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Prince George’s County elite must put the County and the nation first.


In the classic The Wretched of the Earth, Frantz Fanon famously said: “Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission (and) fulfil it or betray it.”

We spent the prime of our youth, some of us, in the struggle for constitutional and political reforms in Prince George’s County and in state of Maryland. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say we lost our youth in the struggle. The democratic experiment and practice has a long and tortuous history.

Creationists, specifically those who believe in the Bible can attest to the fact that initially, theocracy was the chosen way.

So that democracy, a variant of man-rule-man system was in itself an act of rebellion against God. But the train left the station many millennia ago.

Today, we can only find ways and means of making the best of whatever mess we call human rule.  Our American Founding Fathers did just that hundreds of years ago. After several months at the national convention from May 1787, the Constitution was ready for signing on September 17, 1787.

The next hurdle after the delegates had signed would be ratification. Yet I go ahead of myself.

Even before the final signatures, amendments were demanded and granted. These amendments were to address the fears that a strong national government would be a threat to personal liberties. These form part of American civil rights. They were reportedly all written by James Madison.

Now, for ratification, the final document needed the approval of nine out of the twelve states. Those opposed to the constitution, the Anti – Federalists began a press propaganda campaign against ratification. To counter them, Alexander Hamilton recruited fellow statesmen and intellectuals James Madison and John Jay. They wrote a series of more than 50 pro-ratification letters to the New York press of that time. The one that eventually rose to the pinnacle of glory is Federalist No. 10 by James Madison. It concerned itself with the threat of faction, racism or class differences.

Madison described faction as “a number of citizens, whether amounting to a minority or a majority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interest of the community”.

So he agonised between removing or controlling causes and effects of faction. To remove faction, you had to do away with liberty. The folly of so doing would be akin to removing oxygen so as to put out a fire. The damage would be cumulatively greater. A second option in removing causes of faction would be to give everyone uniform choices and views. This too would be totally absurd.

So that in the end, he opined, one would have to limit the effects of faction. He prescribed a republican remedy. A republic, he averred, would dilute the undesirable effects of majoritarianism.

He came early. Long before someone coined the phrase “tyranny of numbers”. The phrase is these days parroted by pseudo-intellectuals without attribution.

These writers, the authors of the 87 articles later dubbed Federalist Papers, sought neither fortune nor fame. They loved their country. They were not participants in empty political rhetoric.

Our latter-day columnists must read this collection of ideological masterpiece and constitutional architecture.

In fact, it behooves the Committee of Experts even though long disbanded to let us in on the reasoning behind some sticky facts of the constitution.

Jurists and legal experts still quote the Federalist Papers hundreds of years. Our President Barrack Obama, in Audicity of Hope, was so moved as to say these documents betray and mirror natural law if not divine inspiration.

our guess is that, he should have just said these people were geniuses living at the height of the Enlightenment.

These days, columnists engage in what Madison termed as the vicious arts. Empty and laughable ad hominen if not crass, pitiable partisanship. Take a position. Indeed you must. But do it on principle.

This way, people will identify you with a particular shade of opinion or school. Don’t oscillate depending on where the money is. Madison and group are still points of reference because they thought long and hard. Whatever they wrote stood the test of time.

They mentioned no names. Never poured vitriol on fellow Americans. If small minds discuss people, average ones events and great minds discuss ideas, next time you pick your favourite newspaper, you will have an easy time classifying your favourite commentator.

Prince George’s County is at a worse crossroad than 1787 – 88 America. Democracy will be strengthened more by statesmen. Whether in civil society, media, political parties or even the now silent academy, we must love our counties, our states, our countries and our planet earth above all else. We must be patriots.

We must sacrifice short-term gain at the altar of posterity. This is our prayer as we move forward unto the future!






Prince George’s charter school to eliminate recess to shorten day.


A Prince George’s County charter school will end recess in an effort to shorten the school day.

College Park Academy, a middle school, will end 35 minutes earlier once the change goes into effect, the Washington Post reported.

The county’s Board of Education approved the change by a 12-0 vote Thursday, after teachers suggested the change.

The school had a longer school day than most middle schools. Teachers said students were extremely tired by the end of the day, said Frank Brewer, interim executive director of the academy.

Brewer said cutting recess was a way to shorten the day without affecting instructional time.

