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ENHi-ABW4AEZ62a.jpgHappy New Year 2020!

A clean, competent, caring, accountable, inclusive and honest local government.

That is what Prince George’s County have missed these past several years.

It is what we must aspire for in 2020 and close our dangerous dance with the Angela Alsobrooks regime.

We open 2020 with excitement brought by the changes at the Board of Education for Prince George’s County in which young leaders were selected to join forces with the young leaders elected by the citizenry in 2016 to help shape the county forward.

The new team at PGCPS Board deserve praise for restoring some hope and credibility of the local Board Elections. However, much remains to be seen as some of the young leaders within the PGCPS Board have gone silent for unknown reasons.

Over the years, new team at PGCPS Board have given us something to smile about in a year dominated by gloom.

As stated before in the past, the success with the local Board elections here in the county underscores one important point: public officers who fail credibility test must be removed from office no matter who benefits from their stay.

Other than the local Board election, it is difficult to pinpoint 2019 successes with real impact on Prince George’s County citizenry. In 2020, we must address the issues with HB 1107 Law which created the hybrid board of Education.

Corruption commandeered our county in 2019 in a way we never imagined led by some of board members themselves spearheaded by Dr. Monica Goldson, Board Chairman Dr. Alvin Thornton and Union Executives who chose to benefit unjustly under the table.

Top county local government officials enjoying the patronage of the County Executive joined ranks with elites in big business to plunder public resources for the schools in complete disregard of the long-term interests of our County here in Prince George’s County. CE Angela Alsobrooks chose to ignore issues of organized schemes and facilitated the worst misconduct in the history of Prince George’s County. We have never seen the kind of cover ups advanced by the county and state officials working in together to defeat justice.

This conspiracy produced a tiny wealthy class in just a few years whose members can buy the latest model of anything at any price anywhere around the world and contribute anything anywhere while the rest of the population struggle to get basic resources. This list included the Union Executives led by Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA) President Theresa Dudley, Association of Supervisory & Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) Executive Director Doris Reed, the Executives at the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA), Maryland State Department of Education, Maryland attorney general and others tied to them.

From this corruption, all misfortunes flowed.

Community activists got excluded from the local government because they were viewed as enemies who would disrupt the eating. On Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 Goldson was tapped as the system’s official leader of PGCPS amidst the opposition by Josephat Mua as the press and elected officials in the room watched and ignored his concerns. However, nothing was done to launch investigations of the allegations he raised.  Court personnel in Maryland were bribed to make unfavorable rulings which continues to this day with the epic center being court of special appeals for Maryland. Several attorneys and law firms starting with the Thatcher Law Firm, PK Law, Bryan Chapman, The O’Neal Law Firm, Raouf Abdullah and others were bribed to mislead the courts willfully.  If this circle of corruption is not broken, it will continue for many years and cause untold suffering in Maryland and United States.

There are public officers who have lived years with being viewed as Opposition spies because of their race or background.

Those officers have had to forego promotion, got shuffled around, others fired and missed other entitlements.

The cost of living went up because businesses have to factor in bribes and incompetence in the management of the county.

Jobs have disappeared and families relocated to other counties as firms closed shop or retrenched because of a hostile business environment which continues.

Corruption especially at procurement is certainly a factor in these high costs in the county. One whistleblower Donna Young who among others witnessed Dr. Monica Goldson Shenanigans in the procurement Division of PGCPS was fired unjustly to keep everything under the table.  Shirley Adams former President of ACE AFSCME Local 2250 has since been forced into retirement unjustly after she blew the whistle on child misconduct in the school bus.

To enable the eating to proceed smoothly, institutions like the Ethics and Anti-Corruption offices got crippled largely through appointment of user-friendly top brass. Other corrupt officers from the Rushern Baker III administration have been allowed to stay.

Caring is something a local government cannot fake.

No competent, caring and accountable government can proceed on holiday when citizens are suffering, as is the case now because the county schools are not working as they should due to union corruption and the senior management misconduct which is well known starting with Dr. Monica Goldson.

This is the time the county leadership is expected to burn the midnight oil for a solution instead of cover ups.

There is a glaring absence of well thought-out policy interventions to deal with emerging issues. Several students have been killed or participated in crimes and their stories washed under the table to paint the county as progressing properly.

people want to build the Prince George’s county for the better. What stands between us and our dreams is the corrupt local government led now by Ms. Angela Alsobrooks.

The Prince George’s County local government wants to run our lives instead of enabling us to run our own lives.

It is our appeal to the people of Prince George’s County that we dedicate 2020 and the next decade to the realization of a clean, honest, competent, inclusive and caring government which does not interfere with the local judiciary for personal gain.

We need to be aware that Angela Alsobrooks regime will use the money it has stolen through various dubious activities to corrupt the judicial system and electoral process as they did this past year, buy support and steal elections thereby creating a vicious cycle of a corrupt regime, stolen elections and another corrupt regime which bribes local judges for personal gain.

