Former Md. State Del. Will Campos sentenced in bribery scheme


William A. Campos was a member of the Prince George’s County Council at the time of this 2010 photograph. (Mark Gail/The Washington Post)

By Lynh Bui

A former Maryland state delegate and ex-Prince George’s County Council member was sentenced to four and a half years in prison Wednesday in a bribery case prosecutors said involved “the use of taxpayer money as if it were a literal slush fund.”

William A. Campos, 43, of Hyattsville, pleaded guilty in January 2017 to accepting roughly $50,000 in bribes and kickbacks in exchange for official favors and help obtaining government money. Most of the bribery and conspiracy scheme involved Campos’s misusing more than $300,000 in county money, including grants intended to help nonprofit organizations, federal prosecutors said. Campos accepted personal payments between 2007 and 2014 from those who wanted access to the funds.

At his sentencing hearing Wednesday, Campos apologized and said he was “young and stupid.”

“I don’t claim to be anything other than a human who makes mistakes,” Campos said.

Campos took bribes over seven years on at least seven different occasions, according to prosecutors. In one instance, Campos accepted $3,000 in the bathroom of a College Park restaurant after he agreed to help a business move to the county and also promised to direct $10,000 in government money to a nonprofit that the briber could control. The person making the payoff was a government informant.

Campos’s case was part of a larger federal investigation into a pay-to-play scheme involving state lawmakers who sold their votes on legislation to expand liquor store sales in Prince George’s County.

In March, a jury found former Maryland state Del. Michael L. Vaughn guilty of conspiracy and bribery for accepting cash from liquor store owners in exchange for votes.

Federal prosecutors have not detailed how Campos is involved with the liquor board scandal. But court documents describing an individual who agreed to cooperate with federal investigators in the liquor board probe align with details in Campos’s plea agreement.

Details such as conversations, promised favors and cash amounts in charges against those arrested in the liquor board case echo those described in Campos’s plea.

Vaughn and Campos are Democrats.

Campos was elected to the Prince George’s County Council in 2004, serving 10 years before becoming a state delegate in 2014. Nine months after serving as a state delegate, he resigned.

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Union-funded super PAC backing Edwards accuses Alsobrooks of ‘pay-to-play’ politics


Prince George’s County Executive candidates Angela Alsobrooks, left, and Donna Edwards, right. (Michael S. Williamson, Astrid Riecken/ The Washington Post)

By Arelis R. Hernández and Rachel Chason

It doesn’t get more pernicious in Prince George’s County than accusing a political candidate of “pay-to-play” politics.

The phrase — describing government officials who make decisions based on who has given them money — was used during the Washington suburb’s darkest political days, when then-county executive Jack B. Johnson was hauled off in handcuffs on federal corruption charges.

Now it is being levied by a super PAC backing county executive candidate Donna F. Edwards (D), in mailers, Facebook ads and other media attacks on her primary rival, Prince George’s state’s attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks (D).

One magazine-size advertisement sent to Democratic households in the county depicts Alsobrooks at the center of four rotating arrows that describe how real estate developers buy influence with political contributions and expect favors once candidates they back are in office.

Other fliers call her “pay-to-play Angela Alsobrooks” and describe her as “on the side of developers.”

The “We Are Prince George’s” PAC organizers did not offer evidence that Alsobrooks has done or will do favors for her political donors. But they said they are suspicious of her acceptance of hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers, most of whom have long given money to county candidates.

“They are calling me a criminal . . . when I’m the chief law enforcement officer in the county,” said Alsobrooks, who held a news conference Wednesday morning to denounce the attacks. “I am deeply offended. It is unfair, irresponsible and unethical.”


A mailer from a the “We Are Prince George’s” PAC opposing Angela Alsobrooks in the 2018 race for county executive. (Rachel Chason/TWP)

We Are Prince George’s has spent about $620,000 since March on advertisements, signs, paid canvassers, digital media and Washington consultants — a level of involvement that is highly unusual for a Prince George’s political campaign. Edwards is prohibited by law from coordinating her campaign with the PAC.