The school is currently in session from 8:25 a.m. to 3:55 p.m. After cutting recess, school will end at 3:20 p.m. >>>Read more NBC4 News  >> Washington Post


Some of the policies we are seeing under Dr. Segun Eubanks leadership and Dr. Maxwell via County Executive Baker are not good for the children of Prince George’s County. The list includes among other things; over crowded buses, Union interferences, overpayment of Board staff at Sasscer, recruitment of lawyers connected to friends working for the Board and the list is endless. This is not why we requested for proper changes at Prince George’s County Public schools. These officers are making our school system worse.

We agree with the statement by Washington Post. Playtime can be as important as class time for helping students perform their best.

Recess is most children’s favorite period, and parents and teachers should encourage that trend, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). (Read more)  Recess can be a critical time for development and social interaction, and in a new policy statement published in the journal Pediatrics, pediatricians from the AAP support the importance of having a scheduled break in the school day. “Children need to have downtime between complex cognitive challenges,” says Dr. Robert Murray, a pediatrician and professor of human nutrition at the Ohio State University who is a co-author of the statement. “They tend to be less able to process information the longer they are held to a task. It’s not enough to just switch from math to English. You actually have to take a break.”

The AAP committee that developed the statement began its research in 2007, expecting to discover that recess is important as a physical outlet for children. What they found, however, was that playtime’s benefits extend beyond the physical. “We came to the realization that it really affects social, emotional and cognitive development in a much deeper way than we’d expected,” she says. “It helps children practice conflict resolution if we allow them unstructured play, and it lets them come back to class more ready to learn and less fidgety.” Read more  courtesy Health and Family Blog  >>>Obesity: Playing Three or More Sports Cuts the Rate of Overweight Teens

Continuous corruption and manipulation of the institutions for personal gains of a few individuals in the county, is not the answer!




Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks listens to parents and staff speak. He has been laughing all the way to the Bank recently…



School Bus Driver Experiences Mass Overcrowding…

…in Prince George’s County School District.


A bus driver with Prince George’s Co. Schools told News4 she experienced mass overcrowding aboard her bus as students returned to class this week, which created a possible safety risk for the dozens on board. News4’s Prince George’s County Bureau Tracee Wilkins has the story. See the video here >>> NBC News video.


Prince George’s County school board chairman Segun Eubanks listens to parents and staff speak. He has been laughing all the way to the Bank recently…



In the face of harmful aspect, silence cannot be golden.


In 191 BC, Antiochus III, King of Syria invaded Greece, he was invited there by the Aetolians in order to drive out the Romans. Antiochus sent envoys to the Achaeans, who were allies of the Romans, to advise them to remain neutral. On the other hand, the Romans urged them to take up arms on their behalf. This matter was discussed at a meeting of the Achaeans at which the envoy of Antiochus exhorted them to remain neutral.

To this the Roman envoy replied: “As for what they tell you, that it is better for you not to intervene in the war, nothing could be further from your interests; lacking help and dignity, you would be the prize of the victor).

“In order to avoid present dangers, irresolute rulers usually prefer to remain neutral, and very often this is their undoing,” notes Niccolo Machiavelli in his political intrigue masterpiece, The Prince.

Machiavelli proceeds to add: “Let us assume that you strongly support one of the parties, who then emerges victorious; even if he is powerful and you are at his mercy, he is beholden to you and friendship is established between you. And men are never so dishonorable that they would attack you in such circumstances, and display so much ingratitude.

Moreover, victories are never so decisive that the victor does not need to be careful, and especially about acting justly. But if the ruler whom you help loses, he will show gratitude to you and will help you as far as he can; thus you become an ally in a cause that may flourish again.”

Machiavelli observes further that it is not always possible to follow safe politics. Rather, it should be realised that all courses of action involve risks: for it is in the nature of things that when one tries to avoid one danger another is always encountered. But prudence consists in knowing how to assess the dangers, and to choose the least bad course of action as being the right one to follow.

Robert Green, in his 48 Laws of Power, describes timidity as “dangerous”, and celebrates boldness by declaring that any mistakes you commit through audacity are easily corrected by more audacity.

