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President Obama’s address to the nation on the 2016 election results to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

Via The White House.

The President just addressed the nation on the 2016 election results and the next steps we can take to come together as a country and ensure a peaceful transition of power.

“We have to remember that we’re actually all on one team…We’re not Democrats first, we’re not Republicans first, we are Americans first. We’re patriots first. We all want what’s best for this country.”

This is something every American should watch — no matter his or her politics.

Watch now.


A Task Force on New Americans

hero_middle_class_test_03 (1)President Obama (seen here) embracing New immigrants with enthusiasm. (Whitehouse Photo)
If you remember, sometimes late last year 2014 and early this year in the spring 2015, Prince George’s County chapter of NAACP objected strongly to two high schools being set aside for immigrants students in Prince George’s county – Maryland. We covered the story here ~> NAACP objects to high schools for immigrant students.

Since last year, the white house Taskforce on New Americans worked hard to come up with policy agenda to direct communities around the country and the world on how to integrate new immigrants and refugees as part of American family. As we move towards the future, we plan to partner and share ideas locally on how to assist others here in Prince George’s County and around Maryland.

The Obama administration is working hard for American society and sometimes in December 2015, the Task Force will submit to the American citizenry a status report, pursuant to the provisions of the Presidential Memorandum, to inform many of us the progress made toward the recommendations outlined in this report.

 Attached herein is the final report.
“The basic idea of welcoming immigrants to our shores is central to our way of life — it is in our DNA.  We believe our diversity, our differences, when joined together by a common set of ideals, makes us stronger, makes us more creative, makes us different.  From all these different strands, we make something new here in America.”
~ President Barack Obama, July 4, 2014

President Obama Meets with Urban Schools Leadership.

On March 16, 2015, President Obama delivered remarks on his education priorities to the Council of the Great City Schools.


The president said he hopes that Republican lawmakers focus on educating every child and not shifting money away from needy districts. He’s also calling for a focus on low-performing schools, annual assessments and investments in special education and English-language learners.

Read more: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2015/03/obama-tells-dcps-other-urban-schools-that-he-s-prepared-to-fight-gop-over-education-112357.html#ixzz3UhvDnfT4


Net Neutrality: President Obama’s Plan for a Free and Open Internet.


More than any other invention of our time, the Internet has unlocked possibilities we could just barely imagine a generation ago. And here’s a big reason we’ve seen such incredible growth and innovation: Most Internet providers have treated Internet traffic equally. That’s a principle known as “net neutrality” — and it says that an entrepreneur’s fledgling company should have the same chance to succeed as established corporations, and that access to a high school student’s blog shouldn’t be unfairly slowed down to make way for advertisers with more money.

That’s what President Obama believes, and what he means when he says there should be no gatekeepers between you and your favorite online sites and services.

And as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) considers new rules for how to safeguard competition and user choice, we cannot take that principle of net neutrality for granted. Ensuring a free and open Internet is the only way we can preserve the Internet’s power to connect our world. That’s why the President has laid out a plan to do it, and is asking the FCC to implement it.

Watch President Obama explain his plan, then read his statement and forward it on.


FACT SHEET: Safeguarding American Consumers & Families


Today, President Obama will build on the steps he has taken to protect American companies, consumers, and infrastructure from cyber threats, while safeguarding privacy and civil liberties.  These actions have included the President’s 2012 comprehensive blueprint for consumer privacy, the BuySecure initiative—launched last year— to safeguard Americans’ financial security, and steps the President took earlier this year by creating a working group of senior administration officials to examine issues related to big data and privacy in public services and the commercial sector.

In an increasingly interconnected world, American companies are also leaders in protecting privacy, taking unprecedented steps to invest in cybersecurity and provide customers with precise control over the privacy of their online content.  But as cybersecurity threats and identity theft continue to rise, recent polls show that 9 in 10 Americans feel they have in some way lost control of their personal information — and that can lead to less interaction with technology, less innovation, and a less productive economy.

At the Federal Trade Commission offices today, President Obama will highlight measures he will discuss in the State of the Union and unveil the next steps in his comprehensive approach to enhancing consumers’ security, tackling identity theft, and improving privacy online and in the classroom.  These steps include:

Improving Consumer Confidence by Tackling Identity Theft

  • The Personal Data Notification & Protection Act: The President is putting forward a new legislative proposal to help bring peace of mind to the tens of millions of Americans whose personal and financial information has been compromised in a data breach.  This proposal clarifies and strengthens the obligations companies have to notify customers when their personal information has been exposed, including establishing a 30-day notification requirement from the discovery of a breach, while providing companies with the certainty of a single, national standard.  The proposal also criminalizes illicit overseas trade in identities.
  • Identifying and Preventing Identity Theft:  To give consumers access to one of the best early indicators of identity theft, as well as an opportunity to improve their credit health, JPMorganChase and Bank of America, in partnership with Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), will join the growing list of firms making credit scores available for free to their consumer card customers.  USAA and State Employees’ Credit Union will also offer free credit scores to their members, and Ally Financial is further widening the community of companies taking this step by making credit scores available to their auto loan customers.  Through this effort over half of all adult Americans with credit scores will now have access to this tool to help spot identity theft, through their banks, card issuers, or lenders.

