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Architect of an Organized Scheme Monica Goldson busted for creating hostile work environment at Sasscer.


Monica Goldson should have been fired a long time ago. “Her appointment ensures the corruption and cover-up will continue. It’s unthinkable that the very senior staff members at the core of the very scandal we asked Maxwell to be removed for would be appointed.” Say Tonya Wingfield.

It turns out that, the issuance of bizzare Directive at Prince George’s County Public Schools system Headquarters at Sasscer to monitor dissent was meant to shield the Architect of an Organized Scheme Monica Goldson. This came after she was appointed Acting CEO of PGCPS secretly as part of fraudulent ongoing scheme. The illegal activities she is involved in do not support the rule of law and her appointment is a major set back for any democratic reforms in Prince George’s County. The letter which appears to have been issued on her behalf, was circulated on the day this blog published Governor Larry Hogan‘s call for Dr. Kevin Maxwell’s removal published on July 10th, 2018.

According to Tonya Wingfield,  the public should not forget that, “Monica Goldson was placed in the Chief Operating Officer’s position despite major reservations to help with Dr. Crawley’s transition and was permanently appointed to the position.” She added that,  “Her appointment ensures the corruption and cover-up will continue. It’s unthinkable that the very senior staff members at the core of the very scandal we asked Maxwell to be removed for would be appointed. It shows a total lack of understanding by the board.” Tonya and other concerned citizens are all calling on Monica Goldson to resign or be removed as she lacks the integrity to lead such an office. The call for her removal is based on solid evidence of misconduct which once reviewed,  she should have been fired a long time ago.

Therefore, to defeat tyranny and transform Prince George’s county for the benefit of community, we must first liberate our minds and demand Monica Goldson resign ASAP. No teacher, Board member, Superintendent or any administrator has a right to engage in corruption in Prince George’s County. Once boundaries are crossed, there are consequences as laid down in the constitution. There is nobody above the law including Monica Goldson.

It’s therefore OUR DUTY as responsible, politically conscious and progressive citizens not just OPPOSE the tyrannical regime that’s looting our resources, abusing Prince George’s county citizenry, violating our human rights and subverting the constitution and the rule of law but to REMOVE it from power all together. Monica Goldson must go #Resist.

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Dr. William Hite Jr started a scheme with Monica Goldson which continues to this day.


Major Drama: PGCPS board chair ordered to stay away from board member after alleged assault


A judge signed off on a peace order, similar to a restraining order, that indicates Board Chair Segun Eubanks (Right) cannot go near board member Edward Burroughs (left).

By Hillary Lane:

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. – A judge has ordered Prince George’s County Public Schools Board Chair Segun Eubanks to stay away from board member Edward Burroughs after an alleged assault. The altercation happened after a heated vote at a board meeting last week.

Monday, a judge signed off on a peace order, similar to a restraining order, that indicates Eubanks cannot go near Burroughs for at least another week.

There is one exception, they are allowed to continue working together on the board.

RELATED: Assault charges filed against PGCPS board chair after altercation

Eubanks did not appear in court Monday, but his lawyers were present. Burroughs did appear for the hearing.

Burroughs alleged Eubanks charged at him, grabbed him and threatened to “f— him up” after Thursday’s board meeting.

“I am worried because I always state my views and they are often different from the Board Chair,” said Burroughs. “I don’t want to continue looking over my shoulder to see if he is going to go out of control.”

Burroughs said things got heated after he publicly criticized Eubanks who helped draw up an $800,000+ severance package for outgoing CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell. Burroughs called him a “weak negotiator”.

RELATED: PGCPS CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell gets nearly $800k severance package

On Friday, Burroughs filed assault charges.

Eubanks is facing second-degree assault charges. It comes with a maximum of 10 years in prison.

“I hope the law is followed,” said Burroughs. “Whatever the penalty is for second-degree assault is should be followed.”

WUSA9 reached out to Dr. Eubanks. He did not return our calls.

Both sides will appear back in court next Tuesday for a trial to decide whether the now temporary restraining order should become permanent. Court proceedings for the criminal assault charges will follow.


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Major Outrage as Architect of an Organized Scheme Monica Goldson is appointed Acting CEO of PGCPS


Monica Goldson

Monday July 16, 2018: The school board for Prince George’s County, Maryland, has appointed an acting CEO to replace Dr. Kevin Maxwell without proper scrutiny.

Dr. Monica Goldson will take the temporary role, the Board of Education announced Thursday night, in the midst of a heated discussion which resulted in a major fiasco and court proceedings after the Board Chairman Segun Eubanks violated rights of Board Member Edward Burroughs.