Green says most of us are timid. We want to avoid tension and conflict and we want to be liked by all. We may contemplate a bold action but we rarely bring it to life. We are terrified of the consequences, of what others might think of us, of the hostility we will stir up if we dare go beyond our usual place. Green adds that few are born bold.

Even Napoleon Bonaparte had to cultivate the habit on the battlefield, where he knew it was a matter of life and death. In social settings he was awkward and timid, but he overcame this and practiced boldness in every aspect of his life because he saw its tremendous power, how it could literally enlarge a man. You must practice and develop your boldness. You will often find uses for it.

“Boldness and hesitation elicit very different psychological responses in their targets. Hesitation puts objects in your path, boldness eliminates them. Once you understand this, you will find it essential to overcome natural timidity and practice the art of audacity, Green notes.

And Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658) advices: “Always set to work without misgivings on the score of impudence. Fear of failure in the mind of a performer is, for an onlooker, already evidence of failure…actions are dangerous when there is doubt as to their wisdom; it would be safer to do nothing.”

We are living in times when we cannot afford to play neutral or timid. Prince George’s County and Maryland as a State faces daunting challenges that demand a bold stand of every man and woman.

The serpent of corruption appears to be getting more and more invigorated, having quickly spread its tentacles beyond Prince George’s County to all 24 county governments where it appears to be establishing rather comfortable domicile.

There is every sign of a chronic paucity of leadership, with pretense, hypocrisy, double-speak, insincerity, myopia, mediocrity and greed pervading virtually all political space.

And the very soul of our constitutional order is under siege from all political angles as the prospect of reckless, selfish tinkering and mutilation looms ever so ominously.

Eighteenth Century British Statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke warned that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, while Martin Luther King observed that “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

The time is always right to do what is right, and to remain silent when you must speak out makes you the King of cowards! Will you rise and walk on the right side of history for Prince George’s County,  for Maryland as a state and for the larger World?

Finally, remember we all have a responsibility as we have articulated before in our previous post. May we all live royally as eagles and soar in our faith for the glory of God in our end time generation and in the process, help fix the counties in our respective States and Countries. This is our prayer!




Read more >>Why corruption in Prince George’s county is the county’s worst enemy.


BOE Candidates for Prince George’s County:


The Board Of Education shares its responsibilities with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to establish and oversee educational policies; to make decisions on educational, facility, and financial matters; and to appraise the educational and administrative management of the public school system. The CEO implements public school policies and programs.  The BOE may not contradict management and oversight of fiscal affairs except by a 2/3 vote of the BOE. The purpose of the Board is two-fold: to raise the academic achievement of students and the level of engagement of parents, students, and community.  The BOE consists of 9 elected members, 3 members appointed by the County Executive, 1 member by the County Council, and 1 student member.

SALARY: $18,000 + $7,000 reimbursement
TERM: 4 years; no term limits

HOW ELECTED: By popular vote within one of nine districts.  Districts 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8 are elected during Presidential elections;  Districts 2, 3, 6, and 9, during Gubernatorial elections.  BOE races are non-partisan and all registered voters may vote in both Primary and General elections. The top two vote getters in each race advance to the General election; uncontested races (only one or two candidates) do not appear on the primary election ballot.

Now that the June, 2014 primary elections have passed, we also know who will be running for the Prince George’s County District 2, 3, 6 and 9 Board of Education seats. We have highlighted below who scored what percentage in the primary election.  On this blog, we plan to follow this BOE races for one reason, to make sure you (the voter) make the informed decision by November 4th, 2014 election night and select the right leader in each District. Stay tuned.

According to the Maryland Board of Elections website, we have the following two candidates for the Board of Education District 002,

  1. Grady, Lupi
  2. Higgins, Peggy

For Board of Education District 003, we have the following two candidates

  1. Hernandez, Dinora A – 29.3%
  2. Waller, Amber  – 53.4%

For Board of Education District 006, we have the following two candidates

  1. Boston, Carolyn M. – 50.9%
  2. Fletcher, Pat – 33.5%

For Board of Education District 009  we have the following two candidates for the race:

  1. Domonique Flowers – 35.4%
  2. Sonya Williams – 42.3%



CEO Maxwell signs to build another cell tower, no BOE vote on project.


Why shouldn’t the PGCPS CEO just sign a document to build a cell tower on a public school site without any BOE vote?  Why do parents and neighbors deserve any notification of this project?