The other candidates competing in the June 26 Democratic primary — which in deep-blue Prince George’s is tantamount to winning the election — are state Sen. C. Anthony Muse, Obama administration official Paul Monteiro, former lieutenant governor Samuel W. Bogley III, Lewis S. Johnson, Billy Bridges, Michael E. Kennedy and Tommie Thompson.

“We are going to do what it takes to win,” said Samuel Epps, political director for Unite Here Local 25, which represents hotel employees, and is one of three unions supporting the effort. “Workers are coming together to amplify their voices and interests. We believe workers should have a right to organize.”

Also funding the PAC are two United Food and Commercial Workers chapters and the Laborers’ International Union of North America. All have been loyal Edwards supporters for nearly two decades, ever since she helped broker labor agreements with the developers of the National Harbor project.

The unions are dissatisfied with outgoing County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D) because he endorsed large nonunion development projects in the county, such as the Hotel at the University of Maryland and Wegmans.

They predict more of the same from Alsobrooks, who has worked closely with Baker on law enforcement initiatives for the past eight years, and was a county prosecutor when Johnson, the future executive, was state’s attorney.

“I don’t work for Baker. I’m independently elected,” Alsobrooks said. “I didn’t work for him, but I’m being judged because of him.”


State’s attorney Angela Alsobrooks (D), right, is running for Prince George’s County executive. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Although most of her donations are small-dollar contributions from county residents, dozens of developers have given Alsobrooks the maximum $6,000 — a contrast with Edwards, who has promised not to take developer money.

At the news conference, where Alsobrooks was joined by labor and faith leaders, she called the accusation of pay-to-play politics an “evil lie” and noted that she has been endorsed by 14 labor unions.

“She’s a person for the people, a grass-roots person,” said Cynthia Collins, political director of the Service Employees International Union Local 400, which backed Edwards in previous races but is supporting Alsobrooks. Collins said it is “sad” that Edwards is “using untruths to try to win.”

The unions funding the super PAC supported Edwards during her 6½ years in Congress, which followed her National Harbor activism. After she lost the 2016 U.S. Senate race to fellow Democrat Chris Van Hollen, they urged her to run for county executive.

“We have a candidate in Donna who helped us when we needed it,” said John Boardman, the head of Unite Here Local 25. “We are supporting her for her progressive history and understanding that development is good if it’s development that helps everyone in the county.”


Former congresswoman Donna Edwards (D), center, is running for Prince George’s County executive. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Both Edwards and the PAC have used the hashtag “#alsobought” on social media, to underscore the pay-to-play message.

“Big corporate developers have maintained a tight grip on our County’s government for decades, and elected officials have gone to jail for it,” Edwards said in a statement. “Working families have every right to ask what big developer contributions to Ms. Alsobrooks will buy.”

A smaller PAC, called the Coalition for Change, has put out campaign literature criticizing Edwards and the unions’ efforts on her behalf.

Sandra Pruitt, an Alsobrooks supporter who is chairing the PAC, said it has raised less than $1,000 but plans to increase fundraising efforts in the final weeks before the primary.

At a recent forum, the group handed out 100 cards that call We Are Prince George’s a “sugar PAC” and say Edwards does not have to “invest time with constituents . . . the old-fashioned way” because of the resources the PAC is spending to boost her campaign.

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Two PG County lawmakers are mum after their academic credentials are questioned


By: Ryan Miner:

A candidate fundraiser invitation sent out in a mass email to hundreds of Prince George’s County residents is now raising questions over the legitimacy of two Maryland state legislator’s academic credentials.

State Del. Diana M. Fennell (D-District 47A) of Colmar Manor last month emailed a flyer from her campaign account – – inviting hundreds of people to a “Business Mixer Fundraiser” at the African American Museum in Brentwood on April 30, 2018. “Delegate Dr. Darryl Barnes (D-District 25), the president of the Maryland Black Caucus, would join Fennell as a “special guest.” 