We must stand up against the corrupt local regime which has no shame and is driven by a personal and malicious agenda. We must engage locally with leaders who mean well for the future and encourage them to help address these local issues from the state level without fear or favor to those engaged in corrupt activities to the detriment of many. Afterall, our governor ran on a platform to fight corruption.

Finally, May 2020 also usher in greater harmony and greater peace around the world: When communities unite and act together, we can imagine, inspire, shape, and make our world a better place for our children today and their sustainable futures tomorrow, and help bring our humanity and planet back into balance.

We can achieve it in the next election and elect good leaders. Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2020 to all and as always, may your worst years be behind you.

May the new year bring you new hope, many blessings, joy and happiness.

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Former Md. lawmaker Cheryl Glenn charged with bribery, fraud


Former Del. Cheryl Glenn is shown here. (Photo: file)

BALTIMORE, Md. (Reform Sasscer)  – Federal authorities on Monday unsealed charges against a former state lawmaker who represented Baltimore for allegedly taking more than $33,000 in bribes in exchange for various legislative actions, including voting to increase the number of medical marijuana grower and processing licenses available to an out-of-state company.

“The victims are all of us: taxpayers, the people of Ms. Glenn’s district, indeed, all Marylanders who are represented in the General Assembly … ,” U.S. Attorney in Maryland Robert Hur said at a news conference. “The people of Maryland expect – and they should expect – that elected officials place the interest of their citizens above their own. Unfortunately, the allegations in the charging document unsealed today show that Ms. Glenn betrayed that public trust.”

The trend is too familiar as shown by various illegal acts in Prince George’s County Maryland. These illegalities involve various officials including Dr. Monica Goldson and her minions. There have been questions as to how Delegate Dereck Davis who engaged in widespread conspiracy to reward his wife Dr. Monique Davis in Prince George’s County Public Schools as deputy CEO and got away with it.  This parttern of self dealings is part of an ongoing criminal conspiracy and fraud which has made many to have lose faith in the legal system. The illegal activities which are being covered up, have led to widespread consequences in Maryland due to lack of proper investigations, interference of the Maryland state courts handling cases of public interest and lack of proper oversight of many elected officials.

Bloggers and Journalists led by Josephat Mua have complained about ongoing public corruption involving Dr. Monica Goldson instead of investigating his claims, Angela Alsobrook’s government bullied him into submission. Monica Goldson as part of criminal activity has abused the court system including harassing former employees such as  Josephat Mua using the county police herself working closely with the corrupt union officers led by Theresa Dudley.

Prince George’s County bloggers reporting raised particularly serious questions about Monica Goldson’s ties to Organized “scheme to defraud”and corruption in July 15 2018, when others broke a story alleging money laundering by Monica Goldson and others tied to her. Among those he identified was County Executive Rushern Baker, Prince George’s County Executive who covered up the scheme and right-hand man who facilitated other schemes tied to the University of Maryland.

Order protects liberty, and liberty protects order. Today, the integrity of the institutions that protect our civil order is, tragically, under assault from too many people whose job it should be to protect them.

The rule of law is the bedrock of American democracy, the principle that protects every American from the abuse of monarchs, despots and tyrants. Every American should demand that our leaders put the rule of law above politics especially here in Prince George’s county.

Truth and Justice produce peace, stability and prosperity. 200 years of INSTITUTIONALIZED deception, theft, human rights abuses, abuse of power, disobedience of court orders, racism and discrimination in Prince George’s County have produced misery, inequalities and decay. Embrace revolution and #RejectMonicaGoldson Fraud.


Delegate Dereck Eugene Davis is an American politician who represents district 25 in the Maryland House of Delegates. Davis has been a member of House of Delegates since January 11, 1995 and is currently the Chairman of the House Economic Matters Committee. He also chairs that committee’s public utilities work group. However, his real interest is money for public schools and deals involving businesses in which he has been able to benefit secretly at the expense of the Maryland citizenry.

We reprint the report by Washington Post below.

By Ovetta Wiggins

Veteran Maryland lawmaker Cheryl D. Glenn built her reputation in Annapolis fighting to legalize medical marijuana and trying to ensure that minorities secured licenses to participate in the multibillion-dollar industry.

She was the lead sponsor of the bill that created Maryland’s medical cannabis program, an effort she said was inspired by her late mother, who died of kidney cancer without being able to medically access the drug.

Glenn’s career in politics is halted amid accusations that she took nearly $34,000 in bribes to push legislation to benefit marijuana companies and other businesses.

“We expect our elected officials to put the interest of the public above their own. We do not expect them to sell their office to the highest bidder,” said U.S. Attorney for Maryland Robert K. Hur, announcing federal bribery and wire fraud charges that were filed in July and unsealed on Monday.

The charge was presented in a criminal information, a document that can be filed only with a defendant’s consent and that typically indicates a plea deal has been reached.

