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Philadelphia: Parents United Wins a Major Victory for Transparency.


Dr. William Hite leadership which appears to lack proper transparency and accountability has left Philly School District in poor shape. 

The civic group Parents United and the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia have been fighting the School Reform Commission for access to secret documents created by the Boston Consulting Group as its “reform” plan for the Philadelphia public schools under Dr. William Hite leadership. The plan was shared with district officials and the foundation that paid for the report, but was not made public. The groups just won a victory and were able to review the report, see the list of schools that BCG wanted to close, and see how flawed BCG’s projections were. Of course, BCG wanted to privatize as much of the district’s schools and operations as possible.

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Philadelphia Crisis: Shortage of School Nurses


Dr. William Hite leadership of charters and ensuing mismanagement of public funds has left Philly Schools in poor shape. 

Since 2011, the number of school nurses in the Philadelphia public schools has declined by 40%. At a meeting of the School Reform Commission, the appointed board that runs the district, nurses and principals testified about the dangers to children posed by the lack of nurses.

In 2013, a 12-year-old child died of an asthma attack at school; there was no nurse available that day.

In 2014, a 7-year-old child collapsed and died in school; there was no nurse available that day.

How many more children must die before the state supplies the funding to staff every school with a nurse every day?

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SRC takes contract fight to Pa. court


Dr. Hite

HARRISBURG – With much at stake, lawyers for the School Reform Commission on Wednesday asked a panel of five Commonwealth Court judges to affirm their power to cancel the Philadelphia School District teachers’ contract.

The law that created the SRC acknowledged that in times of distress, the commission must have at its disposal special powers, argued commission attorney Mark Aronchick.

“The polestar is the children, not the protection of some collective bargaining interest that protects the interest of teachers,” Aronchick told the judges.

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers lawyer Ralph Teti said the SRC lacks the authority to abrogate its contract.

“I think they overstepped their boundaries greatly,” Teti said. “Their view of it is, if we have a contract on Monday, we can cancel it on Tuesday.”

The SRC wants to make teachers begin paying a portion of their health-care costs, a move it said would save $54 million annually. Those savings would be sent directly to cash-strapped schools, officials said. Teachers would pay from $72 to $700 a month depending on their salary, the plan they choose, and their family status.

The district had hoped to make changes to 11,200 PFT members’ health care effective Dec. 15, but a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court injunction halted those changes for now.

On Wednesday, the Commonwealth Court judges peppered both sides with questions around their central arguments, and about their interpretation of Act 46, the state law that created the SRC.

Several judges, including President Judge Dan Pelligrini, noted that the SRC had negotiated four contracts with the union since the commission was created in 2001. If the SRC can simply impose terms, Pelligrini asked, what good are the contracts?

“Why would anybody enter into any negotiations with you?” Pelligrini said, adding that he thought the SRC was relegating the union to “a meet-and-discuss unit rather than a bargaining unit.”

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William Hite Jr took the same nonsense to the Philadelphia School District from Prince George’s County. In the above scenario, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (P.F.T) must tendentiously make known that, Unilateral contract cancelations are illegal everywhere in the United States.  While further contributions to member benefits package may be reasonable, they must be part and parcel of collective bargaining along with raises, step increases and most importantly, working conditions. As is told, the district’s fiscal instability was not of the teachers’ making but of the School Reform Commission  (S.R.C)’s as a forensic audit of district financials would surely establish. Teachers and other staff members sacrificed much more over the years and have thus done their part. It is not incumbent upon P.F.T. to be held hostage either by Ackerman or Hite’s mistakes or anyone else’s.

Funding priorities have often missed the point while S.R.C. behavior missed the form. Law suits and further short-term cuts will solve nothing. A fairly negotiated resolution will so rooting out waste and abuse in Bill Hite’s morbidly top-heavy central administration is essential.

Philadelphia once had great schools. They can be so again once Corbett, Hite, Nutter and Green wise up and treat people fairly by negotiating in good faith. The folks have legitimate grievances and deserve better.


Judge temporarily bars SRC from imposing terms on teachers’ union.


Some of the Teachers who came out to stage a protest last week.

A Common Pleas Court judge Monday granted the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers’ request for a preliminary injunction to halt the School Reform Commission from imposing changes to teachers’ health-care benefits.

After hearing nearly four hours of testimony, Judge Nina Wright Padilla issued the short, verbal order from the bench without elaborating.

Her ruling prevents the SRC – at least for now – from implementing the broad changes it approved when it voted Oct. 6 to cancel the PFT contract and require union members to contribute to the cost of their health-care premiums beginning in December.

The PFT had asked for the injunction to maintain the status quo while the courts take up the larger issue of whether the SRC had the legal authority to do what it did.

“The judge’s decision – we’re pleased with it,” PFT President Jerry Jordan said moments after the Padilla issued the order. “We hope it will end here, but we’re pretty sure it won’t.”

District spokesman Fernando Gallard said the SRC will appeal to Commonwealth Court.

“We expect this to be just one of many legal steps we will have to take,” he said. “We are now moving on to the next.”

The district said in a statement released later that it was disappointed with the results of the hearing.

“The School District expects to ultimately prevail in the courts and will pursue this matter forcefully, for the cause is urgent and the children of Philadelphia cannot continue waiting.

“The changes temporarily placed on hold by [Monday’s] injunction are estimated to save more than $200 million in the next four years. These are crucial resources for the children of Philadelphia.”
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Some of the Teachers who came out to stage a protest last week.


William Hite Jr Breached teacher’s contract in the middle of the night in Philly School District.