Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County Responds to Resignation of PGCPS CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell.

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Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County Responds to Resignation of PGCPS CEO.

“Maxwell’s resignation is not enough. We request an investigation and full restoration of wrongs done to union employees such as Josephat Mua and others who were fired in retaliation as part of “modern day Lynching” through an organized scheme involving several Unions, State of Maryland employees working under color of law.  We must ensure that justice is done.”

Upper Marlboro, Maryland (May 4, 2018) — On May 1st, 2018, Dr. Kevin Maxwell, CEO and Superintendent of Schools for Prince George’s County, notified Prince George’s County public Schools and the larger community  of his resignation effective end of this school year. The Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County released the following statement:

“Today we begin a new chapter for Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS). Though it should have come much sooner, we welcome the resignation of PGCPS CEO Kevin Maxwell. Students, parents, and educators deserve a school CEO of whom they can trust. Maxwell failed in that regard and in many other ways.

In this resignation letter, Maxwell indicated that he will work with the Prince George’s County Board of Education on a plan to continue student progress and achievement.

Prior to his appointment in July 2013, Dr. Maxwell served as Superintendent for Anne Arundel County Public Schools from July 2006 through July 2013. In this role, he was responsible for the oversight of all aspects of operating, staffing, and evaluating the forty-seventh largest school district in the United States. Prior to his appointment as superintendent in Anne Arundel County, he served as a Community Superintendent and principal for Montgomery County Public Schools. Dr. Maxwell earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Language, Literacy and Culture from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). He received a Master of Science Degree and Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP). He was appointed to the current role by Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III. He assumed his new role on August 1, 2013.

However, for the past five years, we have been demanding changes in governance and reforms. Due to ongoing organized schemes in Prince George’s County, Kevin Maxwell was sued in Federal court along with Verjeana Jacobs, Dr. William R. Hite, Jr, Roger C. Thomas, Synthia J. Shilling, Monica Goldson, Pierre Dickson, Dr. Alvin L. Crawley, Robert J. Gaskin, Dr. Lilian M. Lowery, Ardra O’Neal, Abbey Hairston, AFSCME International, ACE-AFSCME Local 2250, Prince George’s County, the State of Maryland, Maryland Attorney General and others after they engaged in discrimination, breach of contracts, retaliation, and engagement in a scheme to defraud the county of its resources  inter alia. Eight cases remain pending in the United States Supreme Court in Washington DC together with others along with petitions for a writ of certiorari due on May 17th, 2018 and other cases later weeks.

There is so much more work to be done. The problems with the Prince George’s County school system are also intricately tied to what, the Maryland State Board of Education does, the  Maryland Attorney General, the court system, the County Council, the Unions and our State Legislature. Voters have to be vigilant about being informed so that, they can make decisions that are in the best interest of the residents of this county.

State Attorney Angela Alsobrooks failure to act and Cover up.

Only recently have elected officials joined us after alerting them of various violations in seeking to oust Dr. Maxwell. For example, This is what Angela Alsobrooks did after being given information on Public Corruption in Prince George’s County.  Josephat Mua spoke with State Attorney Angela Alsobrooks beginning on various dates including March 26th, 2011 and April 1, 2011 (see attachment below) and many other dates. These are concerning ongoing public corruption in the county schools. Ms. Alsobrooks was given adequate information and evidence concerning the major violations including evidence of discrimination, cover ups and retaliation but failed to take corrective action as the top law enforcer in the county. In addition, Ms. Alsobrooks failed to assist other sufferers and in known cases told victims that ‘fraud’ was not a crime. She was specifically given indisputable evidence from a Senior Buyer, Donna Young, in Purchasing Department and Acting Transportation Director Derrick Homesley who were set-up and fired under Dr. Maxwell for disclosing procurement improprieties. These improprieties involved state and federal funds. Ms. Alsobrooks’ office told these individuals that fraud in the state of Maryland is not a crime.

During the same period, Ms. Alsobrooks also facilitated the hiring of her friends to the Board of Education starting with Erica Berry who is part of Executive staff as shown below (see posts below). Therefore, Ms. Angela Alsobrooks cannot stand up and say she had no knowledge on what was going on within the Prince George’s county system. The facts speak volumes for themselves.

As a result of this failure, children, staff, and families suffered tremendously throughout this time period. There is a difference between career politicians and leaders who seek to serve the public. Time and time again we see government insiders and politicians making excuses and covering up for one another at the expense of the larger population. In the case of Maxwell, nearly five years were wasted while he clearly languished on the job. All of this came at the expense of students, parents, educators, communities, and the United States. Fortunately, we’ve turned the page, but let us not forget these lessons the next time we confront a public official who does not deserve our trust or a job funded by taxpayers.

“Maxwell’s resignation is not enough. We must send a strong message to future school leaders and, of equal importance, ensure that justice is done. We request full investigation and full restoration of wrongs done to employees such as Josephat Mua who was fired in retaliation and “modern day Lynching” through an organized scheme involving several Unions, Prince George’s County officials, and State of Maryland employees working under color of law in Maryland. That is why we are calling on the Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to open a formal investigation into Kevin Maxwell and a group of close connected friends at Sasscer administrative building on the scandals that he allowed to plague our school system as listed on the petition below. We are reiterating that demand today. No more cover ups, no more brushing controversy under the carpet. No more keeping corrosive managers on the job and then increasing their salaries as part of an organized scheme to defraud. No more Lynching and using the court system to destroy innocent lives without a jury trial as requested due to the illegal connections. Great nations sometimes make bad mistakes; good nations correct them quickly.

In our fair considered opinion after many years in an arbitrary and capricious hearings, we have determined that, U.S. courts are unwavering by the wisdom of the Constitution, and guided by fair-minded judges and juries of our peers. Unfortunately, this is often wishful thinking.  Unsettling research into the psychology of courtroom decisions in state and Federal courts has shown that our personal backgrounds, unconscious biases about race, gender and appearance, and even the time of day play a more important role in outcomes than the actual law. Mistakes in the justice system are more common than we like to think, and that our personal biases play a disturbingly strong role.

We need to think about ways to establish more diverse juries and more diverse judicial benches. The worst thing that we can possibly have is a jury or a court where all the people share the same set of biases. It’s much better if everyone is biased in different ways. Our benches and our juries are disproportionately white, male and older. That’s a problem, particularly because our legal rules themselves have been developed by white, older men over the centuries. To the extent that we cannot de-bias the population, diversity is a good second-best approach.

Let us advocate and advance for what is fair, right and ours in order to make the world a better place. We must campaign for an impartial and dispassionate system instead of punishing innocent civilians for pointing out wrongs in the society. No one in the United States is above the law and we therefore must demand justice for all. Enough is enough.

Please sign the petition below.

More to come!

>>>Sign the Petition here  and here<<



>>>Sign the Petition here  and here<<


Rushern Baker III (left), Dr. Kevin Maxwell (Center) and Governor Larry Hogan (Right) have known about Prince George’s County fiasco for many years. Each one of them have evidence major violations have been occurring. It’s now up to Governor Larry Hogan to act based on the information presented to him and the petitions currently underway.


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