Goldson was named to the post after the severance package for outgoing CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell was voted on by the board at a contentious Thursday night meeting.

That meeting ended with an allegation of assault as school board member Edward Burroughs alleged that school board Chair Dr. Segun Eubanks called him into a backroom for a meeting and then threatened Burroughs, saying, “I will f*** you up!” and pushed him against a book case.

Burroughs filed charges, asking for a stay-away order directed at Eubanks. There was a Court hearing set for this Monday morning July 16th, 2018 at 10 am at the District Court of Maryland 14735 Main St, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.

In William Shakespeare’s last work, Comedy of Errors, Antipholus of Syracuse poses a philosophical question on why time is such a niggard of hair, being as it is, so plentiful an excrement.

The answer Dromio of Syracuse offers wraps it up for outgoing CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell and current temporary CEO Monica Goldson who was appointed in a hurry in Organized “scheme to defraud” without any input from the public in a midst of a major fiasco at Sasscer. The speed in which her appointment was made should have everyone in the county worried and demanding answers without delay.

Goldson is the Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at Prince George’s County Public Schools. Under her watch, the school District saw a number of fake grades facilitated.

County Executive Rushern Baker will appoint the interim CEO “in the very near future,” the school system said in a release. However, and for the record, Ms. Monica Goldson ‘s appointment was conducted without a thorough background check. If such background check had been done, it would have exposed the dark and sordid background of Ms. Monica Goldson. A preliminary search reveals the following:

  • On or around September 2009, Monica Goldson engaged in cover ups involving Dwayne Jones who is the Principal of Laurel High School and current President of Association of Supervisory & Administrative School Personnel (ASASP). Dwayne Jones has been in an illicit affair for a long time and in plain sight. An investigation was done and she chose to cover up the misconduct which was brought to her attention because of conflict of interest she was involved in.
  • Part of the conflict Monica Goldson was involved in touched on her mentor,  a man by the name of Mr. James Smallwood who had promoted her while she was at Forestville Military Academy. Mr. James Smallwood, who was a Principal at Forestville academy, acted like a wild hyena in heat. After this blog received the issues, we made a report and helped bring them to light and Mr. Smallwood shortly after either retired or resigned.
  • Monica Goldson is engaged in corrupt activities involving paying off attorneys within Prince George’s County and has been the leader of an organized scheme since she was sued in Maryland for willful violations of law in the county. (See CAL1136992 Goldson, Monica Defendant Prince George’s County Circuit Court CIVIL CLOSED 12/16/2011 Mua vs Board of Education of Prince Georges County)
  • There are currently 10 cases in the U.S Supreme Court which touch on her misconduct directly, in the U.S District Court and within Maryland Court system.
  • Confirmed reports say that she was dating Dr. William Hite Jr when she initiated her divorce proceedings from her husband Mr. Lyndell Goldson on or around 11/03/2008. ( See Case # CAD08-32088 GOLDSON VS GOLDSON). For those who are not familiar with Dr. William Hite Jr, the corruption in Prince George’s County was fueled by him and this blog initiated a vote of “No confidence” which  made him leave the county ASAP due to serious issues he was engaged in. (See Some leaders in PGCPS – Heart of the problems in Schools.) Before transferring to Philly, local investigations were partially done on Dr. William Hite and issues covered up. Dr. William Hite promoted Monica Goldson before he left and was pulling the strings from afar in PGCPS for many years. He still does.
  • On 05/17/2013 the Prince George’s County Circuit Court entered an order that Monica Goldson pay. By Consent Order dated 4-22-13, Judge Cathy H Serrette, ordered, that Defendant’s Motion to Modify Child Support filed on November 16, 2012 be and hereby granted; and it is further, order that commencing on May 1, 2013, Plaintiff (Monica Goldson) shall pay child support to the Defendant Mr. Lyndell Goldson on behalf of the minor children in the amount of $803.00 per month, pursuant to the Maryland Child Support Guidelines attached hereto and incorporated herein. The child support payments shall be made by Plaintiff (Monica Goldson) on the first day of each month, directly to the Maryland Child Support Enforcement Administration cc C. Wachter Esq. and E. Opper-Weiner Esq. fd/jmf e051713.
  • Once Monica Goldson was promoted as Deputy Superintendent by her boyfriend Dr. William Hite, there have been reports she was disobedient to Deputy Superintendent Dr. Bonita Coleman now superintendent in Ocean Springs Mississippi.  Monica Goldson is said to have been instrumental in making her leave the District. Apparently to the people familiar with the scandal, Ms. Goldson would not listen to Dr. Coleman because the illicit affair she had with Dr. William Hite Jr was in the way. She has also promoted cronyism by hiring family members and friends throughout the District who in return facilitate fraudulent scheme such as fake grades and other issues within the Board. A fox guarding a hen house for sure!
  • Other issues involve deliberate and systematic scheme to destroy careers of teachers and other staff members who report issues touching on them. Every staff member should be concerned about this. We spend many years training and having our own ideas and thoughts only to be set up by a person driven by greed and selfish motives such as Monica Goldson. This is unacceptable and should be investigated.
  • There are many issues brought to light by others such as procurement fraud she has facilitated over the years as reported by Donna Goodman and Tonya Wingfield below which involves organized schemes to defraud the county. Prince George’s County needs an independent leader who has no ties to the local networks.