Fennell’s campaign fundraiser invitation lists Fennell and Barnes’ titles as “Delegate Dr. Diana M. Fennell” and “Delegate Dr. Darryl Barnes,” ostensibly meaning that both Maryland legislators earned or were awarded a legitimate doctor of philosophy degree –  the highest academic degree awarded by universities in most countries.

A recipient who received Fennell’s emailed flyer forwarded the document to A Miner Detail questioning when Fennell and Barnes earned their doctorate degrees and from which academic institution.

A Miner Detail contacted Fennell via email on Tuesday, May 1, requesting information about where she received her listed doctorate degree (a PhD) and from which academic institution she received it.

Fennell responded to A Miner Detail’s email via text message on Tuesday morning, May 2:unnamed-1-300x176

A Miner Detail also contacted Del. Darryl Barnes via email and Facebook Messanger. Barnes confirmed that, like Fennell, he, too, “received an Honorary Doctorate from CICA International University & Seminary.”

The CICA International University and Seminary (The Canadian International Chaplaincy Association) website states that the institution was “incorporated in June 2012 in Houston, Texas and includes CICA International University and Seminary under its umbrella. The website says that “all CICA entities along with No Limits Ministries International have WOLMI as their governing body, done in order to train and develop Christian Ambassadors as ministers for the marketplace.”

Moreover, the “About Us” page on the institution’s website states that “through CICA-International University and Seminary we have aimed to further our earned degree programs in, Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology, Master of Divinity in Advanced Christian Chaplain Ministry, and Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology, for ministers and chaplains worldwide.”

Further examining the website, A Miner Detail discovered that CICA International University & Seminary has no physical brick-and-mortar campus, and its mailing address is a United States Post Office box in Jamaica, New York. The website lists an office address in Valley Stream, New York.


A Miner Detail’s Editor in Chief Ryan Miner contacted the university at the number listed on its website – (347) 500-8085 – and left a message, requesting information about the university and its degree program. Miner also emailed the university through the university’s listed Gmail account. Approximately forty minutes later, Miner received a text message from a “Dr. Phinn,” requesting an immediate call back at the following number: (516) 513-9130.

Miner called Phinn at the provided number and requested permission to record the conversation. Phinn provided Miner his consent to be recorded.

Phinn said the university’s honorary doctorate degree is based on community service and has no academic course load. To receive an honorary doctorate from CICA-International, Phinn told Miner that an applicant must first be nominated and recommended by someone the university knows; the program does not require the candidate to produce any previous academic transcripts or participate in any academic exams. Phinn also told Miner that the university does not charge an application fee for an honorary doctorate degree but requests a financial donation of some sorts.

Later in the conversation, Phinn turned confrontational after Miner asked about Phinn’s own academic credentials and his role with the university.

Miner requested Phinn provide his full name and official position with the university for the record. He refused and said he wished to end the call. Phinn directed Miner to visit the university’s website to learn more about his role with the university and subsequently terminated the call.

CICA-International’s website links to Phinn’s bio and lists him as the university’s “Chancellor & Founder.”

Listen to Miner’s full interview with Phinn:

CICA-Internation’s website includes limited information about its faculty or the degrees and courses offered. The application process is online, requiring applicants to submit a “one-time non-refundable application fee of $100.00.” At the bottom of the online application, tuition costs are a listed as a flat fee – $1,500.00 – based on the program selection, with an option to make payments over three installments. The website fails to list any information about financial aid.

Fennell and Barnes both shared with A Miner Detail that they received an “Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters.”

According to CICA-International’s website, the “Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters is offered to persons who have made numerous contributions to society through philanthropic work. To apply to receive the degree, a candidate must submit a “biography, educational degree, photo and any other certifications or awards received.”


CICA-International’s website states that the university “is accredited by the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counselors of America (EOCPCA). The EOCPCA is a Federal Chartered organization with the Canadian Government and operating under Letters Patent.”