In charging papers, prosecutors painted a detailed picture of how they say Glenn (D-Baltimore City) accepted cash payments in exchange for supporting measures to expand licensing for out-of-state marijuana companies, create a preference for cannabis companies based in Maryland, relax the requirements to become an opioid clinic director and help a businessperson obtain a restaurant liquor license in her legislative district.

Glenn, 68, is at least the sixth current or former Maryland lawmaker to face criminal charges related to fraud or bribery in the past two years. A former chair of the Baltimore City delegation and the Legislative Black Caucus, she abruptly resigned from the House of Delegates on Wednesday. She refused to comment on the details of the resignation, except to say that it was due to personal reasons.

William C. Brennan, Glenn’s attorney, declined to comment on Monday. Glenn is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Baltimore on Jan. 22.

In the early days of the state’s three-year-old medical cannabis program, Glenn was a strong voice for transparency in the lucrative industry. The panel regulating the industry was named in honor of her mother, Natalie M. LaPrade. In 2017, Glenn appeared outraged by revelations, reported in The Washington Post, that applications for medical marijuana licenses had been graded by people with ties to the entities that had applied.

“The whole process needs to be restarted in order for the state of Maryland to have a clean medical cannabis program void of any corruption and collusion or anything,” Glenn said at the time.

Months later, prosecutors say, Glenn took her first bribe.

The U.S. attorney’s office accused Glenn of taking a total of $33,750 in bribes in five payments, beginning in early 2018 and continuing into 2019.

In April 2018, the charging document says, Glenn met an unnamed businessperson at an Annapolis restaurant and slid the person a white, letter-sized envelope with her property tax bill enclosed.

In exchange for a payment of $3,000, the document says, she had agreed to vote in favor of legislation that increased the number of medical marijuana growing and processing licenses available to out-of-state firms.

“I need your deposit slip and a check so there is no question who paid it,” the businessperson had told her in March, according to the charging document. “That way everything is kosher.”

Glenn is accused of asking the person to “pay it with cash.”

At the April meeting, Glenn told the person she had to “fight like hell” to get the legislation passed, the document says.

During a meeting in 2018, it says, Glenn told a businessperson that after she created a bill that helped a certain company secure a growing license, she was asked by others “who the hell they know? ’Cause they didn’t have any high-priced lobbyists or anything.”

According to the charging document, she replied: “They know God and Cheryl Glenn.”

A former teachers union official and former employee of Baltimore City schools, Glenn joins at least five other Maryland lawmakers charged with bribery or fraud in recent years.

In October, Tawanna P. Gaines, then a Democratic delegate from Prince George’s County, resigned before pleading guilty to a federal wire fraud charge. Gaines, who is awaiting sentencing, admitted to using $22,000 in campaign donations to purchase fast food and pay for dental work, hairstyling and other personal expenses.

Former delegates Michael L. Vaughn and William A. Campos, both Democrats from Prince George’s, were sentenced in 2018 to four and 4½ years, respectively, in federal prison for participating in a pay-to-play bribery scheme involving liquor licenses. Also in 2018, former state senator Nathaniel T. Oaks (D-Baltimore City) was sentenced to 3½ years for a bribery scheme involving a developer.

In 2017, Gary Brown of Baltimore was sentenced to probation for illegally bypassing state campaign finance limits while working for then-Baltimore mayoral candidate Catherine E. Pugh. He was charged days before he was scheduled to take the oath of office to fill a House seat that became vacant as a result of Pugh’s election as mayor.

Pugh, a Democrat, pleaded guilty last month to fraud and tax evasion conspiracies to illegally hide profits from sales of her children’s books to enhance her political and personal fortunes. Last week, the state prosecutor filed a perjury charge against Pugh relating to disclosure forms she filed in Annapolis while she served as a state senator.

Glenn introduced her first bill on medical marijuana in 2010. Four years later, the General Assembly approved a bill to create a state-regulated medical cannabis industry. The program took years to get off the ground, amid bureaucratic missteps and legal challenges.

In 2016, when the multibillion-dollar industry began operating, Glenn used her bully pulpit as chair of the Black Caucus to push for minority-owned companies to have a better shot at winning licenses. The bill failed to receive a vote in the final minutes of the 90-day session.

In 2018, Glenn sponsored a bill that increased the number of medical marijuana grower licenses and established a new cap for processing licenses. In 2019, she successfully sponsored a bill to legalize and regulate cannabis-infused edibles such as brownies and chocolate.

Glenn was known as an outspoken champion for Baltimore City, whose delegation she chaired this year.

She chaired the Black Caucus from 2016 to 2018, but her positions often clashed with some of the younger, more liberal members of the caucus. For example, Glenn sided with lawmakers who pushed to restore Maryland’s bail program after the state’s highest court instructed judges not to set bonds that are too high for poor defendants to pay. During a battle over how to address crime in Baltimore, she backed efforts to impose tougher penalties.