Organized “scheme to defraud” is defined as a systematic, ongoing course of conduct with intent to defraud one or more persons, or with intent to obtain property from one or more persons by false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises or willful misrepresentations of a future act.

Those shouting about opposition to this blog and others on facebook have enacted should know that LIBERATION – any liberation – starts in the mind. No country or society can liberate themselves until they liberate their minds.

To defeat tyranny and transform Prince George’s county for the benefit of community, we must first liberate our minds and demand answers. No teacher, Board member, Superintendent or any administrator has a right to engage in corruption in Prince George’s County. Once boundaries are crossed, there are consequences as laid down in the constitution.

It’s therefore OUR DUTY as responsible, politically conscious and progressive citizens not just to OPPOSE the tyrannical regime that’s looting our resources, abusing Prince George’s county citizenry, violating our human rights and subverting the constitution and the rule of law but to REMOVE it from power all together.

Reaction on facebook has been swift. Here are a sample of the comments from the public:

Pg Parents Both the Board attorney and Eubanks needs to go. We also have a bigger problem now with Monica Goldson. She has been instrumental in pay to play and interferes of the local courts.”

Tonya Wingfield: “True. Monica Goldson is one of the main people that keeps corruption in the school system alive. I’ve always said Dr. Maxwell did not bring corruption to PGCPS. He just fit comfortably in it. There is no one we can say we are turning a new page with Dr. Maxwell’s resignation and keep any member of senior management staff. Let’s remember the top manager to over see grade tampering was Monica Goldson. This is why our school system lacks credibility.”

Donna Goodman Not to mention, she and other executives have have been involved in and promoted procurement fraud!”

Tonya Wingfield “Maxwell came into the corruption, he didn’t bring it. Monica Goldson is the common denominator in the corruption that embroils our school system. She was ineffective as a principal, area director and head of the failed High School Consortium. In the position of COO she manipulated the vacancy of the procurement director to give it to Brenda Allen who had been rejected twice for the position in the normal interview process. Goldson and Allen schemed to terminate whistle blower, Donna Young, by falsifying documentation used in two audits to cover the illegal procurement actions that cost PGCPS millions and required an increase in legal staff to defend an increase of protests due to bid steering. Ms. Young tried to report the evidence of the bid steering to Dr. Maxwell. Derrick Homesley was the Acting Transportation Director and provided PGCPS proof that outsourcing bus drivers would cost the system more money and the system would save money if they stopped doing political favors in transportation for elected officials and follow the MOU of 1998 to return to neighborhood schools. He was brought up of false charges based on manufactured documentation within weeks of presenting his presentation to the administration and school board. He also questioned why the Transportation budget had a large earmark amount for a board member. Who was the head of the department that could have stopped this travesty to destroy the life of an innocent man trying to handle taxpayer’s money responsibly, Monica Goldson. Who was over the area responsible for ensuring the accuracy of grading data in the grading scandal, Monica Goldson. She is a bigger problem than Maxwell.”

More to come!



Board member K. Alexander Wallace was a student when Monica Goldson was a principal at Dr. Henry Wise High School and now PGCPS Deputy Superintendent. Goldson works closely with Delegate Dereck Davis who provided his wife  Deputy Superintendent Monique Davis for number two spot before resigning to go back to Anne Arundel County under pressure.  Board member Wallace worked previously for Senator Ulysses Currie who overseas Delegate Davis. Mr. Wallace can never go against Dr. Goldson, because he  “carries water” for her having been her student.


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Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee Initiates a Petition Against PGCPS Chair Dr. Segun Eubanks after a major fiasco.


Chairman Segun Eubanks,

Sunday July 2018: The Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee has initiated a petition against PGCPS Chairman Dr. Segun Eubanks. Burroughs said he filed a complaint after the meeting, at a time when he also applied for — and was granted — an interim restraining order against Eubanks. Online court records confirmed the assault charge against Eubanks in Prince George’s County District Court, and Burroughs provided copies showing the interim restraining order was approved by the court.

