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Gov Hogan Pledged To Restore Integrity To Annapolis


“Governor Larry Hogan is leading the way in cleaning up the ‘Good Ol Boy’ government in Annapolis. I definitely support his efforts on Ethics Reform, Transparency and Liquor board appointments. And of course, his redistricting efforts are laudable.” (“Deb Rey For Delegate,” Facebook, 1/19/17)

Candidate Larry Hogan: “On Day One We Are Going To Get To Work On Cleaning Up The Mess In Annapolis And Restoring Integrity To Our State Capital.” (“Larry Hogan Gubernatorial Announcement Speech,” Change Maryland, 1/31/14)

The Hogan Administration Has Worked To Root Out Corruption Across The State

Following His Inauguration, Governor Hogan Acted Quickly And Signed An Executive Order  To Hold Public Officials Accountable; Executive Order Outlined The Standards Of Conduct For All Members Of The Executive Branch.

Executive Order Barred Members of The Executive Branch From Certain Activities. “Less than three hours after taking office, Hogan had already signed his first executive order. It bars state employees from the executive branch from soliciting any kind of gift from anyone doing business with the state, and he ordered state employees not to give anyone any special treatment. ‘My first act as Governor holds all those who serve in the Executive Branch of state government to the highest possible ethical standards,’ Governor Hogan said in a news release announcing the executive order.” (“Larry Hogan Sworn In as Maryland’s 62nd Governor,” WBAL, 1/21/15)

Governor Hogan Worked In Conjunction With State And Federal Partners To Target Corruption At The Eastern Correctional Institution; Efforts Led To The Arrest Of 80 Individuals Involved In A Racketeering Conspiracy, The Largest Federal Indictment In State History. “Federal authorities have won indictments against 80 people, including corrections officers and inmates, in an alleged conspiracy to sneak heroin, cocaine, cellphones, pornography and other contraband into the Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover. The largest federal indictment in Maryland history is the latest to allege that officers and inmates used sex, drugs and violence to run a criminal enterprise out of a state prison facility.” (Kevin Rector, Justin Fenton, and Jessica Anderson, “Feds Indict 80 People – Including 18 Corrections Officers – In ‘Massive’ Maryland Prison Corruption Case,” The Baltimore Sun, 10/5/16)

Governor Hogan: “The indictments announced today are a clear victory in the fight against corruption, and I want to thank all the hardworking federal and state law enforcement officers whose tireless dedication and sacrifice made it possible. This morning, I spoke with Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein and personally commended him for his work and partnership with our state investigators to successfully execute this complex operation. While running for office, I made it clear that the systemic corruption that had been allowed to take hold in our state prison system was unacceptable, and I promised Marylanders that our administration would combat it head on. Today, together with our federal partners, we have taken decisive action to make good on that promise.” (Press Release, “Statement from Governor Larry Hogan on Eastern Correctional Institution Corruption Indictments,” Office Of The Governor, 10/5/16)

Governor Hogan Has Received Widespread, Bipartisan Support for His Ethics Reform Proposals

Capital Gazette Editorial: “Lawmakers Should Act On Hogan’s Ethics Bills” (Editorial, “Our Say: Lawmakers Should Act On Hogan’s Ethics Bills,” Capital Gazette, 1/23/17)

“All of Hogan’s ideas are worth passing.”

“Democrats may not like it that a popular governor now has the opportunity to take the high ground by advocating cleaner and more open government – but they are the ones who’s lack of action created this opening for him.”

Carroll County Times Editorial: “State Officials Must Back Hogan’s Public Integrity Act” (Editorial, “State Officials Must Back Hogan’s Public Integrity Act,” Carroll County Times, 1/21/17)

“Holding government officials more accountable? Rooting out corruption? Having government business conducted in the open? Less politicized voting districts? Yes, yes, yes, and yes, please. (Editorial, “State Officials Must Back Hogan’s Public Integrity Act,” Carroll County Times, 1/21/17)

“These proposals are far from partisan, rather they are simply good government and deserve the support of the entire legislature.” (Editorial, “State Officials Must Back Hogan’s Public Integrity Act,” Carroll County Times, 1/21/17)

Senate President Mike Miller (D): “Ethics is going to be a major focus of the 2017 session. We look forward to looking at the governor’s proposals and working with him.” (Bryan Sears, “Hogan Legislation Focuses On Redistricting, Ethics and Lobbying Reform,” The Daily Record, 1/19/17)

Senate Minority Leader J.B. Jennings (R): “This should be about letting the voters and the public know that they can trust their state government to do what is ethically moral and what is right.”  (Pamela Wood, “Hogan Proposes Maryland Government Ethics Reforms,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/19/17)

“These are great pieces of legislation that will help us clean up the political environment here in Maryland and I look forward to working on their passage.” (“Senator J.B. Jennings,” Facebook, 1/19/17)

Senator Douglas J.J. Peters (D): “I don’t think any of us would not support more transparency.” (Pamela Wood, “Hogan Proposes Maryland Government Ethics Reforms,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/19/17)

Speaker Mike Busch (D): “We look forward to working with the governor to make sure Maryland has the highest standards of transparency and ethics.” (“Gov. Larry Hogan Proposes Sweeping Ethics Reforms,” WBALTV, 1/19/17)

House Minority Leader Nic Kipke (R): “[Hogan’s ideas] would go a long way to deter some of the bad behavior that occurs.” (Pamela Wood, “Hogan Proposes Maryland Government Ethics Reforms,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/19/17)

Delegate Bob Long (R): “As an elected official, we all need to be held accountable and set an example for our fellow citizens.” (“Delegate Bob Long, 6th District,” Facebook, 1/20/17)