EOCPCA is “a chartered organization holding Federal Letters of Patent mandated by the Government of Canada. It is dedicated to promoting and certifying professional standards for psychotherapists and counselors practicing from a faith-based, biblical, Judeo-Christian perspective”. There is no mention on the EOCPCA’s site of accrediting universities or of CICA-International University.

CICA-International is not listed as being accredited by any legitimate accrediting organization in the United States, according to the United States Department of Education’s Database of Postsecondary Institutions and Program.

A Miner Detail emailed Fennell a list of questions on May 15, requesting more information about her degree and whether she would characterize CICA-International’s degree as legitimate. Fennell has not responded to A Miner Detail’s questions.

A Miner Detail also contacted Barnes via Facebook Messenger on May 16 with the same questions emailed to Fennell. Barnes, like Fennell, was asked whether he believes his honorary doctorate degree from CICA-International is legitimate. Barnes thanked A Miner Detail “for pointing this out” and said he will “look further into it.” A Miner Detail offered Barnes the opportunity to respond on the record. He did not.

Fennell’s online bio says that she attended Greensville County High School in Emporia, Virginia as well as the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance, School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2004. It’s unclear whether Fennell has earned an undergraduate degree. Barnes’ online bio states that he attended High Point High School in Beltsville, Maryland as well as California State University-Long Beach (computer information systems).

A Miner Detail contacted a Maryland political scientist with a Ph.D. degree, requesting their take about someone who uses “Dr.” as part of their official title when, in fact, they were awarded an honorary doctorate degree.

“I’m not a fan. It belittles the work done to earn the title. It’s puffery. When an institution bestows that honor it’s understood that the title really only applies to interactions with the institution. Honorary degrees are an inexpensive way to get folks to associate with an institution. Anymore, they’re handed out like candy on Halloween. Let’s just say that it is not considered to be appropriate for a recipient of an honorary degree to use the title,” said the political scientist who requested not to be named for this article.

Additionally, the political scientist told A Miner Detail that they believe CICA International is a for-profit diploma mill that is not accredited by any legitimate US accrediting agency. “It appears to lack a true campus and it accepts applications for honorary degrees! No legitimate college accepts applications for honorary degrees! Check out their faculty bios!”

A Miner Detail will print Delegate Fennell and Barnes’ responses, unabridged, should they decide to respond.

Both Fennell and Barnes are running for re-election.

Via A miner


Delegate Darryl Barnes busted with a fake PHD

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Mercedes Benz belonging to Delegate Darryl Barnes is parked outside PGCEA Headquarters  at 8008 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD 20747



Drama after David Jeffery Grogan camp spills beans on a competitor who beat his wife like a rat – This is serious!


David Jeffery Grogan running for Prince George’s County Sheriff at first denied repeatedly he had never beaten up his wife only to make a u-turn after being presented with evidence.

One of the major candidates David Jeffery Grogan running for Prince George’s County Sheriff office and who was busted for engaging in domestic violence in Maryland has now spilled beans on a competitor through his campaign machinery. This comes after Mr. Grogan first denied the allegations several times on facebook only to be presented with evidence and make a u-turn concerning his former wife.

David Jeffery Grogan running for Prince George’s County Sheriff denied repeatedly during a facebook discussion by stating. “Who?”, “Wrong Dave Grogan! Never heard of such nonsense! Who is someone?”, Mr. Grogan paused on Facebook. (Read more here). Now in response to that exposé, David Grogan camp decided to spill beans on a competitor to make the field more even after he beat up his wife like a rat.

According to Ms. Crystal Ri who is a friend to David Grogan, “the person who beat up his wife much more than Grogan did was Sylvester E. Jones,” Ms. Ri stated on facebook post. When requested for evidence, Ms. Ri forwarded a copy of the examiner article and immediately deleted all conversations and blocked users who tried to join the conversation.


