Parents complain about corruption allegations in Prince George’s Co.

ZKHukWfUyOdQAUCoThe controversy over graduation rates in Prince George’s County continues to swell.

Frustrated parents and union members attended a school board meeting in Upper Marlboro Thursday night to address allegations involving the public school system.

Over the last few weeks, some parents have claimed the graduation rate presented school system administration is an representation of how many students are actually prepared to enter into higher learning.

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“This administration is quick to deny rather than investigate allegations that are brought forth,” said parent Donna Young.

Dr. Kevin Maxwell, CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools, defended the school system during the board meeting.

“There has been no systemic effort ordered by me or others acting on my behalf to promote students in order to inflate graduation rates,” he said.

However, that defense did not calm the concerns of all parents.

“I have been worried about the administration,” said parent India Byrd. “I would like to see changes.”

Many people also left the board meeting frustrated that only 15 people were allowed to speak during public comment. Some people told WUSA9 they felt the move was made to intentionally cut out criticism from the night’s discussion.

 “There has been no systemic effort ordered by me or others acting on my behalf to promote students in order to inflate graduation rates,” he said.

However, that defense did not calm the concerns of all parents.

“I have been worried about the administration,” said parent India Byrd. “I would like to see changes.”

Many people also left the board meeting frustrated that only 15 people were allowed to speak during public comment. Some people told WUSA9 they felt the move was made to intentionally cut out criticism from the night’s discussion.

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Statement by the four fearless and selfless school board members on the school graduation controversy in PGCPS.


This is the statement by the four fearless and selfless school board members on the school graduation controversy in Prince Georges County Public Schools (PGCPS). It looks many whistleblowers are coming forward to substantiate their concerns after their letter to the governor requesting an investigation of PGCPS graduation rates, and the response from the CEO and other board members. Keep up the good work David Murray, Edward P. Burroughs III, Raaheela Ahmed and Juwan Blocker.


June 20, 2017

As elected school board members that represent one-third of the county’s electorate plus the student body, it is our responsibility to look into issues brought to us by our community. Over the past few months, various teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and students felt the need to come to us with concerns about graduation rates, and we did our due diligence to look into them and speak the resulting truth. After all, as we teach our kids, if you see something, say something.

We saw enough to say something confidentially to an authority that we had hoped would listen to our concerns and take them seriously. What happened as a result? Denial and retaliation. Our CEO has called our plea ‘politically-motivated’ and denies any systematic issue, and the majority of our colleagues have asked for our resignation. It’s disheartening that the board would come out with this position before thoroughly reviewing the evidence from all sides, as we did. It is this kind of dismissal that we feared would occur had we gone to local leaders first. It’s proven to be true.

If this is the backlash we, as board members and elected officials, receive for trying to speak up on an issue, we can only imagine the kinds of backlash our system employees would receive in speaking up.

We were absolutely unaware that MSDE had done an investigation on the matter earlier this year. Neither the CEO nor Board leadership informed us of it previous to yesterday evening, when it went out as a blast to school system stakeholders and the media. We now have an additional concern that this investigation was hidden from us, similar to how Head Start was hidden from us. Doubt arises on how many more investigations have occurred that the board is not aware of.

Upon review of the MSDE report, it appears that investigative findings were made without input from school-based individuals that live the day-to-day operations at our schools. Rather, the investigation was largely one-sided, led by statements from the accused – Dr. Maxwell – and his central office staff. We are asking MSDE to re-open its investigation and work with other authoritative entities, like the Maryland Attorney General, to allow a safe avenue for whistleblowers to come forward so that an even more thorough and objective investigation can occur.

We are all recent graduates of our system; we care deeply about it. It is this passion that drove us to serve on the School Board in the first place, and it is with this determination that we work to ensure a quality, honest, and ethical education for all our students. Let’s be clear: legitimate student success is worth every ounce of celebration, but if a school’s math proficiency on standardized testing is in the single digits when graduation rates are over 90%, then what are we really celebrating? As representatives of the community, we have a responsibility to be transparent about where we are and work to right the wrongs; we have a responsibility to do what’s right and speak truth to power. We understand there is a price to pay when exposing wrongdoing – and we are prepared to pay that price. That’s our commitment to PGCPS.