The order forbids Eubanks from threatening or committing acts that cause injury, destroy property or inflict other harm.

Burroughs has a hearing on Monday  July 16th, 2018 at 10 am at the District Court of Maryland 14735 Main St, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Upper Marlboro and is consulting with his attorney about how to proceed. He said the incident leaves him feeling more strongly about the need for Eubanks to resign. Members of the public are asked to show up in large numbers to show the world how serious they take this violation and ongoing fight against corruption within the schools.

The residents, parents, and students of Prince George’s County deserve better from their county school leadership.

The petition Reads:

On Thursday, July 12, Chairman Eubanks, who was appointed to the position by his brother in-law County Executive Rushern Baker, was charged with assaulting a fellow school board member. The assault took place immediately following a school board meeting where Mr. Eubanks negotiated a nearly $1 million payout to disgraced outgoing Schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Maxwell! The payout was not required by his employment contract and is a clear waste of taxpayer money for a failed superintendent.

Superintendent Maxwell and School Board Chairman Eubanks have been at the center of a number of recent scandals in the school system, including the discovery of unauthorized raises to staff members, a hidden camera found in a school’s administrative office, grade manipulation to create false graduation rates and the loss of the school system’s $6.5 million headstart grant.

Now is the time for the residents of Prince George’s County to DEMAND more accountability from the Baker-Maxwell-Eubanks administration. County Executive Rushern Baker must immediately terminate (his brother in law) Dr. Segun Eubanks as Board of Education Chairman so that the school system can move forward past the scandals and poor performance of its leaders.

Please sign our petition and add your voice to the call for his immediate termination!Petition

Sign Petition Here:

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Shock as BOE Chair’s Son Jibran Eubanks threatens Board member David Murray


Jibran Eubanks (pictured here) is the son of PGCPS embattled BOE Chairman Dr. Segun Eubanks. Both the son and the father are in hot water for shaking down two elected officials. One physicall

Saturday July 14th, 2018: Appointed Prince George’s county Public Schools (PGCPS) Board of Education (BOE) Chairman Dr. Segun Eubanks son Jibran Eubanks made a subtle threat to Elected Board member David Murray online. The threat came shortly after he (PGCPS BOE Chair Segun Eubanks) assaulted another Elected Board Member, Edward P. Burroughs III at PGCPS Headquarters at Sasscer.

In an online posting seen by Reform Sasscer, Jibran Eubanks called PGCPS Board Member David Murray “a dumpmother fucker” and added “hope to see you real soon at Diet starts Monday again real soon.” Mr. Murray responded by asking Mr. Jibran Eubanks if he was making a threat and the young Eubanks responded of course not. Ealier, Jibran Eubanks‘ father (Segun Eubanks) had assaulted Board member Edward Burroughs during a board meeting at Sasscer which is now subject to a court proceedings next week.

Judge for Yourself-
Below is an exchange between PGCPS Board Member David Murray and Jibran Eubanks, son of Segun Eubanks, on Edward’s post about the alleged threats of violence and physical assault he endured at the hands of Segun Eubanks. Jibran was responding to David’s earlier comment that Segun was the brother in law to County Executive Rushern Baker. Segun is the former brother in law to County Executive Rushern Baker.



Maryland’s election system tied to Russian oligarch, FBI tells state

Nation Goes To The Polls In Contentious Presidential Election Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

A bipartisan group of Maryland officials, including Gov. Larry Hogan, is asking the Department of Homeland Security to check the state’s election system.

By Ovetta Wiggins

Top Maryland officials have asked the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help ensure that the state’s election system is secure after learning that a Russian-backed firm is linked to the Maryland state Board of Elections.

Gov. Larry Hogan (R), Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert) and House Speaker Michael E. Busch (D-Anne Arundel) sent a joint letter on Friday to Homeland Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen asking for technical assistance to evaluate the network utilized by the state board.

Miller and Busch said late Friday during a hastily called news conference in Annapolis that the FBI briefed them on the Russian investment in Maryland’s voting system. They were told there was no indication of a breach or any criminal wrongdoing.

“The mere fact that we have had discussions with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Homeland Security, Office of Cybersecurity and Communications should provide evidence of our grave concern regarding this matter,” the joint letter from Hogan, Miller and Busch reads. “We have collectively decided that this is one of the most pressing issues that demands our attention and has therefore become our joint priority.”

