Major fiasco after O’Malley unleashes an exposé on Gov. Hogan in Gubernatorial race for Maryland


Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has taken off the grooves and appears to be going after Governor Larry Hogan heads on.

It’s been more than three months and another four years since Martin O’Malley hit the campaign trail in a Maryland governor’s race. Back in June of this year, O’Malley then was seen in Annapolis standing together at State House before the former governor endorsed the Prince George’s county Executive Rushern Baker III for Maryland Governor. Rushern Baker III lost the primary big time to Ben Jealous during the June 26th voting exercise.

Other than that, the only other time O’Malley showed up in the campaign trial was stumping for Anthony Brown, a Prince George’s County Democrat who had been his lieutenant governor for eight years.

It didn’t end well. Brown lost to Republican Larry Hogan in a state where Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans by 2 to 1. After the loss, Brown ran for congressional seat after Donna Edward retired from U.S House of representatives to run for U.S Senate and he won.

Yesterday the Democratic former governor, Baltimore mayor and presidential candidate is backing another major Democrat for governor who has no ties to the Maryland establishment: Ben Jealous.

And O’Malley’s reemergence on Maryland’s political scene is providing a major fiasco of the anti-Hogan rhetoric voters never saw it coming. Since Hogan at first helped to cover up shenanigans involving  the O’Malley administration, it now appears the grooves are finally coming off. O’Malley in a series of tweets attacked current Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for facilitating corruption in the state level. The following are some of the tweets, O’Malley wrote yesterday October 24th concerning Governor Larry Hogan’s corruption currently in progress in Maryland:

  • If any Maryland Governor prior to Trump, had made himself a double millionaire while in office with a land and permit assembly business, the newspapers and special prosecutor would be all over him.
  • Hogan and company, Hogan and friends, Hogan’s developer clients get whatever permits they want, whenever, and wherever they want. Most corrupt governor since Agnew.
  • Hogan’s Real Estate racket — No disclosure of client interests, not a single recusal on capital budget, decisions, and not a single abstention on any matter before Board of Public Works.
  • Ben Jealous is right. Larry Hogan’s Real Estate racket is, by its nature, corrupt. First governor in Maryland history to make himself a double millionaire while in office.



According to Former Governor Martin O’Malley, “Ben Jealous is right. Larry Hogan’s Real Estate racket is, by its nature, corrupt. First governor in Maryland history to make himself a double millionaire while in office.”


“Ben Jealous  (left)  and his running mate Susan Turnbull (right) are expected to make better governance than Larry Hogan who is accused of using his  Real Estate racket to enrich himself fraudulently.  vote Ben Jealous for Governor

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