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PGCPS Officials add security at multiple area schools after online threats


This was part of the drawings circulated earlier in social media.

UPPER MARLBORO – Officials earlier today added additional security at multiple area schools on Monday after threats circulated on social media over the weekend. Some of them had drawings showing various areas in which they claimed to have planted bombs.

Prince George’s County Police Department is working with school administration for security of those schools and determining the validity of those threats. Arlington County schools were also mentioned in threatening posts.

“We have been made aware of the threats to schools throughout the area. Out of an abundance of caution, as an increase to our school resource officers, we have increased patrols around schools during arrivals and dismissals,” said Ashley Savage, PIO for the Arlington County Police Department. Although officials took the threat very seriously, schools remained open on Monday.

In addition, Fairfax County Public Schools also tweeted about the subject saying that they are aware of the threats and that police do not believe the threats are credible.

At this time, parents are requested to provide proper guidance to their children to avoid a repeat of what occurred today.

Earlier today the PGCPS Office of Communication issued the following statement:

In response to several threats circulating on social media aimed at specific Prince George’s County schools, local law enforcement has deployed additional officers at schools throughout the county as a precaution.

Schools are open today as scheduled. We take threats to our students very seriously and we will continue working with Prince George’s County Police Department to investigate these threats.

To report any suspicious activity, please contact Prince George’s County Police Department at 866-411-TIPS.


En respuesta a varias amenazas que circulan en las redes sociales dirigidas a específicas escuelas del condado de Prince George, las fuerzas del orden público locales han desplegado a agentes adicionales en las escuelas a lo largo del condado como medida de precaución.

Las escuelas están abiertas hoy como estaba previsto. Tomamos muy en serio las amenazas a nuestros estudiantes y seguiremos trabajando con el Departamento de Policía del Condado de Prince George para investigar estas amenazas.

Para reportar cualquier actividad sospechosa, por favor póngase en contacto con el Departamento de Policía del Condado de Prince George llamando al 866-411-TIPS.


This story is developing. Stay with PGCPSMESS, pgparents and Reform Sasscer blogs for the latest.



Ads appear on Prince George’s County school system Web site.



Visitors to the Prince George’s County school system’s Web site can learn about charter school applications, how to prevent and report bullying, and the implementation of new academic standards. But they also are likely to find advertisements for furniture stores and clothing stores, online university programs and insurance companies.

The ads — on the public school system’s main Web site — are placed by a Google AdSense program and are accompanied by a disclaimer that “Prince George’s County Public Schools does not endorse any messages, products or services presented in the ads below.” >>> Read More Washington Post



The way this article is written appears like Prince George’s County Public schools (PGCPS) Management is doing the right thing. However, a closer scrutiny reveals that, accountability and transparency initiatives started in PGCPS almost two years ago by the Maryland legislature are yet to be enforced. (Read more). Nevertheless,  after talking to several board members, they will tell you that, they themselves do not know what happens to the money once it comes in. As non profit organization, PGCPS which receives public funding should know better including the politicians involved irrespective of their rank.  Furthermore, considered they are on a governmental website, there should be full accounting to the public. We are talking of children money here and money being raised in the name of children only to disappear in thin air. Where is the common decency?

There is growing recognition both among governments, donors and civil society that citizens and communities have an important role to play with regard to enhancing accountability of public officials, reducing corruption and leakage of funds and improving public service delivery. As a result, Social Accountability has become an attractive approach to both the public sector and civil society for improving governance processes, service delivery outcomes, and improving resource allocation decisions. Over the last decade, numerous examples have emerged that demonstrate how citizens can make their voice heard and effectively engage in making the public sector more responsive and accountable. Scales of responsibility apply to all citizens and all institutions including all arms of the government which cannot escape accountability. Those complaining about the government  and civil society pointing out wrongs in PGCPS and Maryland Education system should read the Bible and the Constitution as well to understand what responsibility is all about.

Accountability is defined as the obligation of power-holders to account for or take responsibility for their actions. Power-holders refers to those who hold political, financial or other forms of power and include officials in government, private corporations, international financial institutions and civil society organizations (CSOs).

There might be a glimmer of hope that our society is changing and maturing somewhat. However, we are yet to see the results here in PGCPS District. And if we are able to extend compassion and mercy to fellow United States citizens, we should go one step further and extend it to non-US citizens, in particular migrant workers from other countries who perform arduous and dirty work that many Americans shun.

Civility must grow as society grows. It must become highly mobile and more interactive, be it via the media or through daily personal contact. We must show proper accountability even of the money collected through public websites like in PGCPS.


Call your elected officials now and the media. Demand investigations and initiation of changes… There is no smoke without fire!!


Dr. Maxwell (pictured above) was appointed to right wrongs but very little appears done to fix issues.


In our opinion, We aver and therefore believe Maryland State Board of Education President Dr. Charlene Dukes shown here has demonstrated a culture of corrupt leadership style and continues “an integrated pattern of pay to play” and manipulation during her tenure. Both leaders need to resign to create room for new leadership.


Dr. Lillian Lowery Embattled State Superintendent is currently presiding over deep-seated corruption in Maryland school system. She has demonstrated a culture of discrimination and racism while on the job.

Figure 1 – Click here to see benefits of social accountability —->>>Figure 1

Figure 2 – Click here to see the Accountability Framework —->>> Figure 2

Figure 3 – Critical Factors for Social Accountability – See below.

Figure 3