It appears apparently, you don’t if you live in Prince George’s County.  The CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell is free to build whatever, wherever. Get ready for some surprises!  

The ink is barely dry on this latest cell tower deal for Charles H. Flowers High School. Maxwell just signed this agreement on August 5th.  >>> See the Suspicious deal here ~> 237512706-Milestone-Tower-LP-Real-Property-Deed-of-Lease-Agreement-and-Memorandum-of-Lease-Charles-Herbert-Flowers-HS. Approved for Substantive Content by our usual suspects Ms. Monica E. Goldson and James E. Fisher, Esquire.

After our earlier exposure, Bowie parents pushed back hard against school cell tower proposals – See more at: Bowie parents push back against school cell tower proposals >>> Read more Safe schools for Prince George’s County





Moving Beyond Scandal in Prince George’s County.


We have decided to take a new strategy (approach) on empowering our people here in Prince George’s County. We hope you realize criticizing the oppressors, make them even bold and seems to put more power in their bellies. Those in the know, drop the criticism, ignore the oppressors completely and deny them that fuel and watch them damage themselves. We have decided to embark on empowering our people through ways that makes their brains more powerful and better in understanding ways to wrestle themselves off the grip of the people who suck them dry by manipulating their ignorance.

We have set our timeline to be accessed by our FRIENDS ONLY, We do not want unnecessary diversions and babble debates. Let’s be specific and not randomly.  Let us strategize wisely and intelligently no matter how outnumbered we may be, we shall be there! In the last several weeks, ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 Union has been swallowed silently by Maryland State Educator Association (MSEA) without membership consent.  The ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 President was expelled in suspicious circumstances recently but that’s another story for another day. Previous ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 Director Daniel Besseck who threatened a senator and damaged membership grievances has been promoted by MSEA in unclear circumstances. This came after South Dakota Education Association – NEA rejected his candidacy and fired him in March 2014.

Away with criticism and praises! Even though Criticism did work in many ways than one, it appears not working in some areas at the moment, they are immune and instead we are creating heroes and heroines out of neophytes, serviles and minions. It’s through our blog that we were able to make the current county Executive address some issues including the current violence in the last week. The more we hit them hard by mentioning their names, the more we raise their profile.

Of course this does not mean we see no evil and hear no evil and speak no evil, it means we change strategy! Freedom must come to Prince George’s County! Real and True FREEDOM. Freedom from want, freedom from subjugation, freedom from borrowed meaningless political ideologies, freedom from racial demigodism system of politics and Yes Freedom from moral decadence!





Parents attempting to raise money…

…to rebuild playground burned down at Md. charter school.



Who would do such a thing? That is what parents at Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School in Prince George’s County are saying after someone burned down their playground.

Now the younger kids don’t have anywhere to play and the school’s parents are hoping for help to rebuild.

“Immediately I thought maybe there was a storm the night before and hoping it was lightning and not arson,” said principal Danielle Goddard about the time she first saw the charred playground.

But it was arson. Goddard showed us the black pit where the beautiful playground once stood. She ordered the debris removed before the kids return to school later this month.

“I was pretty disappointed that somebody would destroy our children’s equipment,” Goddard said.

It is believed on the night of July 12th, someone or maybe more than one person came here with a liquid accelerant and started the fire at the playground.

“They believe it was in the middle of the night >>> Read more Fox 5 DC.



Md. agency failed to monitor placement of foster children, audit says.

Evidence of abuse or neglect found in more than a dozen cases
Department of Human Resources Secretary Ted Dallas (left) and health secretary Dr. Joshua Sharfstein at a legislative briefing.

Some foster children were placed in the care of relatives with a history of alleged abuse or neglect because Maryland’s social services agency did not properly monitor local agencies, according to a new audit.

State auditors found that 16 children, ranging in age from 2 months to nearly 5 years old, were put in the care of relatives despite “credible evidence of abuse or neglect” by them before or during the placements. The Office of Legislative Audits, which released the report this week, reviewed records from July 2010 to January 2013.

“We need to do better. The bottom line is, these placements need to be safe,” said Melissa Rock, child welfare director for Advocates for Children and Youth, a nonprofit advocacy group. “When a child is abused or neglected in a DHR placement — be it a group home, a foster home, a kinship care home — we need accountability and there needs to be more public awareness to help hold everyone accountable.”

