Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County is very happy to send our warmest greetings and best wishes to all those who are celebrating Christmas. We join with World citizens everywhere in recognizing the sense of renewed hope and comfort this joyous season brings to our county and the world.

It is our prayer that Christmas becomes a state of mind throughout the coming year that enables faith to overcome doubt, hope to conquer despair, and love to triumph over hate. To Christians confessing the Catholic faith, this Christmas is special coming as it does after an uplifting and challenging historic visit to the United States by Holy Father Pope Francis. It is our hope and prayer that we use this season to reflect deeply on the words of the Pope while he visited.

We take this opportunity to wish our friend and brother County Executive Rushern Baker III, his CEO Kevin Maxwell, Chairman Dr. Segun C. Eubanks and their families a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We must remind them that (HB1107) was supposed to make PGCPS BETTER! However, Since 2014, when the law was enacted, politicians who are well connected took advantage of the situation. How much improvement have we seen? The SAT Scores have declined, corruption is at all time high and now students are not doing too well on the PARCC tests. This year, the county schools were last in the whole state of Maryland in almost everything despite staff with high level connections making high salaries whileas  first year teachers suffer. Are we supposed to take the negative situation lying down and close our eyes forever without discussions? Of course not!

As a family, we join the U.S President Barack Obama, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and our citizens in prayers that prudence, wisdom, and understanding might descend on our state, nation and on our neighbours, particularly the illegal immigrants, people of Burundi etc, so that during the year ahead, we may realize an ancient and wondrous dream of “peace on earth and goodwill to humanity.”

A very Merry Christmas to all our followers!

Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County.

DECEMBER 25, 2015.