PG County Executive violating the law willfully after thousands of dollars in excess contributions review shows

PG County Executive Angela Alsobrooks is violating the law willfully after she received thousands of dollars in excess contributions review shows

Largo, Maryland; (Reform Sasscer) – Prince George’s county Executive Angela Alsobrooks took in $1,232,712.63 in campaign contributions. However, she has not yet filed for rerun as a county Executive for 2022 campaign season. Some of the cash donated so far is an excess contribution from political action committees, individuals, developers and others during her current campaigns, according to a review of her campaign finance reports which is criminal violation of law. Alsobrooks’s campaign failed to answer calls concerning the excess donations and to answer important questions about ethics. Just recently, Alsobrooks went after some Board members in the county for ethics violations until they ran scared for their dear lives as their political future was on the line. However, she is violating the law and her administration is engaged in violating peoples rights using the court system to punish some personnel in the school system and others opposed to their illegal schemes using lawyers tied to them, records show.

Angela is one of several officials in Maryland who took in combined excess PAC money since former county Executive Jack Johnson went to jail for violating campaigns laws and other violations starting in 2002 elections until running amok in 2011. During that period, Alsobrooks was engaged in an illicit affair with him (former county Executive Jack Johnson) according to several witnesses familiar with the situation.

This year, county Executive Angela Alsobrooks is fighting for her political future in an election against Attorney Tonya Sweat, a well-known name in Prince George’s county politics. Other known candidates who have declared interest for the county executive seat in Prince George’s county are, Mr. Leigh Bodden, Mr. Billy W. Bridges, and Mr. Sherman R. Hardy.  It will be interesting if Ms. Angela Alsobrooks is going to run after all what is happening in Prince George’s county pertaining to public corruption which has been ongoing for sometimes affecting the county schools.

Alsobrooks has fueled her effort, in part, by raking in contributions from the developers, political action committees, which have delivered thousands of dollars on behalf of corporations, trade groups, unions and others. So far she has racked in more than $1,232,712.63.

But an examination of Alsobrooks’ campaign filings shows that, to defeat the other candidates, she has blown well past the $6,000 legal limit for total PAC contributions in a legislative election. Alsobrooks continues collecting PAC money even before declaring whether she is going to rerun for the Prince George’s county executive or not.  

“When people see that you have a top County Executive and a former county prosecutor making $218,998 a year and they break laws like this, you have to send the message that this will not be tolerated,” Mike Thompson said, a Prince George’s county voter. “Angela Alsobrooks should be very concerned about breaking campaign finance laws. “This is not something that she should dismiss.” The county citizenry should be calling the law enforcement community and others to demand answers, stated one candidate currently planning to running for public office.  Whether falling under the label of political cronyism, crony capitalism, political party cartels, oligarchy, plutocracy and even kleptocracy, widespread patterns of private and public corruption construct social systems that are rigged in the private interest as seen in this case. Citizens with strong ethical principles (and citizens who lack significant funds, connections, favours to dispense, “hard power” over others such as guns or private enforcers) lose representation, influence and power.

There are penalties outlined in the Campaign Finance Reporting handbook for the State Board of Elections; the penalties range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the finance violation. It’s also unclear just how many times the state has actually enforced the penalties on the books.

“The state has dropped the ball. The federal government has dropped the ball on this and it’s time for elected officials to be held accountable for their actions,” Thompson said.

According to the campaign filings, Angela Alsobrooks is failing to uphold the rule of law and is engaged in criminal behavior by encouraging these willful violations. No one should be above the law. All people are ruled by the law. Law enforcers, the government and judges must adhere to the law without bias or prejudice. The court system is the arbitrary body that is made up of law enforcers, and its responsibility is to resolve disputes in a fair and public manner. Law officers are expected to remain impartial when deciding how a case should be determined. The court should never be used to violate other people’s rights as it’s happening in the county under her reign.

The rule of law is fundamental to maintaining the freedoms of individuals in a society, and for the protection of people’s rights. You cannot ask the county citizenry and their kids to obey the law when you are violating it in many ways willfully yourself”, one parent who did not want to be identified said.

When corruption pervades the justice system, people can no longer count on prosecutors and judges to do their jobs. The powerful may escape justice. And citizens, especially those with few resources or few powerful allies, may be unfairly accused of crimes, deprived of due process, and wrongly imprisoned.

There must be constant vigilance by “we, the people” to ensure that our constitutional rights are defended!

(See some of Angela Alsobrook’s contributions from PACs from the Maryland campaigns contributions database.)

From: Jared DeMarinis -SBE- <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2022 2:24 PM
Cc: Campaign Manager <>;;; Mequanenet Abaineh <>
Subject: Re: Campaign Finance Violation

Thank you for your complaint.  It will be reviewed.  

Jared DeMarinis
Director – Division of Candidacy and Campaign Finance
Maryland State Board of Elections
151 West Street, Suite 200
Annapolis, MD 21401-0486
Phone: 410-269-2853


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