Sylvester E. Jones is also running for Sheriff Office in Prince George’s County. He came second during the previous election.

According to the  May 25, 2010 article by the Examiner, a top official with the U.S. Marshal Service office in Washington was placed on leave after being charged with severely beating his wife, according to court documents.

Sylvester E. Jones, the assistant director of the marshal service’s Witness Security Division, was arrested on May 3, 2010 and charged with first and second-degree assault on his wife Alicia Jones.

A day earlier, according to court documents, he hit his wife with his car door at their Accokeek home. He then picked her up and threw her against a parked car, according to police reports. Her head then hit the pavement, knocking her out, a report said.

Jones told The Washington Examiner on that Monday that his wife’s allegations have “no credibility.”

“I was set up by the woman I was married to, who happens to be with another guy, and I hope to have it settled in court,” he said.

Charging documents said Alicia Jones told Prince George’s County police that she was afraid for her life because of the “ongoing abuse” and because Jones was “always armed and wearing his service weapon.”

Court records showed Jones and his wife had been in the midst of a divorce since March of 2010.

A U.S. Marshals Service spokeswoman said Sylvester E. Jones, 50, had been put on leave until after his criminal court hearing, which was scheduled for early next month of that year in 2010.

According to charging documents filed in Prince George’s County District Court, Jones’ wife gave police the following account: On the night of May 2, 2010 she awoke to him pulling the bed sheets off. Jones then grabbed her cell phone and yelled “got it.” She asked for it back, but he refused and walked to the garage. She followed him. Inside the garage, Jones got into their green Ford Explorer, documents said. His wife placed herself between the open door and the car, and Jones began backing up, knocking the door into his wife.

Jones then got out of the Explorer and “grabbed the victim with two hands under her arms, picked her up and threw her into a parked vehicle in the driveway,” charging documents said. “Victim struck the vehicle with the left side of her body. As she fell to the ground she struck her head on the concrete driveway and momentarily lost consciousness.”

Jones’ wife was taken to Fort Washington Medical Center and treated for “numerous bruises to her arms, neck, back and left leg,” court documents said.

However, later in August of 2010, Prince George’s County Judge Robert Wilson Heffron found Sylvester E. Jones not guilty of domestic violence charges arising from an incident in May.

“I feel vindicated,” Jones said following Heffron’s Aug 3, 2010 finding. “This has been a tremendously difficult time for me, my family, my friends and colleagues, and although I never lost faith in our judicial system, the final ruling is deeply gratifying.”

David Grogan Senate adventure

David Grogan who ran for Maryland State Senate, District 23 Democratic Primary, 2014 was defeated by Incumbent Doug Peters who scored 77.1% to David Grogan’s 22.9%.  The question everyone has been asking is why did Mr. Grogan back down from the senate race against Senator Doug Peters this year?

Mr. Grogan and Sheriff Kendal Wade fiasco

Mr. Grogan and Sheriff Kendal Wade who is also running for office were friends until he  (Mr. Grogan) decided to run for sheriff office himself. According to people familiar with the situation, Mr. Grogan and Mr. Wade no longer talk due to politics there might be more. 
During the campaign this year, Mr. Grogan has involved the family of a man shot dead by Mr. Kendal Wade during a domestic emergency call in Prince George’s County. Mr. Grogan did not seem to have a problem with the shooting until after he choose to run for sheriff office himself.  According to people familiar with the situation, Mr. Grogan seem to be taking advantage of the grieving mother in a tragic situation that is happening on a national scale. He has also been manipulating the facts to try to really go after one particular candidate and not give any facts or truth about what he would do as a sheriff if elected in office.

There have been concerns. The young man’s passing is tragic and sad.  It should give all parties a cause to pause. However, when thinking about voting for innovation it should not be the cornerstone of Mr. Grogan’s platform to taunt his opponent.