This year, Glenn chaired a subcommittee of the Black Caucus that recommended allowing members to belong to only one ethnic caucus, a move that one member who identifies as black and Latina described as an attempt to “purify” the caucus. The amendment was withdrawn following a backlash from members.

Fenit Nirappil contributed to this report.


Call your Elected officials now and the media. Demand an end to this charade by the corrupt Maryland officials!


Never give up. Never surrender. Never compromise.

We will liberate Prince George’s County through TRUTH and INTEGRITY.

#RevolutionNow #DespotsMustFall



U.S. Attorney Robert Hur announces federal criminal information unsealed recently charging Former Baltimore Del. Cheryl Glenn with federal honest services wire fraud and bribery charges. Glenn allegedly solicited & accepted more than $33K in bribes.



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Reform Sasscer

We hope you have had a blessed and Merry Christmas with friends and family!  

For new parents this Christmas, let’s hope that the miracle of life imbues you with love and good will.

For those who open gifts, we pray that laughter and love make these gifts memorable and joyful.

For those who watch our children open gifts, treasure these fleeting moments!  We pray that the memories made today, will be traditions continued for a lifetime.

For those who celebrate a different Holiday this season, may you experience love and joy during this time.

And for those who have lost loved ones who are not here to share this time, may you be blessed with the comfort of their memory.  Our hearts as members of reform Sasscer goes out to you.

We will continue to pray for the proper reforms of Prince George’s county Public Schools (pgcps) and for the county executives to stop violating the county court system willfully. The rule of law is the principle that protects every American from the abuse of monarchs, despots and tyrants.

Order protects liberty, and liberty protects order. Today, the integrity of the institutions that protect our civil order is, tragically, under assault from too many people whose job it should be to protect them.

The rule of law is the bedrock of American democracy, the principle that protects every American from the abuse of monarchs, despots and tyrants. Every American should demand that our leaders put the rule of law above politics especially here in Prince George’s county.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and best wishes in the New Year. God Bless.

Reform Sasscer Secretariat


BB gun found at Prince George’s County middle school after police search students


Greenbelt Middle School (Image: Greenbelt Middle School)

Greenbelt, Md. (Reform Sasscer ) —According to WJLA local New channel, AA BB gun was found at Greenbelt Middle School after a student reportedly told his mom someone on his bus had a gun.

The parent called 911 on Thursday morning to report the incident, according to a Prince Georges County Public Schools spokesperson.

Prince George’s County Police pulled the bus over to search everyone on board, but no weapon was found.

The students were moved to another bus and on arrival at school were assembled in a media center for an additional search.

A school spokesperson tells ABC7 a BB gun was found and disciplinary action will be taken.

In the meantime, many students and staff do not respect the top leadership of Dr. Monica Goldson due to ongoing misconduct as reported earlier and other violations. Ever since Dr. Goldson was appointed CEO, there is widespread interference of Federal and State laws to suit her illegal agenda. The unions Executives currently in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) starting with Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA), Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) and ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 have been compromised. This interference might be having an impact on teachers, students and other staff.

However, ever since Dr. Monica Goldson was appointed CEO, there is widespread interference of Federal and State laws to suit her illegal agenda. The unions Executives currently in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) starting with Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA), Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) and ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 have been compromised. This interference might be having an impact on teachers and staff. In other words, the role of the Unions in Prince George’s County has becomes meaningless due to personal greed as reported earlier.

It’s a timely reminder that in Monica Goldson’s vision, public service is an amorphous concept. What matters, from the CEO’s perspective, is service to her. Loyalty to the county, state, nation and the rule of law are nice ideas, but CEO Monica Goldson expects and demands fealty to her and her interests – above all other considerations. The entire school district is a very hostile environment due to all cover ups going on.

While the origin of the term “labor racketeering” is obscure, it has come to be associated with a type of corruption perpetrated by union officials under the direction of, or in conjunction with, organized crime. Organized crime bosses exploit unions and union members through alliances with corrupted or intimidated union officials. In return, union officials provide mobsters access to the union treasury, pension and welfare funds, no-show jobs with the union, and support in establishing and enforcing employer cartels. Some organized crime members have held formal union office. In addition, of course, corrupt union officials such as in PGCPS District, whether or not connected to organized crime figures, engage in “ordinary” organizational corruption, such as misappropriation of funds.

In the current set up, Monica Goldson who has past ties to PGCEA and ASASP unions has made the Unions an extension arm of her office as an Executive which is unfair to the workers but that is another story for another day. It’s time to say No to the despots.

