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Discrimination lawsuits in federal court starts shortly.

Greenbelt Federal Court

Three Employees who worked for Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) at Largo High School take their racial discrimination lawsuit to federal court on Tuesday February 25th, 2014 at 10am, opening a 1-week civil trial for violating Title VI of civil rights act. The plaintiffs, who seek unspecified damages, are among more than 1000 people who made racial discrimination claims against PGCPS, which is the county’s largest employer. They accused the State agency of allowing a hostile work environment, filled with slurs, nooses and threatening graffiti among other issues.

Jury selection has already been done to help deliberate on lawsuits. Mr. Everhart, Tracy Allison and Dr. Ruth Johnson claims they were retaliated against when they reported what they believed were inappropriate acts by the administration of former Superintendent Dr. William Hite Jr and that PGCPS engaged in reverse discrimination and outright discrimination including to the people of color.

During the trial, Plaintiffs must show by a preponderance of the evidence, that when they were employed at Largo High School —the time period covered by their Complaints—the Board of Education of Prince George’s County (“School Board”) received federal funds which had a primary objective of providing employment, as opposed to educating students or any other purpose.

Plaintiffs have alleged that the relevant funding came from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (“ARRA”). ARRA funds were first received by the School Board during the 2009-10 School Year. None of the Plaintiffs remained at Largo High School after August 2010 because it appears that, PGCPS played technicalities to try and defeat justice. Therefore, the relevant time period is the 2009-2010 school year. Defendant PGCPS claims that Plaintiffs will be unable to make such a showing. However, the Plaintiffs disagrees with that saying, the issue in the Title VI trial is whether or not the Defendant received federal funds with a primary objective of creating and saving jobs. Title I and IDEA funds have a restricted purpose of aiding disadvantaged and disabled students, respectively. On the other hand, the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF) has a stated purpose of creating and saving jobs.

In the meantime, these problems continues to date within the Maryland State Board of Education system and Prince George’s County Public schools in particular with the blind eyes of the county management and the state officials. >>>Read more EEOC





Federal judges rules in favor of 4 Cases.


Two different federal judges have ruled that a total of four separate discrimination lawsuits against the Prince George’s County Public School System can advance to trial in federal court. The first of these four trials is scheduled for November 2013. Collectively, these four discrimination lawsuits allege violations of the following laws:

•Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – failing to accommodate an employee with a known disability.

•Title VI and Title VII – racial hostile work environment/retaliation.

•Title VII and Title IX – sexual hostile work environment/retaliation.

The four plaintiffs include two white men and two African American women. One lawsuit is demanding $1,000,000 and three lawsuits are demanding $5,000,000. The attorney Bryan A. Chapman who has been handling some of these cases and who was reprimanded by Hon. Judge Peter J. Messitte on several occasions for filing defective complaints, refusal to file rebuttal and other issues has been fired by several clients recently. The said clients decided they will never go to the jury trial with Mr. Chapman for letting their friends down and making false and misleading statements to defeat justice. As indicated, the termination arose from unethical behavior of an attorney who is entrusted to uphold the rule of law and who instead led several cases being dismissed deliberately. According to confirmed reports by several plaintiffs in Federal court, Thatcher law firm and PGCPS legal department played a major role in this corruption and an investigation is warranted to uncover the truth of what happened. “We are not going to rest until the whole truth comes out.” said several former clients who no longer have faith in the Court system. “Everything is so broken down starting with the Prince George’s County District and Circuit Courts and it is not funny anymore.” added another.

Mr. Chapman “far exceeded zealous advocacy and included repeated abuse of the tools of the legal system.” Among some of the rules Mr. Chapman violated were; asserting a position for which there is no non-frivolous basis in law or fact; using means that have no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, delay, or burden a third person; engaging in conduct that was not legitimate advocacy, in a professional capacity, manifesting bias or prejudice based upon race, religion, and disability (mental condition). Mr. Chapman who has a history of unethical litigation practices and disciplinary proceeding in other cases in Washington Dc, the virulent bigotry he has manifested in Federal proceedings in Greenbelt should never be ignored including his lack of any insight into his misconduct.

The school system has a two billion dollar annual budget. The school system also receives hundreds of millions of dollars in federal assistance, so there is no cap on the amount of damages a jury can award in each of the four lawsuits.

One of the four lawsuits alleges that Angelique Simpson-Marcus, the African American principal of Largo High School, called Jon Everhart, a white male English teacher, “white bitch” and “poor white trash”. In the fall of 2007, the principal told Mr. Everhart that she would fire him and take away his teaching certificate as “payback” for a time when white principals mistreated black teachers. Complaints of racial harassment were made to Superintendent William Hite and other school board officials in 2008 and 2009, nonetheless, the racial harassment/retaliation continued until Mr. Everhart was terminated in the summer of 2010. Jon Everhart v. Board of Education of Prince George’s County, 11-cv-1196 (PJM) Others on the way to the jury include Tracy Allison v. Board of Education of Prince George’s County, Ruth Johnson v. Board of Education of Prince George’s County ~> Tracy Allison – Order, jon everhart order and Ruth Johnson)