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New lawsuit against PGCPS former teacher’s aide, Deonte Carraway

Deonte Carraway, 22,

Deonte Carraway, 22,

According to the information received from ABC7 News, in a disturbing case of child abuse, the news channel has learned that a new lawsuit has been filed against Deonte Carraway, former Prince George’s County teacher’s aide.

The new lawsuit claims Carraway threatened to kill one of his victims if she told anyone.

Carraway is accused of making child pornography and abusing at least 17 children.

Some of that abuse happened on schools grounds at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School.

The allege victim in this case – an 11-year-old girl – claims Carraway recorded her engaging in sexual acts with other students, and sexually abused her multiple times at private homes.

Carraway pleaded not guilty in federal court.




Federal charges possible for teacher’s aide in child porn case


Deonte Carraway

GLENARDEN, Md (WUSA9) – Federal prosecutors often take the lead in child porn cases, and federal charges are likely in the case of Deonte Carraway, a teacher’s aide who is accused of abusing kids and shooting child porn inside a Prince George’s County elementary school.

Investigators say they now have evidence Carraway preyed on 16 children and they believe there may be many more.

Forcing those children to testify could be rough for them, but the federal courts offer a way out. Simply possessing child porn on a phone manufactured out of state gives the feds the right to charge him. And if he messaged pictures of the children through Kik, that too is a possible federal crime.

Either way, the feds could potentially convict him on child porn charges without any testimony from the children. And the mandatory minimum federal penalties run years longer than the likely sentences under state law.

Principal Michelle Williams, who hired and supervised Carraway, is on paid administrative leave and not talking.

But lawyers for some of the alleged victims allege Carraway’s abuse was common knowledge, that parents and teachers had “expressed concern” to the principal, and that she “refused to take any action” claiming there was “no proof.”

Maryland state law mandates that educators report any reasonable suspicion of abuse to the appropriate authorities. The principal’s union says she did.

But the lawsuit says when the uncle of one of the victims showed the principal pictures on the child’s phone, the principal told him to come back then next day. He went to the police instead.