Call your local elected representatives and state officials and the media. Demand answers ASAP on PGCPS willful misconduct led by Dr. Monica Goldson, Dr. William Hite Jr.,  Dr. Charlene Dukes, PGCEA, MSEA, AFSCME International and ASASP Union. Tell them that, the public corruption currently in progress in Prince George’s County must end ASAP! Demand corrective actions immediately. #Resist #PrinceGeorge’sProud #VotethemOut #DrMonicaGoldsonResign 


Dr. Monica Goldson current CEO for Prince George’s County advanced corruption for years and she is currently interfering with the unions to keep illegal activity under the table! In a recent event at the teacher union, she only showed up for 30 minutes and failed to address the issues. Since the exposure of her illegal activities, Goldson has no clue of what she is doing except to facilitate the hurt. When we glorify impunity at the expense of integrity, a nation’s socio- fabric erodes.#DespotsMustFall




Tempers soar as NAACP and Prince George’s residents debate high-speed floating train


Behind the scenes, many members of the NAACP feels that, Bob Ross, (shown here) is in bed with corrupt County leadership and there are genuine concerns he is not putting out to resolve as the county residents should come first.  “When you look at the future of rail transportation, we are so far behind the rest of the world, and now we have to catch up,” Bob Ross, president of the Prince George’s County branch of the NAACP, said. Despite a route through Prince George’s County, there are no planned stations in the county.

LANHAM, Md. — According WUSA9, Opponents of an ambitious proposal to build a floating bullet train between D.C. and Baltimore clashed with the NAACP Thursday, as tempers soared at a public meeting to discuss the stunning infrastructure project.

The proposed train would link D.C. and Baltimore in 15 minutes, travelling at a top speed of 311 mph. The vehicle itself is known as an SCMaglev, a train that uses superconducting magnets to levitate four inches off the ground.

“When you look at the future of rail transportation, we are so far behind the rest of the world, and now we have to catch up,” Bob Ross, president of the Prince George’s County branch of the NAACP, said. “There will be plenty of opportunities for minority business to participate, and we won’t be behind the ball with this project.”

While the backers of the SCMaglev and the NAACP outlined a vision of the world’s fastest train constructed over the next 10 years, the aspiration sharply clashed with visions most families in attendance held for their hometowns and neighborhoods.

“It’s disgusting for them to have this train come through our community,” Riverdale resident Loretta Hinton said. “No one asked us if we wanted this train.”

The SCMaglev would feature no stations in Prince George’s County, drawing the ire of residents along the proposed route.

Engineers and project backers said the train’s physics make stopping in the county impossible, since the train would accelerate out of a future station in D.C.’s Mount Vernon Square, and then quickly decelerate.

The project is in its final stages of development, with a decision on whether to build or table the $10 billion proposal expected by the end of 2020.

The design calls for no homes to be demolished, with approximately 30 miles of tunnel and 10 miles of elevated train tracks bordering BW Parkway. Tunnel depths would average 10 stories below ground, with engineers insisting residential foundations would incur no damage.

On or around October 17, 2019, activists through this blog asked PG NAACP through Bob Ross and MD NAACP, Which side they were on, after Neither organization — NAACP PG, nor NAACP MD issued any strong statement of protest about ten police officers who killed Mr Shand in Hyattsville, Maryland.

“This is the question to ask the PG NAACP at its annual meeting Thursday 7-9, in Hyattsville,” one activist wrote in October this year.

“Racial discrimination in the Prince George’s Police Department and Prince George’s County Public schools (PGCPS) is discouraging the reporting of abuse committed by PGPD officers and others tied to the system because Latino and Black officers in the department experience retaliation for speaking out about it, spurring a lawsuit. New leadership in the county must take firm steps to enable full compliance and accountability in the department in order to end abuse of citizens by police,” another county resident stated.


The SCMaglev (superconducting maglev, formerly called the MLU) is a magnetic levitation (maglev) railway system developed by Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) and the Railway Technical Research Institute. Despite a route through Prince George’s County, there are no planned stations in the county.


June White Dillard foreground and members of pg county chapter of Naacp must rise up to the occasion and do what is right. They must avoid being seen as facilitators of corruption in the county affairs and address issues in a fair manner. Most county residents feel let down by this local organization due to the influence of the corrupt county leaders in various sectors including the county school system.  


New Report: Charter Fraud And Waste Worse Than We Thought

960x0By Peter Greene (Senior Contributor)

Last March, the Network for Public Education released a report showing that the federal government has lost a billion dollars to charter school waste and fraud. But the organization had not stopped sifting through the data. Their follow-up report, “Still Asleep At The Wheel: How the Federal Charter Schools Program Results in as Pileup of Fraud ands Waste,” reveals that the situation is even worse than shown in the first report, while laying out more state by state details. Particularly striking—the vast amount of money that has been wasted on ghost schools that never served.

NPE is a group co-founded by Diane Ravitch, the Bush-era Assistant Secretary of Education who has since become an outspoken critic of education reform. The organization’s executive director is Carol Burris, a former award-winning New York principal. Burris was the primary author of this report.

The reports examine what happened to money disbursed by the Federal Charter Fund, a charter grant source created in 1994 as part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Since 1995, it has handed out almost $4 billion.

