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Take a poll on Dr. Hite’s departure.

We are thankful that Dr. William R. Hite Jr has decided to resign after pressure from several elected officials and concerned citizenry.  As we write this, he is heading out to Philadelphia ”the city of brotherly love”.  We wanted to take a quick poll to see how you feel about his departure from the massive cover up of corruption, nepotism and professional misconduct which he initiated in many ways. We, the Reform Sasscer Movement, are willing to “let bygones be bygones” on condition that he does not interfere with the selection process of the next superintendent and Deputy superintendent of schools. Take our survey by clicking the link below.

Click here ~~~~> http://reformsasscer.freepolls.com/cgi-bin/polls/001/poll_center.htm

Top Priorities For The Incoming BOARD in PGCPS.


  1. Restore sanity to Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) discourse (Addressing corruption, nepotism and professional misconduct at Sasscer Administration Building).
  2. Evaluate unprofessional relationship between Dr. William Hite and various unions representing employees as well as some young female Principals.
  3. Review activities of previous nefarious Chief Legal Counsel Mr. Roger Thomas and previous nefarious Chief Human Resources Officer - Synthia J. Shilling (formerly Deputy Legal Counsel). These two cost the school system millions of dollars.  
  4. Create a strong anti-discrimination and harassment policy in PGCPS. Obey state and federal laws.
  5. Access certification credentials held by senior management including Ms. Monica Goldson etc.
  6. Limit the purchasing power as exercised by Dr.William Hite when purchasing school system merchandize. (Who abused this power and was without oversight).
  7. Find ways to address and help reduce high suspension rate throughout the PGCPS District. Suspended students become a problem to the community.
  8. Examine closely all contracts over $10,000 signed off by Dr. William Hite Jr. and Ms. Verjeana Jacobs previously (Corrupt BOE Chair).
  9. Consider the following points as they impact the entire school District.
  • A.) Adding tighter campaign finance rules to avoid repeats of the Thatcher Campaign Donations Fiasco. 
  • B.) Lobbying the County Council and the County Executive (Rushern Baker) to appoint an Inspector General (IG) to address waste, fraud, and abuse issues for all county agencies at Baker’s Office (including School Board). (These steps are necessary because an I.G. has not been appointed and there are an abundance of attorneys). Yes we can!
  • C.) Enforce the existing Codes of Ethics for all central office employees. Report infractions that go unpunished to MSDE.
  • D.) Report all concerns to MSDE so the state department is more accountable to us in enforcing state laws and policies at the local level.
  • E.) Ask tough questions about Ms. Elizabeth Davis, alleged lover to Tony Liberatore. His wife allegedly walked up on those two kissing at Sasscer. Ms. Davis does EEOC hearings/mediations. What are her qualifications and credentials for that role with such low morals? What connection did she have with Ms. Synthia Kucner?

11. Consider rules and regulations by federal, state and BOE policies.

  • A.) Abide by state law for Hite’s contract. The verbage for the state law is on the BOE webpage. see the attached link.
  • B.) Establish more precise criteria so we can get a better leader. Attract qualified, traditional candidates from other than Broad Group and other such organizations.
  • C.) Elect a BOE that will supervise rather than fraternize with the Superintendent.
  • D.) Complete THOROUGH background checks to avoid embarrassment of incidents like Deasy’s questionable doctorate.

12.  Examine closely appointments of personnel –

A.) Look into the growing number of personnel in PGCPS like Jim Whattam, Esq., and Baker’s appointees like Mr. Christian Rhodes, Education Liaison, who have extensive ties to Prince George’s County Educator Association (PGCEA). Be fair to all unions without over representing the teachers.

B.) The serious allegations of misconduct by previous Superintendent Dr. William Hite Jr. and some female employees need to be investigated. The concerns need to be put directly in writing to the BOE members and a demand for an investigation launched right away. A Copy needs to be forwarded to Mr. Rod Rosenstein’s office if the BOE does not act. The man was worse than Dr. Hornsby.