Safeguarding Student Data in the Classroom and Beyond

  • The Student Digital Privacy Act: The President is releasing a new legislative proposal designed to provide teachers and parents the confidence they need to enhance teaching and learning with the best technology — by ensuring that data collected in the educational context is used only for educational purposes.  This bill, modeled on a landmark California statute, builds on the recommendations of the White House Big Data and Privacy review released earlier this year, would prevent companies from selling student data to third parties for purposes unrelated to the educational mission and from engaging in targeted advertising to students based on data collected in school – while still permitting important research initiatives to improve student learning outcomes, and efforts by companies to continuously improve the effectiveness of their learning technology products.
  • New Commitments from the Private Sector to Help Enhance Privacy for Students:  Today 75 companies have committed to the cause, signing a pledge to provide parents, teachers, and kids themselves with important protections against misuse of their data.  This pledge was led by the Future of Privacy Forum and the Software & Information Industry Association, and today the President challenged other companies to follow their lead.
  • New Tools from the Department of Education to Empower Educators Around the Country and Protect Students: The Department of Education and its Privacy Technical Assurance Center play a critical role in protecting American children from invasions of privacy. Today, we are announcing a forthcoming model terms of service, as well as teacher training assistance that will enhance our ability to help ensure educational data is used appropriately and in accordance with the educational mission.

>>> Read more  White House. 



President Obama Announces Free Community College Plan

President Obama has proposed making two years of community college tuition-free for all. That’s an excellent plan. Too many young people are priced out of any higher educAtion, and this removes affordability as an obstacle.

Community colleges were originally underwritten by state and local governments to expand access, so this plan restores the original purpose of the community college. Our hope would be that this plan would not only open doors of higher education to many students, but would also undercut predatory for-profit online “universities” including other colleges in the country and around the world.




President Obama to Visit Bladensburg High School in PGCPS District.

Inaugural Parade Held After Swearing In Ceremony

President Barack Obama

On Monday, Obama will be visiting Bladensburg High School in Prince George’s County public schools (PGCPS) to  to announce the winners of the Youth CareerConnect Competition, created by executive action last year to prepare high school students for the rigors of college and full-time employment, especially in STEM careers. More than $100 million in grants has been made available by the Departments of Labor and Education to provide awardees with educational opportunities, job training, mentorship, field trips and academic counseling.

“I’m announcing a new challenge to redesign America’s high schools so they better equip graduates for the demands of a high-tech economy,” Obama said during his 2013 State of the Union address. “We’ll reward schools that develop new partnerships with colleges and employers, and create classes that focus on science, technology, engineering, and math – the skills today’s employers are looking for to fill jobs right now and in the future.” While Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced a $300 million grant pool in June 2013, the funding total was later downgraded.

In order to create more pay transparency in the workforce, Obama will sign an Executive Order prohibiting federal contractors from retaliating against workers who share salary data, according to a memo from a White House official. >>> Read more MSNBC



President Obama’s visit to Buck Lodge Middle school…

…in Pictures

1391533453001-466823039-10 1391533453000-466823037-101391533453007-466823055-10 1391533453006-466823053-10 1391533453005-466823051-10 1391533453004-466823047-10 1391533453003-466823045-10 1391533453002-466823041-10 President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle SchoolPresident Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School1391533453008-466823057-101391533453021-466827135-10 1391533453020-466827101-101391533453012-466824355-10 1391533453011-466824263-10 1391533453010-466824251-10 1391533453009-466824241-10  U.S. President Barack Obama holds up an iPad during a visit to Buck Lodge Middle School in Adelphi U.S. President Obama talks with a student holding an iPad during a visit to Buck Lodge Middle School in AdelphiUS-POLITICS-EDUCATION-OBAMA President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School


DSC_6501 DSC_6510 DSC_6513 DSC_6514 DSC_6519 DSC_6537 DSC_6551  1391533453019-466824559-10 1391533453018-466824549-10 1391533453017-466824537-10 President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School1391533453016-466824517-10 1391533453015-466824507-10 1391533453014-466824495-10

President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School US-POLITICS-EDUCATION-OBAMA President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle SchoolPresident Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle SchoolDSC_6554    President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School1617403_10201630950995425_1434830795_o President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School


See full speech and read more Courtesy>>> C- SPAN, CBS -News ,PGCPS and the White House

Here is what we wrote a few weeks ago concerning electing such leaders like President Obama.