Some new findings in this follow-up report:

The original report underestimated the number of charters that had taken federal grant funds and then either closed or never opened at all. That report found 1,000 such charters; the number now appears to be closer to 1,800. That means the failure rate is close to 37% nationally. Michigan gave grants of at least $100,000 to 72 schools that never opened at all; California gave grants to 61 unopened schools. Those two states alone account for over $16 million dollars spent without educating a single child. A grand total of 537 schools never actually opened; tax dollars spent on literally nothing.

Between 1995 and 2005, the Department of Education did not require states to give any accounting of where the money went.

For-profit charters have never been allowed to receive monies from this grant program, but plenty of for-profit charter management companies have had their schools apply successfully. It’s a reminder that “for profit” and “non-profit” are, when it comes to charter schools, a distinction without a difference. Hot Stuff Podunk Academy may well be a non-profit school, but if it is wholly operated by Hot Stuff Academies Charter management Company, a for profit company that handles the operation of the charter, the academy is still generating profits.

The report provides a state-by-state breakdown for some of these numbers, both raw numbers and percentages. Some states have made modest attempts at charter launches, with little success. Hawaii has launched 19; 10 of those have failed. Delaware has seen 14 attempts; 8 of those are defunct. Washington state had 6; of those, only 2 are still open (one charter abruptly closed in October, months after opening).

Larger scale is no promise of better results. New York lost 23 out of 233 charters, but Florida has seen a full third of its 503 charters close. California had a similar rate, with 298 failed charters out of 802. Ohio lost 120 out of 293, and in Tennessee, 59 out of 121— just shy of 50% charter failure rate. Betsy DeVos’s home state of Michigan has a failure rate of 44%— 112 out of 257 closed, costing federal taxpayers about $22 million.

The report also includes many stories that provide striking illustrations of just how the money is wasted. While some charter operators are simply in over their heads, others are clearly far more interested in profit than education.

In Michigan, almost $110,000 was drawn to develop the Harris Academy. $72,957 of that went to a property leasing company whose sole director was Patricia Lewis. Lewis was also a project leader for the academy. Lewis had worked the same deal in Georgia with a charter school that was denied renewal due to financial irregularities and probable cheating on the state test. The Harris Academy never opened.

Consultant Lorilyn Coggins operated two consulting companies that made money from four different ghost schools. She was not the only consultant making good money from charter schools that never actually opened.

The report also provides several examples of how a non-profit charter is simply a pass through for a for profit corporation. For example, the White Hat Management company was an Ohio-based for profit charter management organization that operated sixteen Life Skills charter schools in five different states. Some of those charters paid 97% of their income to White Hat, which also operated a real estate company that leased buildings to schools. Thirteen of the Life Skills charters have ceased operations.

The report also drills down in two charter-heavy (Arizona and Ohio) to see why charters fail. In both states, enrollment was the primary cause (despite the fabled charter waiting list we often hear about) followed by mismanagement/fraud, then financial issues and academic concerns. The study also found a surprising number of charters that closed because the operator simply abandoned them. Stories also illustrate the shock and surprise that occurs when charters simply and suddenly close up shop mid year.

Among the report’s conclusion is this:

We have concluded that the practice of allowing unauthorized schools to receive funds, which has been in effect since 2001, has become a magnet for grifters, consultants and charter entrepreneurs who see an easy way to cash in.

It’s worth remembering that the report only covers the grants dispersed by the feds; this doesn’t tell us anything about how much state or philanthropist money took the school bus ride to nowhere.

Charter supporters are going to say that when charter schools close, that’s just the free market doing its magic to thin out the charter herd to leave us with stronger, better charter schools. Even if this burn and churn is a feature and not a bug, it’s a very expensive feature, costing not just a billion dollars in taxpayer money, but in the human cost of families who are disrupted and displaced by charters that leave them high and dry. As one parent of a student at the hastily-closed Detroit Delta Prep Academy is quoted in the report, “I entrusted her education to a group of people—they’re making me feel like I failed her, like I didn’t do enough research.”

It’s not just research that’s needed; the time is long past for charters to be subject to tighter regulation and accountability with bigger teeth. After twenty-five years of costly waste and fraud, it’s long past time for taxpayers’ dollars and children to get more protection from the operators who have entered the charter school business simply to fleece the public.

Via Forbes





When we glorify impunity at the expense of integrity, a nation’s socio- fabric erodes.


Prince George’s County Must say “No” to “Quid Pro Quo” And Goldson Must Resign


Past reports concerning union corruption have pointed out that “it is all too easy for racketeers to control and exploit, in part because there is no effective mechanism for policing internal union affairs. The nomination of Dr. Monica Goldson (seen on the podium second from right) was a major conflict of interest after quid pro quo involving Dr. Charlene Dukes. When we glorify impunity at the expense of integrity, a nation’s socio- fabric erodes.