13.  Dr. William Hite Jr. should be summoned back to explain what happened when he appointed less qualified, non-credentialed personnel without following the state law. BOE should supervise the future Superintendent and force HR compliance. In the previous format, Dr. Hite always told the BOE what to do. This is unacceptable.

14.  Review the following deals:

  • A.) Washington Plaza, lobbyist ties and campaign donations
  • B.) H-1B
  • C.) The 27 administrators currently in arbitration
  • D.) Lack of due process among ALL employees for hearings, terminations, etc under Mr. Roger Thomas, Synthia J. Shilling, and Mr. Jim Whattam
  • E.) OIA number of lawsuits and EEOC complaints. There are so many EEOC complaints, they now have outsourced to other field offices throughout the country.
  • F.) Review overlap of Legal Department for attorney duties for waste
  • G.) The Thatcher contract was a no bid contract, totally against BOE policy. It needs to be cancelled.
  • H.) The $90 million Dr. Hornsby left behind that has been squandered.
  • I.) A proper investigation needs to be launched ASAP to follow money trail involving Dr. William Hite Jr., Roger Thomas, Mr. Matthew E. Stanski, Ms. Synthia J. Shilling also known as Ms. Synthia Kucner, and co-conspirators.

15. Contact state and federal officials (FBI, DOJ) about the broken laws, policies and procedures.

16. Go to Dept of Labor, MSDE, EEOC and any other organizations like NAACP, Casa de Maryland and La Raza about discrimination and hiring. Demand to know about credentials and licensure. The State Department is already doing an audit.

17. Report any information to Miranda Spivack or Ovetta Wiggins of the Washington Post or NBC4 Prince George’s County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins so they may do a story on misappropriation of funds. (After the incident with Dr. Hornsby occurred, BOE policies/procedures were implemented to prevent a reoccurrence. These procedures have yet to be followed.

18. Stop empowering Principals who harbor strong biases and use the system to destroy teaching credentials in order to remove teachers who don’t appeal to them. Test scores rise because of teachers and not because of the principals. Administrators should be receptive helpers and not feared executioners.

19. Teachers and staff in PGCPS need a raise like what happened to Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) teachers recently. PGCPS staff have not had a raise for a while now. They work very hard usually without compensation.

19. Investigate Office of Constituent Services which acts as a campaign tool for Dr. William Hite even after he left the system. This office does very little to promote the interests of the PGCPS. The said office was only created to promote William Hite’s personal agenda and the staff overpaid to sit around to help put out fires touching on Dr. William Hite. Several staff members were given huge raises with no justification by Superintendent Hite personally. In this regard, IT Help Desk and Constituent Services needs to be merged to avoid duplication of duties.

20. Investigate IT Department and the relationship between some BOE members connected to fired IT Director Mr. Pierre Dickson. Verify what damage caused by the said Director and his lover Ms. Shanita Anderson.

21. Investigate nepotism beginning with Dr. William Hite’s office for the following reasons;

  • A.) The Director of communications Mr. Briant K. Coleman is a close family member to second in command.
  • B.) Several Instructional Directors have spouses who are either Principals or administrators within PGCPS.
  • C.) The previous Director was fired to create room for the current Communication Director, who is family member of the Deputy Superintendent.
  • D.) Previous Director of Communication was unjustly terminated in pretext for raising a discrimination issue.(see attached ~> Breedon vs PGCPS Bd. of Ed Hite)
  • E.) Investigate Ms. Monica Goldson, Chief Operating Officer (COO). She has several relatives in high level positions beginning at Sasscer – HR and in various schools. As the chief operating officer (COO), She controls millions of dollars and reports to the chief executive officer or the superintendent of schools. She is also responsible for the PGCPS’s day-to-day operating activities, including revenue and sales growth; expense, cost and margin control; and monthly, quarterly and annual financial goal management etc. What did she do to Dr. Hite to get the job without qualifications?

Investigate, investigate and change things immediately.


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Happy New year PG County.

We hope you enjoyed Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.  As we write this, we are in day 6 of Kwanza celebration Kuumba. The sixth day of Kwanza, which occurs on New Years Eve, is a special day. This is the day of the Kwanzaa Karamu or Kwanzaa Feast. In the spirit of celebration many families invite their friends and family to join in the festivities.