Delegate Deb Rey (R): “Governor Hogan is leading the way in cleaning up the ‘Good Ol Boy’ government in Annapolis. I definitely support his efforts on Ethics Reform, Transparency and Liquor board appointments. And of course, his redistricting efforts are laudable.” (“Deb Rey For Delegate,” Facebook, 1/19/17)

Public Integrity Act Of 2017

Governor Hogan’s Proposal Prohibits Former Officials And Employees Of The Legislative And Executive Branch From Lobbying For One Year After Leaving State Service. “A former official or employee of the Legislative Branch or Executive Branch may not assist or represent another party for compensation in a manner that is the subject of legislative action for 1 calendar year after the official or employee leaves employment with the Legislative Branch or the Executive Branch.” (“House Bill 879,” Maryland General Assembly, 2/6/17)

The Governor’s Proposal Prohibits Legislators From Pushing Or Affecting Legislation That Directly Benefits Their Employer Or A Business They Own. “A member of the General Assembly may not take legislative action, or otherwise attempt to influence amy legislation, that affects an entity: that employs the member or in which the member has, or is in the process of acquiring, an interest; and that the State has awarded, or for which the State is reviewing an award of, a license, a lease, or contract or any State funds.” (“House Bill 879,” Maryland General Assembly, 2/6/17)

The Governor’s Proposal Reforms Current Ethics Laws To Give The State Ethics Commission Oversight Over All Elected Officials And Registered Lobbyists And Consultants. “The Ethics Commission consists of the following members: one member of the Senate of Maryland appointed by the President of the Senate; one member of the house of Delegates, appointed by the Speaker of the House; and the following seven members appointed by the Governor: with the advice and consent of the Senate,  five members, at least one of whom shall be a member of the principal political party of which the Governor is not a member; one member nominated by the President of the Senate; and one member nominated by the Speaker of the House.” (“House Bill 879,” Maryland General Assembly, 2/6/17)

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Update:HB1107 Hearing in Annapolis Maryland postponed.


Update: The hearing concerning bill PG -402-17 which was to be held on Wed, Feb 22, 2017 8:30am, room 218 Lowe House Office Building has been postponed. Please check these links for the future hearing and dates.



School Board and CEO
If you are interested in testifying in support of PG-402-17, to return to an all elected school board.

We received this information late. You might want to call your elected officials concerning this bill.

See bill text at https://www.princegeorgeshousedelegation.com/legislation/bill-history?local=PG%20402-17

Read more >>> Kevin Maxwell, PGCPS CEO, gets four more years in Suspicious Circumstances

Larry Hogan aims to kill Martin O’Malley’s ‘rain tax’.


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan delivers his State of the State address Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 in Annapolis, Md. Hogan outlined plans for tax relief, charter schools and reforms to the state’s legislative redistricting process. (AP Photo/Steve Ruark)

– The Washington Times – 

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan took the first step toward repealing the state’s “rain tax,” which is levied on property owners for land with impervious surfaces to pay for EPA-mandated programs to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

“Passing a state law that forces counties to raise taxes on their citizens against their will is not the best way to address the issue,” said Mr. Hogan, a Republican. “Marylanders have made perfectly clear that further taxing struggling and already overtaxed Marylanders for the rain that falls on the roof of their homes was a mistake that needs to be corrected.”

He made the announcement surrounded by county executives, legislators and business leaders.

“The rain tax is less about cleaning up the Bay than it is about imposing another tax on our citizens, as Carroll County found out last year when the attorney general threatened us with a $10,000 a day fine for not levying one,” said Delegate Haven Shoemaker, Carroll Republican.

The “rain tax” was one of the most unpopular taxes levied under former Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat who is considering a 2016 presidential run.

If the repeal is successful, the state will have to replace the revenue to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s unfunded mandate for the $14.8 billion clean-up plan, which seeks to decrease stormwater runoff into the Bay.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/10/larry-hogan-aims-kill-martin-omalleys-rain-tax/#ixzz3RomoCgB8



Prince George’s delegate proposes bill that would strip BOE of credit cards


Maryland Legislature

A state bill that would prohibit Prince George’s County Board of Education from issuing credit cards to its members is being proposed by a freshman delegate.

The proposal comes months after the board stripped former school board member Carletta Fellows of her credit card after she used the district-issued card to pay hundreds of dollars in utility bills.

Del. Alonzo Washington (D-Prince George’s), who is seeking reelection, said he decided to offer the bill after hearing from his constituents about improving government oversight.

“I’m not looking at anything in the past, I’m just looking toward the future,” he said. “This is about transparency and accountability.”

Under the bill, credit cards would no longer be issued to board members after July 1, 2015.

Washington said the bill would put the school board members on the same footing as county council members.

County council members lost their county-issued credit cards several years ago after a Washington Post article revealed that some members were using the cards for personal expense, including clothing and prescription drugs, a violation of county policy. >>> Read More Washington Post



Del. Alonzo Washington (D-Prince George’s)


The Maryland legislature and Prince George’s County Board of Education should rewrite the policy to resemble private sector, common sense, guidelines and take away the credit cards.  If the person holding the card is responsible for paying the bill and then submitting an expense report, the chances of mistakes or abuse is virtually eliminated.

Credit card misuse has been on the rise not only in Prince George’s County but around the country. For Example one of the finalist selected by PGCPS Board members had his credit card taken away recently. (Read more) And in Atlanta, School board member confessed to misuse of credit card (Read more). In  Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School District, Superintendent Trevor Ebel resigned after an auditor’s report found district credit cards were used to purchase thousands of dollars worth of restaurant meals, alcohol and expensive hotel rooms at out-of-state conferences. (Read more)