This is not the first time auditors have cited the foster care agency, overseen by the state Department of Human Resources, for failing to properly monitor such placements. A 2011 audit found the same problem.

Read more:,0,4132122.story#ixzz3AtbhB23O


The warthog (Phacochoerus africanus).


Known for a distinct lack of beauty and its pennant tail, the warthog is unmistakable. They are remarkable for their strength, intelligence, and flexibility! Its name refers to the warts carried by the boar, while the Afrikaans name “vlakvark” refers to the animal’s habit of roaming plains along watercourses and marshlands. The warthog has an exceptionally high breeding rate that allows it to invade marginal and degraded habitats. Unlike many of their African counterparts, they are not endangered because they are so skilled at adapting to new threats. For example, most warthogs like to forage during the light of the morning and early evening. But if they live in an area where they are hunted by people, they switch to foraging at night. It also contributes to the destruction of veld condition and damages fences by burrowing underneath to open escape pathways that are also used by game animals and domestic small stock.

Warthogs are not very picky about their homes, either. Instead of digging their own burrows, they find abandoned aardvark holes or natural burrows for homes to raise their young, sleep, and hide from predators. They usually back into their burrows, so they can use their sharp tusks to scare off any animal that bothers them. The burrows also protect them from temperature extremes. Underground, the temperature is always comfortable, even if aboveground it’s extremely hot at high noon or freezing in the middle of the night.

africa_warthogsdscn6962-warthog-familyWarthogWarthog,_Masai_Mara warthog Warthog_12 Warthog2 Warthog-babies warthog-cheetah_2075121i_zpse96ce089

Habitat requirement

Warthogs are generally associated with sub-tropical, open, degraded grassland plains, flood plains, marshland areas and, more particularly, the ring-zone surrounding waterholes. They are also found in open savanna woodland and sparse shrubland, the new grass growth in burnt veld being a particular attraction. Shortgrass habitats with grasses of less than 15 cm that are associated with sweetveld habitat are preferred. A sourveld habitat is unsuitable. Warthog are fond of mud baths and prefer to be close to water sources. Thick bush, riverine thickets, forests and arid desert environments are avoided. Sub-arid environments are only suitable for the desert warthog and, even then, only marginally so. Warthog die easily during prolonged droughts due to the decline in the nutrient quality of dietary fodder.

Feeding & Nutrition

Warthogs are omnivorous, feeding on vegetation, insects, maggots, rodents, bird nestlings, eggs and snakes. They also scavenge carcasses and bones. The greatest portion of the diet consists of sweet grasses and forb roots rather than the vegetative material found above-ground. Warthog kneel and dig out roots to a depth of 15 cm with their tusks and muscular snouts. This destructive behaviour results in the warthog being a high-impact species. Other food types include water sedges, dwarf shrubs, fruits, berries, soil and dung from other herbivorous animals. Wetland grasses are highly favoured. Warthog are highly selective feeders of both plant species and parts and require a diversity of grasses and forbs. Feeding exclusively takes place during daylight hours. At night they sleep in old burrows of the aardvark Orycteropus afer, and the porcupine Hystrix africanus.

Social structure

Pairs of warthog are solitary but temporary aggregations occur when 4-5 families meet to feed at the same site. Neighbouring families with overlapping home ranges are not aggressive but at dusk each family returns to its own den. Families consist of an adult boar, an adult sow and her offspring of the current season and sometimes those from the previous season. Piglets may stay with the family until an age of 27 months. Adult boars leave the family groups after the mating season and become solitary, occupying their own den but still sharing the same home range. Old post-mature adults of both sexes become solitary and occupy dens on the perimeter of the family home range.


Warthog are highly susceptible to swine-fever and mange and cannot tolerate malnutrition during droughts. It is the first game species to suffer high mortalities during these periods.


The Warthog can be found in a number of locations in Africa


“Mother Nature is our teacher—reconnecting us with Spirit, waking us up and liberating our hearts. When we can transcend our fear of the creatures of the forest, then we become one with all that is; we enter a unity of existence with our relatives—the animals, the plants and the land that sustains us.”
Sylvia Dolson, Joy of Bears