Update: Largo High School Principal Threaten students

…to Forfeit Losing Football Team’s Season


Embattled Dr. Angelique Simpson-Marcus (pictured above) of Largo High school accused of discriminatory conduct in violation of Title VI and Title VII of United States constitution.

Largo: Update 10/11/2014

A Maryland high school principal accused of bullying and harassment by her coworkers allegedly threatened to put a premature end to the varsity football team’s season if it doesn’t start winning.

The Largo High School Lions are 1-4, and according to players and parents, Principal Dr. Angelique Simpson-Marcus told the team in a closed meeting that if they lose Saturday’s game, she’s forfeiting the season.

Maryland High School Principal Accused of Bullying Staff

“They are going to try to kill themselves to win on Saturday because they’re afraid that they are not going to be able to play anymore,” one parent said.

She said her son had tears in his eyes as he pondered how this could impact his chances for a college football scholarship.

“It would mean the world for him to be able to become professional, and if she’s threatening to pull the season, or if she did that, the coaches that are looking at him can’t see him anymore,” she said.

A Prince George’s County Schools spokesman released a statement saying, “As long as students adhere to the expectations described in the student handbook … the Largo High School football season will continue as scheduled.”

This latest complaint comes after the school system settled two lawsuits filed against Simpson-Marcus accusing her of bullying and heavy handedness. One white male teacher filed a suit alleging reverse discrimination and won more than $500,000 in federal court last August. A school secretary settled a suit a few weeks ago, but the outcome of that case is sealed. Read more >>>NBC 4 News

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Political corruption under Rushern Baker regime appears to be gaining momentum including cover ups of administrators involved in racism, mismanagement and various misconduct at the Expense of the Prince George’s County citizenry. If left unchecked, the county will suffer severe damages. The Rushern Baker regime is far much worse in terms of corruption, misconduct and fraud than all  previous regimes combined. The Prince George’s County current regime Corruption is hidden in Plain Sight.


poisoned chalice


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

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