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Fiasco after PGCPS Bowie High School teacher charged with sexual abuse of former student


K. Sean Donovan, 29, is charged with multiple charges including sexual abuse of a minor after an investigation revealed that he and a female student were having a relationship.
Prince George’s County Police Department

BOWIE, Md. (Reform Sasscer) – A Bowie High School teacher has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor in a case involving a teen who used to be his student, according to Prince George’s County police.

K Sean Donovan Jr., 29, of the 3200 block of Winterbourne Drive in Upper Marlboro after the student reported to a family member that she and Donovan were having a sexual relationship.  The reports stated that, the abuse started when the female student was 15, police said.

Law enforcement started investigating Donovan on Sunday after a family member of the girl learned she and Donovan where having intimate physical contact, police said. Donovan and his former student “engaged in sexual contact on school grounds multiple times since May of 2019,” with the most recent incident occurring in late November, police said in a statement announcing the charges.

Donovan has also been charged with third-degree sex offense and other related offenses, police said. A lawyer for Donovan could not be found through online court records, and he could not be immediately reached for comment.

A directory for Bowie High School lists Donovan as a science teacher. He was hired Sept. 17, 2018, and is now on administrative leave, a spokeswoman for Prince George’s County Public Schools said.

A text to the Union President Theresa Dudley for comment on this saga went cold as she was not available on Facebook. The Bowie High School Principal has in the meantime, sent a letter home to the parents of Bowie High School community. (See attached below)

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

In the meantime, ever since Dr. Monica Goldson was appointed CEO, there is widespread interference of Federal and State laws to suit her illegal agenda. The unions Executives currently in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) starting with Prince George’s County Education Association (PGCEA), Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) and ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 have been compromised. This interference might be having an impact on teachers, students and other staff in Prince George’s County. Personnel well connected are well received and covered up by the unions while others who try to report wrong doing within the county are victimized and fired.

In other words, the role of the Unions in Prince George’s County has become meaningless due to personal greed, as reported earlier. It’s a timely reminder that in Monica Goldson’s vision, public service is an amorphous concept. What matters, from the CEO’s perspective, is service to her. Loyalty to the county, state, nation and the rule of law are nice ideas, but CEO Monica Goldson expects and demands fealty to her and her own interests – above all other considerations. The entire school district is a very hostile work environment due to all cover ups going on. Many teachers and administrators are gearing for mass transfers in addition to taking legal actions to protect themselves due  the effect of the corrupt unions.

Furthermore, the union corruption which is well known in this county and facilitated by senior administrators such as President Charlene Dukes of Prince George’s County Community college and others connected to her is not helping with matters. In addition, of course, corrupt union officials, whether or not connected to organized crime figures, engage in “ordinary” organizational corruption, such as misappropriation of funds. The most distinctive form of corruption by union officials is taking employers’ bribes to ignore violations of the collective bargaining contract as happens in PGCPS in many cases, or even to allow employer to operate nonunion. This must end ASAP and the racist management of Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) must be reformed to include minorities in Maryland.

Many Schools in the Prince George’s County and around the country are dangerous places now due to mass shootings, gang fights, teachers fighting students, students fighting teachers, sexual assaults, public corruptions advanced by connected friends of lawmakers and judges and more. Things have changed greatly from the days that many baby boomers sat in school rooms. This is clearly very sad. We have to get back to civility, respect, calmness, and valuing the lives of others. Let’s let schools be cathedrals of learning. Educate to elevate! Read to lead! Learn to earn! God please provide safety for all at the schools!

It starts at home and teachers are supposed to be educators and not parents or baby sitters to young people who are completely out of control at home and in school who threaten to kill them like what we saw at Largo. Modern day parenting produced the millennials and post millennials, many of whom are now in the classrooms. For baby boomers and Generation X, parents have become pals with their children so there is no boundary for fear of losing a relationship with pal who just happens to also be your son or daughter. We are not at all surprised as to what happens in a classroom anymore, according to concerned parents in Prince George’s County.

Call your local elected representatives  and state officials and demand answers ASAP on PGCPS shenanigans,  PGCEA, and ASASP Union corruption currently in progress in Prince George’s County! Demand corrective actions immediately. #Resist


Dr. Monica Goldson current CEO for Prince George’s County advanced corruption for years and she is currently interfering with the unions to keep illegal activity under the table! In a recent event at the teacher union, she only showed up for 30 minutes and failed to address the issues. Since the exposure of her illegal activities, Goldson has no clue of what she is doing except to facilitate the hurt. #DespotsMustFall


Mr. Christian Rhodes who is the current Chief of Staff for PGCPS is involved in numerous conflicts of interests involving PGCEA and MSEA where he was an officer and other unions facilitating criminal activities and he is one of the despots. He makes more than $215,000 a year at the expense of the kids #DespotsMustFall


Dr. Alvin Thornton seen here with Theresa Dudley of PGCEA are facilitating the worst misconduct in history within the Prince George’s county public schools. Both needs to resign at the earliest opportunity due to conflicts of interests #DespotsMustFall


Theresa Dudley of PGCEA (Seen here smiling) is facilitating the worst misconduct in history of PGCEA union and the Prince George’s county public schools (PGCPS). Demand that, she resigns one of the two positions she current holds due to conflicts of interests. #DespostsMustFall


The Bowie High School Principal has in the meantime, sent a letter home to the parents of Bowie High School community.