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PGCPS Largo High School teacher arrested after major fight with student


A teacher has been arrested after video surfaced of a fight between a staff member and at least one student Friday morning at Largo High School in Prince George’s County.

Upper Marlboro, Md. (Reform Sasscer) – A Prince George’s County high school teacher has been arrested and faces second-degree assault and child abuse charges after she was captured on video getting into a fight with a student, authorities said.

The incident unfolded at around 10:23 a.m. Friday at Largo High School in a classroom with about 30 students, Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said.

There was “physical contact” between the student and the teacher before the “teacher then engages in a physical assault of that student,” Stawinski said.

Investigators spent several hours Friday interviewing 40 students and staff who witnessed the interaction and are working to determine what sparked the “extremely violent” reaction from the teacher, Stawinski said.

The video has been circulating on social media and Stawinski warned that “no video captures the entirety of a set of circumstances.”

The student involved is a 17-year-old senior and the teacher is in her 30s, said Monica Goldson, CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools who is currently running the school District under a cloud of corruption. The teacher has been with the school system since November 2018, Goldson said. Police said they would release the teacher’s name after she has been formally charged.

The incident occurred in what Goldson said is a “core content” class which could cover topics such as math, science or English.

“I am extremely disappointed by the horrific actions that took place today,” Goldson said.

Goldson was reported to have said someone hit an emergency button in the classroom, launching school security to the scene to break up the fight.

Neither the student nor the teacher required medical attention, police said.

Prince George’s County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks said she was “absolutely irate” watching the video depicting “reprehensible” behavior but added it doesn’t represent the other teachers who work for the school system.

“Everything about this particular incident was completely unacceptable,” Alsobrooks said. “This was deeply disturbing . . . we will ensure that this does not continue to happen in our classrooms.”

However, ever since Dr. Monica Goldson was appointed CEO, there is widespread interference of Federal and State laws to suit her illegal agenda.  The unions Executives  currently in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) starting with Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA), Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) and ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 have been compromised. This interference might be having an impact on teachers and staff. In other words, the role of the Unions in Prince George’s County has becomes meaningless due to personal greed as reported earlier.

While the origin of the term “labor racketeering” is obscure, it has come to be associated with a type of corruption perpetrated by union officials under the direction of, or in conjunction with, organized crime. Organized crime bosses exploit unions and union members through alliances with corrupted or intimidated union officials. In return, union officials provide mobsters access to the union treasury, pension and welfare funds, no-show jobs with the union, and support in establishing and enforcing employer cartels. Some organized crime members have held formal union office. In addition, of course, corrupt union officials such as in PGCPS District, whether or not connected to organized crime figures, engage in “ordinary” organizational corruption, such as misappropriation of funds.

In the current set up, Monica Goldson who has past ties to PGCEA and ASASP has made the Unions an extension arm of her office as an Executive which is unfair to the workers but that is another story for another day. It’s time to say No to the despots. #DespotsMustFall.