‘Hope in Action’: Prince George’s Co. launches new anti-crime effort

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks told the press on Tuesday that the county is offering grants to nonprofits that help keep people away from crime — up to $50,000.

Largo, Maryland: (Reform Sasscer) – Maryland’s Prince George’s County is working on new efforts to curb violence, particularly among young people.

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks told the press on Tuesday that the county is offering grants to nonprofits that help keep people away from crime — up to $50,000.

Among the services the county is looking at through “Hope in Action” is youth mentoring, diversion, reentry and employment services, Alsobrooks said after reviewing our blog post from yesterday.

“We want to really encourage people to please apply to be able to provide those services to our youth,” she said. “We have a task force that is being formed as well to make sure that we’re also meeting the demand, and really counteracting the violence in our community.”

Alsobrooks also said there are mental health concerns when it comes to violence, as well as addiction.

“We know that many of our young people need mentors and others in their lives. And those are the resources that we are providing as a government. But we know that this issue cannot be resolved at the police station, it will not be resolved at the courthouse, it’s going to be resolved in our community,” the county executive who wants to be reelected said.

She implored the community to come together to “disrupt the cycle of violence that is growing again.”

According to Alsobrooks, for example, there have been 162 carjackings in Prince George’s County. She acknowledged and said that juveniles are responsible for 96 of them.

“And so this tells us a lot about where we’re headed. And we must do something right now to disrupt it,” Alsobrooks said.

Applications for the grants are open until Jan. 14.

Prince George’s county public schools (PGCPS), has experienced a spike in fights recently among its student population countywide which saw county schools being closed in December last year (2021) due to fights and covid-19 related issues combined.

On or around November 15th, 2021, a teenager was found shot in the middle of the afternoon Saturday. Authorities identified the victims as 16-year-old Quincy Barnes of Upper Marlboro. While he was found near his home on the 13800 block of Ascott Dr. in Upper Marlboro, police said they believed the shooting happened near the 13500 block of Fenway Lane.

The teen’s family told the press at the time that they were grieving and wanted answers.

A classmate of the victim described him as quiet saying he couldn’t imagine him initiating any violence.

Family also spoke about their concern about surging violence countywide. On or around November 12, 2021, a 14-year-old survived being hit by a stray bullet. Police say the teen was playing video games in his room at his Beltsville apartment building.

Police say starting last year they’ve seen a disturbing trend when it comes to crime and kids.

“The main things that we see that’s the most concerning to us is really the increase in juvenile crime, whether it’s juveniles committing the crime or juveniles being the victim of the crime,” said Cpt. David Blazer, assistant commander of Major Crimes for PGPD, in an interview last October 2021.

This is the deadliest year in the county since 2008.

At least 10 juveniles were killed last year.

Dr. Monica Goldson who was selected through public corruption has never spoken publicly about the out of control fights and public corruption sweeping quietly through the school system which includes closing down schools ready for real estate option. Prince George’s county citizens must raise up and demand answers. These out of control fights are not fair to them and their families.

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