Largo, (Reform Sasscer) – Prince George’s County citizens continue to confront major hurdles in its struggle against deep-rooted, longstanding corruption with ties to quid pro quo.  Many of the bills, including the famous Kirwan Commission, appear to center on “Quid Pro Quo” due to the past illegal activities with ties to Dr. Monica Goldson and her minions.  We must continue to Say “No” to these “self dealing bills” including the famous Kirwan Commission fronted by the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Chairman Dr. Alvin Thornton.

Dr. Alvin Thornton’s rapid ascend to power is heavily conflicted due to the union corruption. Monica Goldson makes it hard to invest in equal education for our kids by willful misconduct, money laundering, discrimination, inter alia. It should matter how much money your parents make, or what kind of mortgage they can afford in order to have a high quality education in a safe, clean school after corrupt officials have been removed.

In addition, we must advocate to change the HB1107 law to have an all elected Board due to all the misconduct going on with the current PGCPS CEO, Dr. Monica Goldson. These politicians with ties to each other are more concerned with the optics of #PrinceGeorge’sProud than just addressing the issues. You address the issues and everything else falls into place.

Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase that literally means “something for something,” or “this for that.” We use the phrase to signify an exchange of goods, services, favors, or any other kind of value. When we’re talking about multiple exchanges, we can say quid pro quos.

Misconduct in Office by Dr. William Hite Jr and Monica Goldson

Goldson engaged in well-known misconduct with Dr. William Hite Jr. during Dr. William Hite’s tenure in PGCPS. Goldson left her husband and filed for divorce due to an affair. Confirmed reports say that Dr. Monica Goldson was dating Dr. William Hite Jr when she initiated her divorce proceedings from her husband Mr. Lyndell Goldson on or around 11/03/2008. ( See Case # CAD08-32088 GOLDSON VS GOLDSON). For those who are not familiar with Dr. William Hite Jr, the corruption in Prince George’s County was fueled by him, and this blog initiated a vote of “No confidence.” Consequently, he left the county ASAP due to serious issues he was engaged in. (See Some leaders in PGCPS – Heart of the problems in Schools) Before transferring to Philly, local investigations were partially done on Dr. William Hite and issues covered up. Dr. William Hite promoted Monica Goldson before he left and was pulling the strings from afar in PGCPS for many years and still does. Dr. Hite then jumped ship out of fear of being fired and prosecuted for money laundering, willful neglect of duty inter alia. There was a $10 million bribe scheme tied to Prince George’s County Community College’s President, Dr. Charlene Dukes. Dukes was bribed by Dr. William Hite in order to advance corruption and interfere with the judgment of Josephat Mua.  

Once established in  Philadelphia School District, he has been misusing the district to advance his own personal interest at the expense of the public. Here he has been calling the shots in PGCPS from afar. This kind of willful misconduct does not advance goodwill for the people of Maryland. Prince George’s County citizenry must reject this kind of arrangement and demand proper investigations. In addition, Dr. Monica Goldson should resign as a CEO for Prince George’s County Schools. The hearing scheduled for December 17th, 2019 has suddenly been cancelled after exposing Dr. Monica Goldson’s misconduct.  (see notice of cancellation below). Read more >> Here

To many of us, our American political, social, economic entry into structures began with Town Halls where some of us asked several elected officials if they were really committed to getting corporate money out of American political, social, economic contexts and to stop the interference of the officials in the local court system. Several corrupt politicians comfortably stated they will continue the illegal practice including to take corporate PAC money and even admitted the corrupt influence it has.

Many of us refuse to let any politician become so comfortable that they willingly indulge into pay-to-play politics. That is not how democracy works.

Our American political, social, economic frameworks have been corrupted by billionaires and politicians who are beholden to corporate interests. We must continue to bring a new generation of leadership to Maryland, but we can’t without you joining forces in this endeavor.

In the meantime, there are three bills your county delegation are attempting to put forth as legislation that many in the community do not believe will positively help Prince George’s county. Many of these bills appear to advance the “quid pro quos” of various situation and liquor consumption.

The analysis came from the wonderful Tamara Brown, she breaks down three bills that are NOT good for our community. We Thank, Tamara Brown, for sharing this with us.

She writes:

“It’s interesting that my Maryland state representatives have flooded my in-box with invitations to attend their fundraising events, but not a single one of them bothered to inform me/us that they were holding their annual public hearing on pre-filed bills affecting Prince George’s County.  I had to search the House Delegation’s website to review the bills and notify you of the next week’s hearing.

Although I think this responsibility lies with our elected officials (not me), here’s my synopsis of some of the proposed 2020 bills that have been pre-filed:

PG 407-20 Repealing Ethics Reform Laws –  Although Del. Davis’ bill failed in the Senate last year, he is reintroducing the bill this year to allow developers to directly contribute to the campaigns of the County Executive and her slate, including County Council members who have the direct authority to hear and decide all zoning matters.  He wants to repeal the safeguards put in place after the Johnson administration.  Because we need to keep developer money of our local election and continue to support public financing of local candidates,  I OPPOSE this bill again this year.

