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Back to school: It’s worse than you think in Philly.


Philadelphia public schools are opening for the new school year today Monday September 9, 2013 without many of the basics any reasonable person would expect. Paper, for example. Guidance counselors. Nurses.

Amid an agonizing financial and leadership crisis, the appointed School Reform Commission, which has run the district since the state took it over a dozen years ago, passed a “doomsday” budget this past summer that included cuts so drastic there was no money for schools to open this fall with funding for things such as paper, new books, athletics, arts, music, counselors, assistant principals and more. Teachers were laid off. This came after the closure of a few dozen schools.

How did this happen? The state government has financially starved the district for years, and the city’s public school system has been subjected to one reform experiment after another.

How bad is it? Superintendent William Hite made some accommodations to allow schools to open, but parents say the answer to the question is this: Worse than you think.

According to our own considered opinion, it appears Dr. William Hite et al organized a secret plan to promote charter schools as a solution to the Philadelphia public school problem, making the situation ungovernable as he did in PGCPS through the Unions and others. This way, he can advance corruption in Philadelphia public schools and rule by decree while simponing money through the back door using his conspirators. The collapse of rule of law in the Philadephia public school management under Dr. Hite is most egregious scandal in the United States. Only this time it is bigger than PGCPS MESS

We strongly feel that this is all by design to defame high salary teachers and dismiss them through a coordinated effort using newly hired staff from PGCPS. Many of these teachers and staff being fired are not part of the “good old boys club” which is patently obvious in many district-those teachers who went through the district or are married into it (or are lower in the salary scale) are given the best students and those that are not of the former are given students who need more help. Is there any recourse many have? We are convinced that the local, state and national unions will only afford one a token gesture of support to teachers in their plight for the sake of politics including in Maryland. Time will tell….

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Dr. William Hite Jr


Arrogant BOE Chair finally cornered with corruption.


Upper Marlboro: Prince George’s County Public Schools (Pgcps) BOE Chairwoman Ms.Verjeana Jacobs is to be voted out this November 2012 for engaging in acts of corruption such as misappropriation of funds and bribery while ignoring the welfare of the students and staff. We at the Reform Sasscer movement are calling on Attorney General  of the state of Maryland to investigate and bring an end to the corruption going on in the Sasscer Administration building – Upper Marlboro.

Ms. Jacobs is not acting alone, while engaging in the aforementioned corruption. Ms. Verjeana Jacobs is acting along with Dr. William Hite, Roger Thomas, Sythia Shillings and others.  For the betterment of the students in Prince George’s County Public Schools, “We must end the culture of corruption. Create transparency and accountability for the betterment of  this ancient old land” said one anonymous employee.

If Ms. Verjeana Jacobs comes knocking on your door this election season ask her the following 12 questions:

  1. Why is she corrupt?
  2. Why does she allow certain administrators including Dr. Hite to practice corruption and get away with it?
  3. Why is the suspension rate so high in PGCPS? Suspended students in turn become a problem to the community.
  4. Why did she take a bribe in form of a political contribution from thatcher law firm ($8,000) and then reward the same law firm $5 million? (Read more).
  5. Why allow corporations to take advantage of student budget?
  6. Why rubber stamp everything Dr. Hite says?
  7. Why conduct BOE meetings in expensive hotels and resorts in the middle of the day when most parents are at work?
  8. How come she has no respect for the youth?
  9. Why is discrimination and sexual harassment so rampant under her watch?
  10. Why allow senior staff to smooch in the closet while the poor kids suffer?
  11. Why allow her husband (Mr. David A. Jacobs) to drive drunk on several occassions while endangering the public?
  12. Why mix school system issues with that of her reckless spouse Mr. David A. Jacobs?

The list is endless. But you can always combine your own questions and post them in our blog. We must innovate, transform and change PGCPS for good!