In addition, Mr. Grogan should not be posting something about the killing done by Mr. Wade literally every 2 to 3 days on social media, he should not have and continue to include a grieving mother in his campaign to score political points at her expense and his former friend (Mr. Wade). In politics, hypocrisy and doublespeak are tools. However, we are not sure how Mr. Grogan who is backed up by Calvin Hawkins (convicted robber) and others is meant to benefit from this endeavour.

More to come!


Crystal Ri who is part of team Grogan reached out online and spilled beans on a competitor. After she began to use foul language with her colleagues, she deleted the posts and blocked users who tried to inquire more information on the events surrounding domestic violence situations involving her friend.


The team Gregory announcement for Sheriff at Old Towne Inn in Largo, Maryland

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Sylvester Jones discusses his candidacy for the Sheriff’s Office.


Angela Alsobrooks fails to show up for County Executive Debate in Upper Marlboro!


Five Candidates Donna Edwards, Senator C. Antony Muse, Sam Bogley, Billy Bridges, Lewis S. Johnson, Michael E. Kennedy, Paul Monteiro, Tommie Thompson of the Maryland Democratic party and one Republican candidate Jerry J Mathis were assembled in the Upper Marlboro Municipal building at School lane.

What was billed to be a showdown of ideas, vision and who has the wherewithal among the nine candidates running for County Executive seeking to lead the people of Prince George’s County, turned a one- woman and five men show Saturday.

Five Candidates for Democratic party and one Republican candidate Jerry J Mathis were assembled in the Upper Marlboro Municipal building at School lane adjacent to Prince George’s County School system Headquarters at Sasscer to slug it out in a battle of ideas to aid the electorates there make an informed choice as to who will be their best bet in this year’s June 26th, primary elections.

The establishment candidate, Angela Alsobrooks, who was tipped to give her main contenders, Donna Edwards, Senator C. Antony Muse, Sam Bogley, Billy Bridges, Lewis S. Johnson, Michael E. Kennedy, Paul Monteiro, Tommie Thompson of the Democratic party a knife-edge competition, failed to show up for the debate.

According to the organizers of the event, Candidate Alsobrooks was unable to make it due to a scheduling conflict as she had another event during the time of the forum. Reform Sasscer movement secretariat later established that event was a fundraiser.

Corporations which have contributed a lot of cash to Angela Alsobrooks don’t give their money away for nothing. There is an understanding (rarely made explicit) that large campaign donations buy political access and favorable consideration in policy development and legislation. Why else would a corporation, which is bound by law to pursue profits, make these donations?

Although Angela Alsobrooks has been given an equal opportunity as the other candidates in the race, she has failed to demonstrate her preparedness to lead the people in Prince George’s County as a leader who can fight corruption heads on without developers tied to various schemes in the county. Michelle Knox who was the moderator of the event later stated, “We were going to address these allegations during the candidate forum in the Town of Upper Marlboro but she didn’t attend.” Another concerned citizen Mr. Sean Michael Wilson stated the following on facebook…. “IT MAKES SENSE FOR #Alsobought to accept so much money from Developers, majority of her adult career she had worked under Jack Johnson. (13 years with Jack Johnson who was arrested for accepting bribes and kickbacks from developers) 1). Assistant State’s Attorney when Jack was States Attorney 1997-2002 2.) Education Liaison to Jack Johnson 2002-2004 3.) Was appointed by Jack Johnson Executive Director of the Revenue Authority 2004-2010″

Throughout the one hour and sixteen minutes Constituency Debate, which was broadcasted live on Facebook and channel 19 for all to see (See below), the six candidates present addressed  a number of issues ranging from undue influence to public corruption and how schools should be governed. At this point, the candidate with most money could not live up to the expectation of, at least, the crowd that gathered at the Town of Upper Marlboro hall to listen to their messages. Other three candidates who failed to show up led by Angela Alsobrooks were Sam Bogley, Lewis S. Johnson and Michael E. Kennedy.

