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Mr. Bodyguard Hyena and why his escort is unfair through a jungle.


The Hyena is the most hated and feared animal in the Animal Kingdom, and so are the Sychophants in the human kingdom. The hyena can escort you at night through a jungle and even the lions will not dare touch you if they sense Hyena is your escorting Bodyguard of the day.

But the most interesting part is why is Hyena body-guarding you or escorting you? Its not because, hyena is loyal to you or gives a damn about your well being or safety. NO! Mr. Bodyguard Hyena is behind you praying ceaselessly that your swinging hand falls off or your leg gets plucked off by earth as you take your steps for him to savour. And the reason Mr. Hyena is jealously guarding you against the Lions, Tigers, Wolves, crocodiles and any other predator is because he hopes against hope once your hand drops or you leg gets stuck on earth and plucked off, he will not have competition, because he is greedy.

He is so overwhelmed by greedy he does not realize your hands cannot fall off nor your leg cannot self-pluck off and get stuck on earth. That is what SYCOPHANTS are! So any county leader involved in corruption, and the rest of you who get their egos massaged by sycophants, it will do you good to understand why they are acting so..Remember #Attorneys involved in corruption and misconduct in Prince George’s County? and even the #RogerThomas nuisance and the rest including any attorney who gets compromised to the detriment of their clients. Their support is based on this premises!

In the next few weeks, we plan to launch an expose concerning these issues and suggestions on how to take the county and the world forward into the future. Stay tuned!


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