county agencies.
  5. “pay-to-play” culture at Prince George’s County will continue at higher rate with political donations from real estate developers seeking county approval for their building plans.
  6. Bribery, kickbacks and extortion schemes involving elected officials and others tied to the Prince George’s County development will continue flowing like water.
  7. Union Executives will continue to facilitate organized schemes to derail justice while paying off attorneys but this time will be arrested.
  8. Well connected politicians will continue to give bribes as charitable or political contributions.
  9. Developers will continue to seek opportunities to make the country more corrupt so they could cash in. But in the right circumstances, they’ll either decide to jump ship or simply have no choice but to tell the truth. It’s already happening, and there’s nothing county Executive Angela Alsobrooks can do to stop it.
  10. Board members who have embraced public corruption and have been compromised will not win another term. Eventually they might be arrested for accepting bribes and jailed for being in bed with corrupt executives.
  11. At the end of the day, PG schools will still be the worst in the state of Maryland (with the possible exception of the city of Baltimore.)

Delegate Dereck Davis – Chair, Economic Matters Committee Maryland General Assembly advanced corruption in the Maryland and used PGCPS as an ATM Machine to advance his shenanigans which are well known. #DespotsMustFall


County-Executive-Angela-Alsobrooks covered up public corruption and promoted Dr. Goldson to be PGCPS CEO when she knew about the corruption she was engaged in. #DespotsMustFall


Ardra O’Neal of the O’Neal Law Firm helped facilitate public corruption at the beckoning of the Maryland and county officials and the corrupt union executives.  #DespotsMustFall



Push PG NAACP to do right thing at its meeting Thursday, 7 pm in Hyattsville


Bob Ross ~ PG NAACP President is under fire and accused of  facilitating cover ups.

Greetings activists,

PG NAACP and  MD NAACP, Which side are you on?

Neither organization — NAACP PG, nor NAACP MD issued any strong statement of protest about ten police officers who killed Mr Shand.

This is the question to ask the PG NAACP at its annual meeting Thursday 7-9, in Hyattsville.

So far PG NAACP has put out only a mild statement (and this was done as a reaction to being misquoted by WTOP).

I urge members and others to bring up our issues at PG NAACP’s meeting this Thursday, October 17, 7 pm in Hyattsville.  Invite at bottom of this email.

Attend the meeting to encourage PG NAACP to demand or even favor:

*  Repeal MD’s Officers’ Bill Of Rights LEBOR

*  Insist that Police Use Body Cameras

*  Police departments use milder ways to corral suspects.

*  Effective training of police.

*  Question trusting the Prince George’s Police Dept.’s investigation unit to do a rigorous and fair investigation.

Supporting info:

*  Repeal MD’s Officers’ Bill Of Rights LEBOR

Here is the 2015 Baltimore Sun article on LEBOR by the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland.

Reform Maryland’s Officers’ Bill Of Rights

*  Insist that Police Use Body Cameras

The PG police and the first Hyattsville policeman at the killing were not using body cameras.  The use of body cameras by Hyattsville policemen is discussed in “Police story of Leonard Shand’s death called into question by [Hyattsville City Councilor Joseph Solomon]” at

I recommend reading entire article.

Prince George’s County says there’s no money for body cameras because the cost is 2 million dollars.   But:

The Prince George’s County Government spent just over $2 million Tax Dollars from December 2018 thru July 31, 2019 defending Racial Discrimination and Retaliation under County Executive Alsobrooks.

Dr. Rashawn Ray, Associate Professor of Sociology, Executive Director, Lab for Applied Social Science Research, University of Maryland, also Brookings Institutionposted:

“I just want to note that my colleagues and me at the Lab for Applied Social Science Research (LASSR) at the University of Maryland conducted a study on body-worn cameras in Prince George’s County. We found that residents across race/ethnicity and social class overwhelmingly support the county having body-worn cameras.  …

The link to the published study is below. ”

*  Police Departments Use Milder Ways To Corral Suspects.

Like An Argentinean Cowboy Roping A Cow With A Bola:

The BolaWrap has an eight-foot kevlar tether which can wraps itself around a man’s chest and arms or around his legs.  If deployed correctly, it can de-escalate a situation between police and a dangerous offender.  See video on TV news at

Also, see video in this BolaWrap advertisement on the web:

Wrap Technologies, Inc. [NASDAQ: WRTC] | BolaWrap® | Policing Today

“The Problem

American police are rethinking their training, procedures and non-lethal tools, specifically to handle encounters with the mentally ill.

