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PGCPS CEO negotiating big severance package, board members say

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. – In early May, Prince George’s County Public Schools CEO Kevin Maxwell announced he was leaving the school system.

It’s been one month, but members of the Board of Education said Maxwell hasn’t handed in a resignation letter.

They argued this is a play to ensure he receives a large severance package.

The minority block of the Board of Education–the three members who have been the most critical of Dr. Maxwell–are sounding the alarm. They asserted that even though Maxwell has publicly said he is leaving, they believe he has no plans to do so. They also said there is no date set for his departure.

They said he is using that as leverage, to negotiate at least a $1 million payout.

The school district denied the claim.

On May 1, Maxwell announced he was “transitioning” out of the school system. The wording here is important. He didn’t quit and he didn’t resign.

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That leaves the door open for a payout of taxpayer money from PGCPS.

How large are we talking? He could get more than $1 million.

Why that number? He makes more than $300,000 a year, and he still has three years left on his contract.

According to his contract, he does not automatically get a severance package, but it can be negotiated with the board of education.

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The teachers union and other local community groups have spoken out against a severance package. They have pointed to the multiple scandals in the school district under Maxwell’s leadership over the past few years, including unauthorized raises for central office workers, an internal audit that found evidence of grade inflation, and the loss of millions of federal dollars for Head Start because of abuse claims.

According to the minority block of the board of education, negotiations have already started by board members more friendly to Maxwell, and they are being left out.

WUSA9 reached out Maxwell’s office. All they would tell us is that there will be no discussions of Maxwell’s transition until the end of the year.


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