Fire in the Belly…

…Kudos to our President.


United States President Baraka Obama.

In a graduation speech published on June 8, President Obama offered this assessment of innovative change politics.

He said that what frustrates him most is the fact that leaders lack the “fire in the belly” needed to make a difference in people’s lives. There is no sense of urgency among those in authority in a country with so many pressing problems.

President Obama is certainly a driven man. He set up Obama for America (OFA) at a time when no other President in the history of United States has ever done such a thing to help people. Under his leadership a lot is being accomplished such as health care reforms. His celebrating victory has since motored on efforts to attract investors to the United States which has many advantages.

A deeper problem with our politics is that leaders don’t always see the need to behave like president Obama because voters don’t always reward such behavior.

The formula for success, as is well known, is simple. One needs to accumulate a huge sum of money once they get into office and align with the right ethnic barons in their home state or county.

After that, it is a short road to victory. You just need several sets of colorful shirts, dance a lot in rallies, pay your campaign mobilisers and you will soon be back in office.

We lament about these leaders a lot but we blame everyone except ourselves. The fact is that voters are the weakest link in this system.

We see politics as little more than a spectator sport. An interesting study would be for someone to research on why Prince George’s County citizens, far more than any other people in the region, spend so much time on social media breathlessly discussing trivial political matters without analyzing their local leaders especially here in our Prince George’s county .

In many other countries, politicians don’t sleep because they know citizens are eternally vigilant about key issues which affect their lives. It was interesting to witness Prince George’s county citizens calling their county a “slum” sometimes last year. What are they going to do to make changes in a county with so much potential?

Governments in India can and have been brought down by the price of onions, a key staple in many Indian dishes.

Last year, amid an onions shortage, India’s Farm Minister Sharad Pawar floated tenders to import the commodity to increase supplies and bring down surging prices.

When it emerged that imports would take several weeks to arrive by sea, he said they should be brought by air.

Price of onions

He has obviously learnt from the fall of the Delhi state government in 1998 and the victory of the Congress Party in the 1980s, all of which came in an environment where voters were angry over high onion prices.

In the Arab world, the price of bread has always been a flashpoint. In 1977 in Egypt, there were bread riots over rising prices and the police and army urged the government to review their policies because they could not contain the crisis.

Today, many dictators are out of their jobs because a young Tunisian man, Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself on fire to protest the economic situation in his home country.

In China, the Communist Party leadership began a meeting last year to chart a new course for the country now that growing economic success means that millions of well exposed youths no longer want to do the same factory jobs that their parents toiled in to produce the transformation that country has enjoyed over the last 30 years.

Prince George’s County politicians never need to worry about such things. From the grassroots to the top (Mr. Rushern Baker), they know that the electorate does not care too much whether politicians apply themselves to tackle problems like high youth unemployment, impossible interest rates, high foreclosure rates, school system corruption or crime.

Which is why it is so refreshing to see vibrant President Obama showing that with a little imagination, transformative change can be achieved in the country just as it has in many places around the world over the last few decades.

We don’t know enough about the particulars of the President Obama’s plans to know whether they will work or fail in the future. But at least he has the right attitude.

From Malaysia to Singapore to Turkey, societies have been transformed by leaders with “fire in the belly”. Voters must learn to reward such behavior and identify similar people to take office from the bottom up.

We truly hope you will consider what we have written and keep an open mind when it comes to trying to solve the problems in our county and especially in connection with the failing schools in Prince George’s County and elsewhere.  We can make failing schools better but we can’t keep doing the same things over and over by not getting the right leadership. We cannot keep relying on teachers and schools to solve all the problems. What works in the suburbs or parochial schools does not necessarily work in the inner city. We need to address the other two elements in order to make real change.  We can do it if we change the focus and reward leaders with fire in the belly.

Thank you for your time,

~Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County~


Informatio​n session – ORGANIZING FOR ACTION (OFA)

Please Assist organizing for action in PG County – Maryland.


Do you know that our Nation is expecting a vote in the Senate for Comprehensive Immigration Reform next week– And we actually have a shot at passing comprehensive immigration reform? — That’s not all, we’re going to need all hands on deck.


Prince Georges County Chapter

is hosting and inviting you all to

the following events:

Phonebank on Immigration Reform Tuesday, June 25th 10:00am-12:00pm Kentland Community Center 2411 Pinebrook Avenue Landover, MD 20785

RSVP Here: https://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/gsktmm

Prince George’s County Chapter Meeting & Information Session on Comprehensive Immigration Reform and other issues!

Saturday, June 29th 2:00pm-3:30pm Vista Gardens Market Place Office Bldg

10201 Martin Luther King Junior Highway Bowie, MD 20720

RSVP here: https://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/gscxjy

Please Be There Early


Join the movement and make our voices heard…






OFAMD 301-254-3395

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