Apart from Donna Edwards, Senator C. Antony Muse, Paul Monteiro, Billy Bridges, Tommie Thompson, the other four candidates have not adequately been abreast of issues affecting the constituency especially the schools, every time they show up, they appear not to have a well thought out plan for the people and have not properly addressed questions on education, health, housing among others in the past.

(See video of the debate below and slide show)

More to come!



Candidate Angela Alsobrooks campaign is powered by developer money which is not good for the County.

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Maryland Congressman Anthony Brown Suffers Stroke.


Area congressman Anthony Brown in past photo. 

Area congressman Anthony Brown had a stroke within a few hours of leaving the funeral of a county executive the late Kevin Kamenetz in Maryland.

The Washington Post reported Monday that spokesman Matt Verghese says Rep. Anthony G. Brown (D-Md.) is expected to make a full recovery.

His office said in a statement that Brown had experienced dizziness and nausea shortly after returning home from the funeral of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. His wife, Karmen Walker Brown, called 911.

The newspaper says the first-term-congress man was taken to University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital Center, admitted for two nights and released Sunday. The 56-year-old is recovering at home and has not set a definite date for his return to Capitol Hill.

Brown served as lieutenant governor under former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley from 2007-2015.


Brown unsuccessfully ran for Governor in 2014, where he lost to current Gov. Larry Hogan. There are many county citizens who are calling on Congressman Brown to retire early due to his health but also due to many challenges affecting the Prince George’s County district as whole due to public corruption affecting many institutions in Maryland and elsewhere.

Dr. Kevin Maxwell the Prince George’s County School System (PGCPS) CEO recently announced his resignation effective end of school year.

Brown recently endorsed Ms. Angela Alsobrooks who is largely supported by developers which is a concern for many citizens in Prince George’s County and in Maryland in particular due to ties with corruption.

Brown was elected to Congress in 2016 after winning a six-way Democratic primary.

At this time, we wish Congressman Anthony Brown a quick recovery.

His spokesperson Verghese released the following statement:

On Friday evening, Congressman Brown was taken to the University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital Center after experiencing the sudden onset of severe dizziness and nausea. After a series of tests, it was determined he experienced a minor stroke, but had no deficits. He was admitted for treatment and observation, and was released on Sunday. Upon recommendation from his doctors, the Congressman is recuperating at home and will have a limited public schedule.

Congressman Brown and his family are grateful for the excellent care he received and the outpouring of support and well wishes. He’s in good spirits, staying active at home and communicating with staff, and is eager to return to Washington. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Read more >>> Rep. Anthony Brown of Maryland suffers minor stroke and is recovering at home


Rep. Anthony G. Brown greets a colleague as Maryland Democrats hold their 19th annual Democratic Legislative luncheon in Annapolis in January. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)


Bladensburg Council Member Accused of Burglary in Fairfax, Virginia.


Selwyn Bridgeman

An elected official in Prince George’s County is accused of burglarizing a home in Fairfax County — and officials say he targeted the wrong apartment.

Selwyn Bridgeman, a Town Council member for Bladensburg, was arrested this weekend after police say he burglarized a home in Fairfax in January.

Police say Bridgeman broke into an apartment on Pender Creek Circle and stole cash. Investigators say he broke into the wrong apartment. It wasn’t immediately clear who he allegedly was targeting.

“Mr Bridgeman was in the area, trying to make contact with an acquaintance of his. From the past or present? We haven’t been able to figure that out as of yet,” Sgt. Aaron Pfeiff said.

The couple who lived in the apartment was awakened overnight to the sound of someone in their home. They ordered him to leave and he did. Then, they saw that money was gone and called police.

After an investigation of nearly four months, police identified Bridgeman as a suspect and got a warrant for his arrest this weekend in Prince George’s County.

Bridgeman has been a Council member since 2015, according to his Facebook page. He did not respond to inquiries.

Bladensburg Mayor Takisha James said town officials were unable to discuss the charge.

He was in jail on Monday. He is expected to be extradited to Fairfax County to face a felony count of burglary.

Via NBC4