As we celebrate all these Holidays, Believe it or not, we are eternal optimists. We reject the corruption, nepotism and professional misconduct PGCPS management led by Dr. William Hite Jr is doing to citizens of PG County, at many levels in the schools.  Dr. William Hite Jr does not think of the impact to lives before they retaliate and discriminate or create a hostile work environment so often.  It is our opinions that without proper reforms and accountability, the cover ups involving corruption, professional misconduct and incompetence at Sasscer in many ways destroy lives. This has caused many families and children to engage in drugs and other forms of depravity.

We have programs in most schools in PGCPS which employ the upper and middle class, but do not give children a sense of pride in themselves or a sense that they have a future. They are angry, poor and frightened. They steal to survive /and have become like young uncontrolled animals in some circumstances in many schools. To understand what is happening just visit the children court in either Upper Marlboro or Hyattsville Maryland to see for yourselves. Remember the Air Jordans! But we have the power to change this!

During 2012, you and your families will have to make a crucial choice, a choice about what type of leadership we need in our community. Because of a change in election law concerning the Prince George’s County Board of Education, five of the nine seats of the board will be up for election during the presidential elections.  As you focus on what choice, remember to elect Board of Education candidates who will fight corruption and not make boardroom deals with a corrupt superintendent Hite.  In the New Year, let us all try to work together to better the world for our children and grandchildren by electing new board members who mean well and are driven by transparency and accountability without wavering or vacillate irresolutely between choices . We hope when we write to you again in the New Year 2012 many things would have changed. Our prayer is to have a new superintendent. Period!

Please remember us in your prayers and pray for our hard working student board member Faith Jackson who was left out in the official Christmas message cheer by Dr. William Hite Jr!

Public Rally at the PGCPS Board of Education today!

A public rally will be held in front of PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS ADMINISTRATION BUILDING – SASSCER in Upper Marlboro today December 5, 2011 from 4pm to 6:30pm – To protest nepotism, professional misconduct by senior PGCPS staff, discrimination, malfeasance, coercion, gross incompetence, corruption etc. Be there!

Sasscer Administration Building
14201 School Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-3050

“We need to support & encourage the administrators, teachers, support staff and parents of children attending failing Prince George’s County Public schools to keep up the pressure…”

(Other details)

Sign the petition~> Here

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Face of Corruption.


Legal issues regarding the use of photos by Reform Sasscer Team movement belonging to public officials in a public gallery has been done properly. For clarification for those who might not know their rights in fair use, the exhibition of photos involves the following;

If you were in a public place when the photo was taken (a basketball game, the mall, etc.), then one does not need permission from anyone but the photographer. If the images were yours and taken without your permission, then you might have a case.  However, since they didn’t make any money from the pictures, you cannot sue for punitive damages. If they got your picture off of MySpace, Face book, websites or something like that, then you have no case. You put the images out there for public viewing and the only person that would have a case would be the photographer if he or she stood to make money off of the images otherwise.

Therefore, the use of the Superintendent’s pictures or any of his close public officials in the administrator union involved in harassment of female staff in our blog does not violate anything. (see the blog) We continue to support the fight against corruption and bullying in public schools both by students on students and administrators to staff members. In this regard, the bullying campaign does not negate Dr. William Hite, Jr. from taking personal, political and criminal responsibility, or otherwise. We must fight gross mismanagement, professional misconduct, and fraud, waste of public resources, gross incompetence, or gross inefficiency within Prince George’s County public schools (PGCPS).  (William Hite Jr. EdD is pictured below).

BOE Member Edward Burroughs Censored

Reform Sasscer movement has learned  that there have been attempts to silence board member Edward  Burroughs for speaking out  the truth on what is right.  So what was the majority of the members of the Prince George’s County Board of Education doing when the stories of violence and truancy were really starting to heat up at High point High school? Well, they were not protecting the students if reports from several Maryland Delegates and a leader of the PTA are true.