The Police Executive Research Forum, an independent research organization devoted to improving policing, reports that handling encounters with the mentally ill is a national crisis.

A Washington Post investigation [of]fatal shootings by the police in 2015 [found that] nearly a quarter of the incidents involve a person who was mentally unstable.”  (Emphasis added.)

Cheryl Fellenz posted:

An intervention of officers coming up behind an individual with protective gear and enveloping him is called by officers ” a wrap”.

Anyone who watched the video could see with their own eyes that the officers did not look like they knew what to do.

*  Effective Training Of Police.

I’m concerned about the recent lowering of standards for new police hires noted in

“Having Eight On-Leave [Hyattsville Police] Officers Adds To Staffing Shortage (Updated 10/3)”


“Over the last year or two, according to [Public Information Officer and Acting Lt. Zachary Nemser], the HCPD has had to adjust their hiring standards to address the shortage. Successful officer applicants were required to score 70% or above on each section of the National Police Officer Selection Test(Standard & Associates, Inc.). Officer applicants now need just a 70% average on the whole test.Physical agility requirements have also been relaxed. And if an officer makes a lateral transfer, they no longer need to pass either the written or agility tests,”

How much less do the new hires, who did not meet the 2015 requirements, know and how much less can they do than the police hired in 2015.  Were they provided with additional training to bring them up to the 2015 standards?

A score of 70% indicates mediocre knowledge; this is low-level tolerable for high school and college courses.  Policemen should be required to have serious knowledge of policing.   (I do not know how rigorous the police exams are.)

 *  Question Trusting The Prince George’s Police Dept.’s Investigation Unit To Do A Rigorous And Fair Investigation.

Prince George’s County,  “Washington’s Ferguson Next Door”

“…the intervention of the U.S. Justice Department has been most responsible for bringing any meaningful change [to Prince George’s County’s Police].”

Much more change still needed:         

“County Police Officer, Guilty of Second Degree Assault for Assaulting a Citizen Who Was Handcuffed  //  Officer Repeatedly Punches Man In The Face While Handcuffed Behind His Back [And Secured With A Seat Belt In The Front Seat Of Police Car].”                            August 8, 2019                    More info at
Prince George’s Officers of Color File Federal Lawsuit Challenging Widespread Race Discrimination, Retaliation by PGPD            December 12, 2018

“Racial Discrimination In The Prince George’s Police Department”

“Racial discrimination in the Prince George’s Police Department is discouraging the reporting of abuse committed by PGPD officers because Latinx and Black officers in the department experience retaliation for speaking out about it, spurring a lawsuit. New leadership in the county must take firm steps to enable full compliance and accountability in the department in order to end abuse of citizens by police.”

From the blog posted Jan 3, 2019 on the Progressive Maryland website at:


Other notes: 

“ACLU: Hyattsville Police Shooting Part Of Troubling Pattern”

Excerpt: Jay Jimenez, a Legal Program Associate for the ACLU of Maryland, What we’ve seen is that most of these police deaths in Maryland, especially involving people of color with disabilities could could have been avoided.”

According to Jimenez, preventing these deaths requires a reevaluation of the validity of current police de-escalation training and the use of less-than-lethal tools, such as tazers, pepper spray and beanbag shotguns.

“I’ll just be clear: The use of tasers, OC sprays, flashbang grenades, or other methods of less-than-lethal force are not the same as de-escalation,” said Jimenez. “Based on the video footage that we’ve seen, this actually had the opposite effect in the shooting of Leonard Shand.”

More from“Police story of Leonard Shand’s death called into question by [Hyattsville City Councilor Joseph Solomon]” at

“Hyattsville City Councilor Joseph Solomon has called into question major aspects of the police narrative surrounding last week’s fatal police shooting of Leonard Shand by 10 officers from Hyattsville, Prince George’s County and Mount Rainier police departments.”

“Solomon’s recollection of this aspect of the video footage he has reviewed was backed-up by a participant in the Oct. 1 meeting who told city officials she was present when police first encountered Shand, and who said she did not see knives in his hands during those first moments of Shand’s police encounter.”


June White Dillard foreground and members of pg county chapter of Naacp must rise up to the occasion and do what is right. They must avoid being seen as facilitators of corruption in the county affairs and address issues in a fair manner.