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Prince George’s schools chief attracts criticism…

…After adding more executive-level positions


Dr. Kevin Maxwell

Prince George’s County Schools Chief Executive Kevin M. Maxwell, who came to the district as part of an overhaul of the school system, has added four new executive-level positions to his administration, hires he said will improve academic achievement.

Maxwell, who took the school system’s top job in August, has spent $1.53 million to hire a chief of staff, a diversity officer, a health officer, a performance and evaluation officer and 10 employees to assist them. He said the hires were necessary because he noticed that some jobs were not being done adequately and children were not being properly served because there was less coordination. Read More >>> Washington Post



Why are Prince George’s County citizenry averse to tax hikes? Besides the obvious reluctance to pay more, at least as far back as 2003, the Board and its superintendent (including at least one convicted incumbent) have struggled mightily. With all due respect to Dr. Kevin Maxwell, he is only the next in a long list of touted outsiders who will once again hire “experts”, with the same sad results because they do not understand Annapolis and its corrupt connection.  During the past 12 months, politicians have argued, debated and lamented about how to reign in the county government’s out of control spending without much success. All in all, everything starts and ends with the Chief Executive Officer.

In our view, Maxwell is doing the same things Dr. William Hite did and the results will be the same…an under performing school system will continue to under perform because the fulfilling the academic needs of the students is secondary to creating organizational structure! Why is it necessary to hire a bunch of highly paid people whose functions appear to have nothing to do directly with the academic performance of the county students? The County’s residents should be outraged because very scarce funding is being used to pay do nothing bureaucrats rather than hire principals, classroom teachers and support staff who can effect the changes necessary to make the schools’ performance better! All the while, Sasscer administration is on a shopping binge, spending money we do not have on things we do not absolutely need, ……Instead of cutting wasteful spending, more money was added each day in 2013 to our national debt, which now exceeds $17 trillion.

The year 2013 will be remembered in PGCPS as a period of unrest as outraged by high spending led by one Monica Goldson and others whom we asked the new administration to replace. Regardless of your personal political persuasion, ask yourself: Would you agree with Sasscer that the $1.53 million to hire staff represent county priorities or would you agree that these reflect the wasteful spending habits that threaten to bankrupt the future of the county Dream? As articulated in the article, We are seeing the same pattern of out of control spending enacted by embattled Dr. William Hite jr during his brief tenure in the county. Surely, these employees could have been hired for much less than they are earning. As we celebrate Christmas with many of our county youth facing homelessness, let us ask ourselves if this is a wise move by the Board of Education in the middle of a recession.


Cartoon of Income Inequality





The Grievance system is unique process that governs dispute resolutions in the schools.  Principal, supervisor are made aware of the grievance and can address it before it comes to the attention of the principal’s supervisor. If the grievance remains unresolved at Step 1, it then proceeds to the attention of the principal’s supervisor. The purpose of a grievance is generally to enforce the terms of a collective bargaining agreement between the unions.

The following unions in PGCPS District led by ASASP, PGCEA, ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 and SEIU Unions filed grievances on behalf of several members on several occasions. These grievances proceeded all the way up the chain of command for Prince George’s County Public school district to various managers, Directors and Chiefs, Superintendent William Hite Jr., Dr. Crawley who resigned recently and others also received grievances. However, the PGCPS management did nothing to address the discrimination, retaliation and other corrupt activities, despite being aware of the issues. The management failed to respond to any of the Union grievances filed by the Union because the Unions themselves are involved in questionable activities. It is this egregious conduct fueled by Thatcher Law firm corruption which has polarized the whole school District. The whole school District will never move forward until corrupt lawyers are cleansed from the system.

The terrorist attacks in 2001 were aimed not only at destroying buildings and human lives, but also at undermining Americans’ confidence in their government. While the terrorists’ attempts at the latter ultimately backfired, they did illustrate that our country is only as strong as the commitment of our people and leaders to protect the ideals upon which it is based: individual liberty, freedom of expression, and the ability to redress grievances through a system of laws rather than violence. When lawyers for the local board retaliate and acts unethically on behalf of the School District, when the unions appointed lawyers and other attorneys hired by staff are compromised, they undermine the rule of law and faith in the system. The image of lawyers is not just a matter of professional or personal pride; it affects the public’s belief in our justice system, and ultimately, our faith in our democracy. The fact that there has been so many cases in both the State and Federal courts filed against PGCPS by several employees in recent years, is a clear manifestation that there are many problems within the PG County School District. We must demand answers from our elected officials in regards to the Thatcher Law firm which is engaged in criminal conspiracy with Mr. Bryan A chapman, Mr. Damon Felton and others in defrauding staff within the PG County district.   One female employee who protested mistreatment of her colleagues was fired in the middle of her discovery case with malice rather than settle the dispute. There is a big possibility that she might never even win the case because of what her attorney did to the case in conjunction with the Thatcher Law Firm and Mr. Roger Thomas. Only time will tell.  It’s clear there’s a criminal cabal around the Thatcher Law Firm that’s giving deadly advice to lawyers hired by various personnel. The Book of Mark, 8:36, sternly asks: “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”

Other PGCPS employees have been chased away recently like goats in the middle of Savanna after filing cases… Who does this to employees for exercising their rights and fighting for the rights of others? Who does this? Who else is involved in this criminal enterprise?  What happened to common decency ladies and Gentlemen?

In this school year, we pray that the new County Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kevin Maxwell is going to look into these issues with sincerity and demand a new beginning from a new set of attorneys committed to the rule of law in PG County. Time has come to move in the right direction with new leadership and a new agenda!



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