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Prince George’s Co. graduation rates controversy

ThinkstockPhotos-637549064_1496165814675_9593218_ver1.0RINCE GEORGE’S CO., MD (WUSA9) – More fraud allegations hit Prince George’s Co. schools on Wednesday, focusing on artificially inflated graduation rates.

David Murray is among four school board members calling for a formal investigation. He said dozens of staff have come out of the woodwork this week.

“Administrators, guidance counselors, people that work with student records- so people we trust and people who have no motive to lie,” Murray said.

Here’s the list of allegations.

  • Courses that students had not taken had been added to their records
  • Grades were changed without teachers’ consent
  • Students received credit for service learning hours that they had not earned.

One teacher, who didn’t want to give her name, said the problem is widespread and unspoken. She has been with the district for more than 10 years.

“I mean nothing is in writing,” she said. “It’s always implied. You know, can’t we work something out with this particular student?”

An investigation was completed months ago that was ordered by the Federal Education Department and it found all of the accusations to be false.

Murray wants more than a four-page investigation.

“Very narrowly done,” he said. “That investigation, only talked to the superintendent and three of his high level staff.”

CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell has released two statements disputing the allegations in the past week. He blamed a small group in the community and calls the accusations baseless.

The county’s high school principals are also fighting the allegations, they released a statement, calling the allegations a political stunt to smear the district’s reputation.

“A high school diploma should never be used as a political pawn to twist the perception of an entire school system,” Maxwell said.

The letter said the allegations are ‘insulting to staff’. They said it has caused ‘unspeakable damage’ to hard-working students.

As far as that unnamed teacher goes, she wants to see an investigation for her students sake.

“They work hard to help these kids, but the effort seems to be not to educate them, but to graduate them,” she said.

That teacher said she wants a safe, anonymous place, for staff to formally lodge their complaints.

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David Murray is among four school board members calling for a formal investigation. He said dozens of staff have come out of the woodwork this week.


Parents, teachers say fraud allegations at Prince George’s Co. schools are true

Capture_1497996021038_9867524_ver1.0PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, MD. (WUSA9) – The head of Prince Georges County Public Schools is fighting back against accusations that the school system is corrupt.

CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell says he and the school system were already cleared of one investigation looking into grade changing in order to boost graduation rates.

PREVIOUSClaims of corruption to boost graduation rates in Prince George’s Co.

However, parents and former teachers are reaching saying the allegations are true.

“She’s gotten C’s, D’s and E’s…but she’s getting all A’s and B’s on her report card,” said Prince George’s County mom Tracy Sherman said.

Sherman believes her daughter grades have been changed to benefit her school, at a time when accusations are swirling.

Maxwell released a second statement Monday, blaming a small group in the community and calling the accusations baseless. He also said that they “play to the worst suspicions about our school system, and disparage all of us.”

The CEO also released a never seen before investigation, where the school system was questioned about altering grades after someone called an anonymous hotline last July. Maxwell and the school system were cleared of all wrongdoing in January of this year.

County Board of Education members said they never knew about Maryland Department of Education investigation. They said they only wrote a letter to the governor after teachers, administrators, staff, parents and students came to them saying since 2014 hundreds of students were pushed through to graduation by fraud and manipulation.

They released their own statement Tuesday, saying when “you see that something is not right, you speak up.”



Hearing Cancelled due to Organized Scheme in Maryland.


Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh

Today, June 21st, 2017, a hearing scheduled for 10am in Baltimore City Circuit Court was cancelled at the last minute due to organized scheme and white collar violations after Josephat Mua demanded for investigations. (See  Josephat Mua Et Al Vs California Casualty Indemnity Exchange Et Al – 24C16002625). This comes after more than fourteen law firms were paid off in a bribery scheme which continues to run here in Maryland to the detriment of the public. Several Maryland officials including Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh are involved in this scheme and we are requesting the public to call the office of the governor and the U.S Justice Department to request for Federal investigations.