PG 304-20 Extending Family Entertainment Liquor Licenses to 2 a.m. – When I think of family, I think of all ages, especially those under the legal drinking age of 21.  I’m not so certain how Family Entertainment Liquor Licenses are used, but selling liquor where under aged children are present is already harm enough extending it past the current law’s time of midnight does more harm than good in my opinion.  Therefore, I OPPOSE this bill.  There are other liquor license-related bills that I do support like PG 301-20 that are worth supporting.

PG/MC 101-20 Amendments of Development Applications – Boy, this bill is full of legalese and certainly written by developers’ attorneys and lobbyists.  What arrested my attention is that the developers will be given three (3) times to amend an incomplete application and after the third time if the application is still not complete, the Planning staff must accept the (incomplete) application or act on it in 60 days.  Look, if the application is not correct after three failed attempts, it should be dismissed out right (3 strikes and you’re out).  Geez, I OPPOSE this bill.

Finally, the public hearing will be:

This Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at the Prince George’s Community College Center for Performing Arts, Black Box Theater

301 Largo Road, Upper Marlboro, MD.

To register to speak, you must do so in-person between 5-6 p.m.

Please join me in attendance or at a minimum call, email or write your elected representatives and state officials including your Senators to voice your opinion on these and any other bills that will be introduced in 2020 General Assembly Session, which begins next month.

  • -Tamara Davis Brown
  • People Over Politics
  • Tamara Davis Brown, P.O. Box 1292,  Clinton, MD 20735″

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Dr. Monica Goldson, Dr. William Hite Jr., and Dr. Charlene Dukes have been corrupt officials in our school districts for way too long. Their actions and misconducts have consistently proven this. We need to take these people aside and conduct investigations into their actions which include interference of the officials in the local court system.

The American legal court system is supposed to address various grievances without fear or favor and it’s supposed to interpret the laws of the land to reduce the reality or appearance of corruption in American political, social, economic frameworks. In recent years, however, this regulatory regime has lent corruption a legal structure in which to flourish.

Also, any money associated with Kirwan Commission needs to be confiscated until an investigation on the the commission has taken place due to Dr. Alvin Thorton’s dealings with the corrupt union officials and the executive led by Dr. Goldson. These problems have persisted for far too long. It is time for someone to put their foot down and end the bias, blatant racism, discrimination, and corruption. People need to be aware of the public corruption with ties to some corrupt appointed and some elected officials in order to get these corrupt officials out in 2020 and beyond. Every official who has been silent when this poisoned chalice continues in the only majority black county by racist administrators without taking any action, needs to be voted out in 2020. Enough is enough!

Call your local elected representatives and state officials. Demand answers ASAP on PGCPS willful misconduct led by Dr. Monica Goldson, Dr. William Hite Jr.,  Dr. Charlene Dukes, PGCEA, MSEA, AFSCME International and ASASP Union. Tell them that, the public corruption currently in progress in Prince George’s County must end ASAP! Demand corrective actions immediately. #Resist #PrinceGeorge’sProud #VotethemOut #DrMonicaGoldsonResign 

(See attachment or the opinion of the administrative law judge, which Dr. Charlene Dukes was bribed to reverse)

Read more >>> Contentious race for House speaker to culminate in special session as Corruption worry many.



PGCPS CEO Dr. Monica Goldson. Goldson engaged in well-known misconduct with Dr. William Hite Jr., during Dr. William Hite’s tenure in PGCPS. Goldson left her husband and filed for divorce due to an affair. Confirmed reports say that Dr. Monica Goldson was dating Dr. William Hite Jr when she initiated her divorce proceedings from her husband Mr. Lyndell Goldson on or around 11/03/2008. ( See Case # CAD08-32088 GOLDSON VS GOLDSON). Dr. Goldson has pending case with criminal counts pending #DespotsMustFall


William R. Hite Jr., Philadelphia’s school superintendent advanced major misconduct before relocating to Philly. Before transferring to Philly, local investigations were partially done on Dr. William Hite and issues covered up. Dr. William Hite promoted Monica Goldson before he left and was pulling the strings from afar in PGCPS for many years and still does. Dr. Hite then jumped ship out of fear of being fired and prosecuted for money laundering, willful neglect of duty inter alia. There was a $10 million bribe scheme tied to Prince George’s County Community College’s President, Dr. Charlene Dukes to reverse judge of Josephat Mua.#DespotsMustFall


Dr. Charlene Dukes, endorsed wrongful terminations after she was awarded about $10 million to start a charter school within the Prince George’s County community college by Dr. William Hite Jr as part of quid pro quo.#DespotsMustFall


Dr. Alvin Thornton is facilitating the worst misconduct in the history of the Prince George’s county public schools dealing with senior officials under his watch who engaged in willful misconduct. He needs to resign at the earliest opportunity before he is arrested.  #DespotsMustFall

Find Truth, for Truth, will set you free!