No Confidence vote on Dr.William Hite:

A Call for action – Please call your elected representatives now.

Some accusations leading to the Community’s perception of betrayal and lack of confidence in Superintendent William Hite Jr. this school year include:

 1.)  Careless personnel decision in the hiring of Ms. Synthia J. Shilling – Chief Human Resources Officer, including not investigating or monitoring her work. Also activities of Mr. Roger Thomas Esq. – Chief legal counsel her former boss involved in cover ups, paying off attorneys and intimidating witnesses.

 2.)  Wasteful spending of taxpayers’ monies and misrepresenting to the School Board and the Stakeholders which School District budgets would be used to fund certain contracts.

 3.)  Disrespect and disdain shown to Teachers, including stalling contract negotiations over three years now; not earmarking funds for Teachers when receiving federal monies; taking away Teachers’ steps.

 4.)  Allowing a flawed curriculum, including scope and sequencing of that curriculum, to launch in all PGCPS schools without the input of Teachers and other Stakeholders and without implementing a test pilot of the program first.

 5.)  Ignoring critics of the flawed program and ignoring months of protests, calls, letters, pleas from the Students, Parents, Teachers and Administrators, i.e., all Stakeholders.

 6.)   Unwillingness to listen to “Stakeholders.”

 7.) Characterizing certain Stakeholders as “elitists,” “disgruntled,” distractions,” and “racists.”

 8.)   Intimidating Teachers, witnesses and Parents who spoke out to correct problems.

 9.)   Not prioritizing school safety with regards to unfair salary and resource reductions for school police.

 10.)  Failing to meet/abide by the bus drivers’ contract terms.

 11.)  Misrepresenting matters of importance to the School Board members

 12.)   Initiating new leaders for new schools without implementing a test pilot of the program first.

 13.)  Pumping lots of money in the IT Department and allowing mismanagement to occur under unqualified Directors and managers involved in illicit affairs.

 14.)  Allowing some Principals involved in questionable activities including unprofessional relationships with their juniors to continue the same without   separation of duty with the other half hence creating a conflict of interest.

 15.)  Making false reports to stakeholders that High school Consortium (HSC) has been abolished only changing the name to High School performance under the same corrosive Director Ms. Monica Goldson in order to continue cover ups and mismanagement.

 16.)  Playing with numbers to confuse parents that everything is okay and the system is making “huge gains” in math and reading when the kids can’t read and write properly.  – This is corruption. 

 17.)  Covering up corruption even when presented with facts.

 18.)  Ignoring immoral activities of  The Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) Union – especially its current  leadership – Mr. James Smallwood (President) and Mr. Dwayne Jones – (secretary) involved in harassment of variety of female staff making some pregnant and refusing to own up to the responsibility. (Focus on Largo and Laurel High Schools).

 19.)  Allowing PGCPS HR personnel to engage in illegal procedures as part of hiring practices in recruiting foreign teachers, then making excuses even when found to be willful violator of the government rules.  The illegal action costing tax payers millions of dollars. Ms. Shilling lists her former position as Deputy General Counsel for Prince George’s County Public Schools. How could a former attorney for the school system be unaware of legal requirements regarding hiring practices for foreign teachers? It’s simply inexcusable.

 20.)  Increasing salaries and wages for human resources staff, and the creation of a new Human Capital Management division, at a cost of $16 million while teachers have not had a raise in years.

 21.)  Compromising the union activity to render them useless including striking corrupt deals at the expense of employees.

 22.)  Laying-off employees and then recalling only politically connected “friends”.

 23.)   Ignoring the state audits which identified several areas of concern including the IT Department inventory and audit function. .  

 24.)  Assisting with introduction of a profit bank (Capital One) which has gotten in trouble in the past for misleading practices with the public, so to have an organization like that around students seems questionable.  Education is more effective when a profit margin is not needed.  Therefore, a non-profit organization – instead of capital one would have been a more prudent alternative. To make things worse and illustrate Dr. William Hites short sightedness, warpt and corrupt vision. He is trying to use this trial project as a model for High schools. Everyone knows capital one is a Callous credit card exploiter and repo-man. This Bank should never be allowed anywhere near children and students.  

 25.)  Encouraging what appears to be very unfair hiring practices which includes nepotism at Sasscer and throughout the school District hence creating a conflict of interest.