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

On May 16th, 2017, Josephat Mua wrote a letter to governor Larry Hogan requesting his office or any other neural office on ethics to initiate a special counsel to investigate allegations of staff misconduct in the matter of Maryland Former Chief of Court of Special Appeals for Maryland Hon. Peter B. Krauser and any other party tied to him. Prince George’s County officials led by Mr. Baker are involved in discrimination, retaliation and public corruption which appears to be supported by the Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh. There are many issues of concern currently at play in Maryland and the Attorney General has ignored potential corruption in Montgomery County, Maryland on issues such as The Paul S Sarbanes Transit Center lawsuit settlement, The Westbard Development Plan SaveWestbard, Voter Roll irregularities in Montgomery County, and the outrageous travel expenses of The Montgomery College President. Here in Prince George’s County, there is widespread of fraud within the Prince George’s County public Schools in several levels which have been shared with the courts. We have heard zero from our State’s Attorney General on these issues, however, instead, the Maryland Attorney General (AG) is deciding to sue President Donald J. Trump on claims he has accepted millions in payments from foreign Governments? When will AG Frosh start acting like an Attorney General for the State of Maryland, and follow the law? Why is AG and others interfering with both Federal and state courts? Why did the AG initiate a case against the U.S President shortly after we demanded for an appointment of the Special Counsel to investigate violations in Maryland?
It appears today’s hearing in Baltimore City Circuit Court was cancelled in order to give Mr. Rushern Baker III space to run for a higher public office as a governor of Maryland after causing significant violations in a scheme in which lawyers representing employees and other personnel have been paid off.
Call your elected officials now and the media. Let us demand a transparent and thorough investigation.
More to come.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and Rushern Baker III are involved in serious misconduct while in office. We must demand an open and thorough investigation. 


Allegation: Prince George’s Schools Let Students Skim By


Some Prince George’s County public schools board members say they have evidence of officials changing students’ grades to boost graduation rates. The school district has denied those claims; schools CEO Kevin Maxwell said the allegations “are false, play to the worst suspicions about our school system and disparage all of us.” But one Prince George’s mom told News4’s Aimee Cho that she saw grades on her son’s report card change.

Source: Allegation: Prince George’s Schools Let Students Skim By | NBC4 Washington



Fresh faces needed for 2018 Election Cycle – Candidate Filing Requirements.

2018.elections.pngDue to high levels of corruption and the need to disrupt organized schemes in Maryland, We need fresh candidates to run for open seats across the state and especially in Prince George’s County.  We intend to support incumbents who have good record and new faces with commitment to good governance.

Otherwise, candidates not involved in bribery and other violations for personal gain will be supported.  Please join us as we make plans and strategies on bringing down the corrupt establishment. For those interested in running for public office, listed below are the requirements.


Filing Requirements for Candidacy

Candidate Filing for the 2018 Gubernatorial Primary Election begins: February 28, 2017
The candidate filing deadline is Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 9:00 p.m.

You must be a resident of the District for which you are filing, a registered voter, and have completed and filed the following:


Once the disclosure has been completed, be sure to continue “clicking” or follow the red button (at the bottom right), to retrieve your confirmation.  Bring this confirmation with you when you file.

Note:  Effective October 1, 2017, candidates for certain State offices (State’s Attorney, Sheriff, Register of Wills and Clerk of the Circuit Court) will no longer be permitted to use a paper format for filing their financial disclosure statements.  They must use the Commission’s electronic system.

If you have any questions, contact:

States Ethics Commission
45 Calvert Street
3rd Floor
Annapolis, MD  21401
Office 410-260-7770
Toll Free 1-877-669-6085
Office Hours:  8:00 am to 4:30 pm (after 4:30 by appointment only)

Federal and State Offices are filed at the State Board of Elections. The following County and Central Committee Candidates must be filed at the Prince George’s County Board of Elections:

  •  County Executive
  • County Council
  • State’s Attorney
  • Clerk of the Circuit Courts
  • Register of Wills
  •  Judges of the Orphan’s Court
  • Sheriff
  • Board of Education – Districts 2, 3, 6, and 9
  • Democratic Central Committee
  • Republican Central Committee

Filing Fee

There is a filing fee of $25. The fee for Central Committee is $10. The fee must be paid by either check, money order or cash. No credit cards can be accepted at this time.

Campaign Account

Prior to filing Certificate of Candidacy, each candidate must file a campaign account. A campaign account is established by filing a Statement of Organization with the State Board of Elections.

More Information

Visit the Maryland Board of Elections Filing page for more information on general candidacy filings and Campaign Finance. Be sure to review the Summary Guide to Maryland Candidacy and Campaign Finance Laws. A list of filed candidates will become available after filings begin. The link is updated approximately 24 hours after new filings are completed. For additional information, please contact 301-341-7300.