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Prince George’s County Parents call for overhaul of Springdale school.


Beverly Thomas (left) would like to see improvements and repairs made to Ardmore Elementary School in Springdale, where her son, Julian Thomas, 11, (right) is in the sixth grade. Picture Greg Dohler/The Gazette

Parents at Ardmore Elementary School in Springdale are anxiously awaiting the results of a water sample test that will tell them whether there is lead present in the school’s pipes.

Ardmore students have been drinking bottled water for several years after a school system-wide investigation launched in 2004 found lead in the school’s classroom sinks and fountains, according to information provided by the Prince George’s County school system. Parents of children attending the school petitioned for the new lead test in November, and say possible water contamination is one of several problems at the school that have them frustrated and calling for improvements.

“It bothers me every day to take my children and drop them off,” said Keith Olive, who said he is thankful a physician’s test found no lead in his children’s system. “It just doesn’t make sense to me. This is an elementary school.”

In addition to the water, parents are concerned about broken floor tiles containing asbestos and an unpaved blacktop on which several children have allegedly been injured, said Beverly Thomas of Springdale, whose 11-year-old son is in his last year at the school.

“The water issue has been going on now for about three years and it’s gotten even worse,” Thomas said. “We need a major overhaul. They’re trying to put a Band-Aid on it.”

Ardmore Principal Georgette Gregory said maintenance workers supplied by the school system have made several trips to the school this year and are working toward fixing the issues as quickly as they can.

“They have been working over the past week and a half to replace those missing, broken tiles. I know they’re working feverishly with the blacktop situation to assess and see where they are,” she said. “I know they’re doing this as quickly as they can. We’re not the only school in the county.”

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The county officials pictured below and others who are currently squandering more than $18 million from the children reserve fund are crying wolf.  This is unacceptable and it should not be overlooked. These officials and others involved in the scam must be held to account for this unethical practice.

The three new appointees hired recently by PGCPS are making nearly $1 million. Maxwell’s friend is making $220,000 a year while teachers have to buy their own paper and classroom supplies! Schools like Ardmore Elementary School in Springdale have no proper running water and parents such Ms. Beverly Thomas are sincerely worried for their loved ones.

As noted in the article, students in Ardmore have been drinking bottled water for several years now after a school system-wide investigation launched in 2004 found lead in the school’s classroom sinks and fountains. This is inappropriate. …. We do not mind a little increase but spending tax payer money like this is not being wise. Prince George’s county council, Maryland legislature and others including the new Governor needs to scrutinize the new raises and demand a major pay cut. The kitchen cabinet surrounding CEO Maxwell who are being used for personal gain by Prince George’s County politicians including Rushern Baker III must go!

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Prince George's County

Prince George’s County

abbeyChief Board of Education Legal Counsel and architect of Maladministration in PGCPS – Abbey Hairston.


James Fisher


George H. Margolies


Shani K. Whisonant



Mr. Rushern Baker –The current County Executive for Prince George’s County is known not to be a man of his word according to Prince George’s County NAACP Chapter. He makes promises he cannot keep and is deeply involved in the scandal comprising Dr. kevin Maxwell. (Read more Major scandal Developing in Upper Marlboro). On this note, Mr. Baker needs to take responsibility and resign!


Ms. Monica Goldson  Public Enemy Number 1 – Chief Operating Officer for Prince George’s County controls millions of dollars on behalf of  other conspirators. She is the Architect of mismanagement involving public funds currently underway in Prince George’s county Public schools which is facilitated by ASASP Union (the union)  fueling the fire.  


Dr. Segun Eubanks (Courtesy of the National Education Association)…is brother – in -Law to Mr. Rushern Baker. Talent usually runs in families but this one takes the cake. If this is a sample of Top Executive team that Mr. Baker has assembled for Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), then GOD HELP US. Only a miracle can rescue us from this mess. Dr. Segun is identified with weak financial controls within Prince George’s county school District and has been smiling all the way to the Bank for the last nine (9) months. (Read more)


Dr. Kevin Maxwell got a hefty $90,000 hand shake on the way out from Anne Arundel County Public Schools and $1 million sign up with guess whose pot cash bonuses?  – PGCPS. What does this guy promise to do for us? Is this performance based appointment? Even wall street sets performance goals. The last time we checked with our school performances, we cannot surely in this economy blow cash on these willy nilly appointments for sure.  Dr. Maxwell was indirectly a subject of the Maryland legislature in the last session for the $90,000 he took with him. (Read more)





Corruption involves the injection of additional but improper transactions aimed at changing the normal course of events and altering judgments and positions of trust. It consists in the doers’ and receivers’ use of informal, extra-legal or illegal acts to facilitate matters. The concept can also be described as the wanton craze for illegal, unethical and often criminal acquisition of wealth or benefits by individuals whose main motive is ego bossing and self-aggrandizement with its attendant negative consequences on the rest of the society.

Put differently, corruption is a general concept describing any organized, interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of the system’s original purpose (Aiyegbayo, 2007; Otite, 1986). As it were, there are myriad forms of corruption and these include: political corruption, bureaucratic corruption (misappropriation of public funds), money laundering (such as looted funds and wealth kept secretly abroad), gratification (which involves monetary, pecuniary, material or physical favors as a condition or reward for performing official duty), and nepotism which confers undeserved favors and advantages without receiving or giving gratification except that of primordial identity (Onimode, 2001). Of all these, political corruption is rated higher in many societies. This is because it induces other forms of corruption.