 26.) Mismanagement or embezzlement of state assets; i.e.; Supervisors and others taking county assets home without any audit trail.

 27.) Illicit enrichment; Promoting or ignoring illicit unauthorized activities.

28.) Punishment of persons who inform about improper conduct of public officials in retaliation;

29.)  Dissemination of erroneous information or its provision seeking to mislead investigators;

30.)  Damage to the public service – Promoting or turning a blind eye to illicit activities. Example selling of contraband.

31.)  Unfair performance evaluation in which highly qualified teachers and support staff are terminated due to discrimination.

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    • I agree totally. Dr. William Hites Jr. is not a sincere man. He plays favorites and this year he laid off staff he did not like in order to keep some of his best friends in place and to please the unions which are compromised. The budget for this school year did not include many cuts of crooked administrators who are being shielded by the Management. Let us put the fire where the fire belongs!


  1. Does this man look honest to you and hold the future of the kids in his hands? What is he really thinking in his mind? May be a bit of corruption here and a scandal there? ‘Honestly, I think he doesn’t care as long as that monthly fat check goes into his account. Prince George’s County public schools deserve better than this. It is time you demanded accountability from your elected representatives including zombies and vampire.

    His eyes remind me of a zombie. Did I vote to have a guy like this run my school district?


  2. Please let us not use imaginary to frighten people. If you don’t like the guy just say so in a civil manner. This is not a circus but a platform for serious discussion. For the record I did not vote for this guy anyway and I will never invite him into my house.


  3. unprepared, minimally qualified leadership at the top level and the schools level. cronyism is rampant and rendering devastating results. teachers are being sacrificed to boost egos and salaries. get the word out.


  4. Please spare us the innocent fleas. If he looks and behaves like a panther, call it as it is. Personally, I think he is a fraud. Check his record. We need an inspector general to investigate him and others.


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  6. It’s a shame that Dr. William Hite Jr gave himself a raise while teachers and staff are not getting any. Selfish leaders have no place. Besides, he has planted his own relatives throughout the school system as if he owns the place. Expose them.


  7. Dr. William Hite Jr. is only in the education business for the free government money that should be going towards the children. I would agree with much of this report. Good teachers and staff are still depressed and working under miserable circumstances because of this particular superintendent. He fires anyone who critizes him and does not encourage divergent views.


  8. God will expose all this! It is just a matter of time. What is done in corruption will be exposed. It is just too bad that we are still saying our children is number one.


    • You are right. PGCPS motto that “Children come first” should be changed. They don’t mean it. It’s corruption to say that. Abuse of public offices for private gain is paradigmatic of corruption and it’s affecting everybody.


  9. Dr. William Hite Jr has been using his influence to steer contracts in addition to helping specific individuals land business at Prince George’s County public schools. We think it’s unfair to engineer a pay-to-play scheme within the district and especially steering contracts to selected companies for a piece of the action. It’s also unethical to practice nepotism putting in place all his relatives or relatives of close aides in sensitive areas to cover up corruption. This sound like what Mr. Jack Johnson former county executive going to jail was doing. PGCPS deserves better than this.


    • After reading everything posted on the blog, I now understand why this man was selected to replace Ackerman in Philadelphia. Corruption – check! Nepotism-check! Pay to play-check! I think it is time to move before my property taxes are raised again in order to line the pockets of a select few.


  10. What is going on in Prince George’s County? It seems there is just one scandal after another in the school system there. It sounds like there needs to be a complete housecleaning and a indepth investigation into the activities past, and present.


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  15. What is your goal? Is it to bring reform to PGCPS? If so, I’d recommend leaving teachers’ names out of your “evidence”. How has this alleged behavior at LHS affected student achievement? Does it undermine instruction anymore than you putting their business out there? Making it accessible even to students?

    I think your site and purpose would hold a lot more weight if you presented yourself and this blog as a factual, respectful source for change, rather than a spiteful, anonymous, employee out for revenge.


    • @B. Honeswithyourself – Why can’t you substantiate your counter claims? We will appreciate your version of the story. Let us deal with the facts and avoid emotionalism and intimination.


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  18. “Having read this I thought it was really informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this write-up together concerning PGCPS and Dr. Hite. I once more find myself spending much time reading. But so what, it was nonetheless worth it!”


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