After spending months and weeks trying to get Superintendent Dr. William Hite and Board Member Rosalind Johnson to move on reports of daily fights and high truancy at High Point High School, parents and community leaders turned to writing the entire board and even members of their delegation to the General Assembly. Of the nine elected Board members only one responded to their concerns, Honorable Edward Burroughs, and he paid the price for it after he was censured unfairly recently.

Several parents who are members of the High Point High School PTA reported and it was later confirmed by several members of the Maryland General Assembly that after people in the community sent numerous emails asking for help, only Edward Burroughs agreed to assist. The parents said their emails outlined documented instances of students seen arriving at High Point High School, getting off the bus and entering the community through the bush, and then returning to the school at the end of the day to take the bus home.  Burroughs who formerly served as a two-term student member of the board was elected as a full member from District 8 last year decided to see for himself if the reports were true when he went to the school a few months ago. After seeing that they had not misled the board but the board was being misled by Ms. Rosalind Johnson and William Hite Jr. EdD, parents said they had learned Honorable Edward Burroughs had been censored unfairly. The board took the vote in a closed meeting supervised by Hite after saying Burroughs violated board policy for going to the school without the approval of the superintendent Hite who controls the whole board with much sway.  This was shocking to the parents and students who regarded Edward Burroughs as a hero for saving the children.  Everyone reform Sasscer Team interviewed asked “how are board members supposed to oversee the school system if they need administration approval to go to the schools?” Board members should be free to visit schools and observe without any restrictions. After all, they are elected unlike William Hite EdD.

After interviewing the PTA leader, she indicated that she was told numerous times by her board member Rosalind Johnson and William Hite Jr. EdD that the situation at the school was under control and their concerns had been “over stated”.  However, according to our confirmed sources, the situation is still fluid months later even with the new Principal. She went on to say that Mr. Burroughs has not confirmed to them that he was in fact censored but they have confirmed the information much like we have from several members of the House of Delegates close to Mr. Burroughs and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP –Prince George’s Branch).

Prince George’s County Superintendent William Hite and District 1 Board Member Rosalind Johnson have been under fire for months from community leaders after a video of a hallway fight ended up on Youtube. School Board leaders Verjeana Jacobs currently on maternity leave chairs the group and Donna Beck who is the Vice-Chair have also been facing complaints for their lack of action to respond to the reports before they made television and media reports. Another parent reported being told my members of the board they wanted to come to the school to investigate their claims but policy prohibited them from visiting schools to observe without approval from the corrupt superintendent. The same applies to Laurel and Largo High Schools which are the epi center of corruption affecting the students and staff throughout the District with a blind eye of  the same Supritendent Hite. (Read the blog here).

Last spring, William Hite EdD announced he was replacing Principal Michael Brooks with Assistant Principal Rebecca Garcia. In a letter to the parents, the superintendent wrote the school system planned to conduct a national search for a full-time replacement who “has experience in addressing the issues at hand, and who will best serve the diverse student population at High Point High School”. The May 16, 2011 letter advised that Principal selection process was going to be done following a new Board Policy, administrative Procedure Number 4113, “to ensure that the community, including staff, parents, community groups and high school students (for high school principals) are involved and participate in the principal selection process.” However, this process is not transparent as William Hite EdD wants the public to believe.  He has much say on who becomes the principal no matter what the public wants. This is very unfair to the students, staff and citizens of Prince George’s county who are being blackmailed by William Hite EdD. This is how corruption spreads, one parent added. We agree with her! The next election cycles in 2012 as well as 2014 will be based on transparency and accountability issues.  Board members who have solid record in fighting corruption and for standing up for what is right will be re-elected.  We can not have situations involving a gang of senior management in PGCPS practicing professional misconduct, corruption and nepotism without accountability.  Citizens of Prince George’s county have had enough with this PGCPS mess and cover ups  with Superintendent Hite – another parent added.

Requests for comment from Edward Burroughs and school system administrators have not been returned. We held this story in order to work hard to get a comment from the board of education or Mr. Burroughs but none have been supplied.