The action by the Maryland lawmakers came just hours after Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein announced the indictment charging 12 Russians of conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

Amid concerns that Russians targeted some election websites and voting systems, several states, including Maryland, have taken steps to make their election systems more secure.

Miller and Busch said they also have asked state Attorney General Brian E. Frosh to take a closer look at the state contract held since 2013 by ByteGrid LLC to determine if the state can withdraw from the deal.

In 2015, ByteGrid LLC was financed by AltPoint Capital Partners, whose fund manager is a Russian and its largest investor is a Russian oligarch named Vladimir Potanin.

The software vendor handles statewide voter registration, candidacy, the election management system, the online ballot delivery system and the unofficial election night results website.

Election officials said ByteGrid LLC has a $7.5 million, five-year contract with the state that ends in 2019.

“Even the appearance of the potential for bad actors to have any influence on our election infrastructure could undermine public trust in the integrity of our election system,” Hogan said in a statement. “That is why it is imperative that the State Board of Elections take immediate and comprehensive action to evaluate the security of our system and take any and all necessary steps to address any vulnerabilities.”

Hogan, Miller and Busch

said they decided to make the information from the FBI public to inform other states about Russian involvement and to assure Maryland voters that they are working to ensure that the state’s elections are not compromised.

“We thought it was very important today for everybody here to have the information and for citizens of Maryland to have the information that the Governor, the Senate President and myself are going to be on top of this issue and make sure that the election that takes place in November is going to have the integrity that everybody expects it to have,” Busch said.

Miller said the Russian involvement was “shocking news . . . that goes to the heart of our democracy. This is the evil empire and they are at our door.”

via Washington Post

Read more>>> Evidence on how Democratic Central Committee used “Official Democratic Ballots”to dupe voters in the County.


Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, left, and House Speaker Michael Busch discuss an FBI briefing they received about Russian links to a company that maintains part of the state election board’s voter registration platform during a news conference in Annapolis, Md. on Friday, July 13, 2018. (AP Photo/Brian Witte)


Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 6.20.47 PM


PGCPS Board chairman Segun charged with assaulting Board Member Edward Burroughs after Retaliation.


– The Prince George’s County Board of Education Chairman has been charged with assault after he was accused of pushing a school board member into a bookcase following a testy meeting Thursday evening, according to officials. This blog was the first to break the story this morning following a retaliatory action which occurred at Sasscer at the beckoning the county leadership after an organized scheme went AWOL.

The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Office confirmed to the press that Dr. Segun Eubanks has been charged with second-degree assault.

Following Thursday’s school board meeting, school board member Edward Burroughs said Eubanks and the chairman’s lawyer called him into a back room to talk to him. Burroughs said Eubanks pushed him against a bookcase and put his hand on his face and said, “I will fuck you up.” The police report states that officers had to remove Eubanks from the grounds.

Another school board member who witnessed the alleged incident backed up Burroughs’ account. Eubanks did not respond to the press request for his account of what happened.

The explosive allegations come after the school board voted to approve embattled Prince George’s County Public Schools CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell more than $800,000 as part of his severance package which includes accumulated leave. Eubanks, who negotiated this agreement, refused to speak about the severance deal along with Maxwell, who left after the school board’s executive session. There are reports and evidence of Eubanks, Baker and Maxwell have been working together to derail justice.

During the meeting, Burroughs and fellow school board member David Murray publicly called on Eubanks to resign. The crowd in attendance at the meeting cheered when Murray made the call for Eubanks’s resignation.

“I don’t say this lightly,” said Murray. “I want to take this opportunity to ask you, Dr. Eubanks. publicly to help us turn a new leaf by stepping down with Dr. Maxwell so this system can come together.”

Burroughs echoed the idea.

“I do believe this deal that was negotiated was not done in the best interests of the school district,” he said. “I think we had a very weak negotiator at the table. I agree with Mr. Murray that if we’re really going to turn a leaf, I think it’s important for the board chair to step down.”

“I think the leadership has enabled this bad behavior that has led us through scandal after scandal after scandal,” Mr. Burroughs added.

Eubanks was appointed chairman of the school board by County Executive Rushern Baker who is his Brother in Law. This blog has repeatedly called on them to resign many times in the past and they have refused despite obvious scheme which is organized to swindle public funds at every turn.

Burroughs said he was in a room where the board can meet in closed session after the meeting when Eubanks approached him, said he was “already going to resign,” then “pinned me against the wall, put his finger in my face and said ‘I will f— you up,’” Burroughs said.

“If I had done that to Dr. Kevin Maxwell you all would have had me arrested,” Burroughs added.

Burroughs said he asked school system police officers in the room to intervene, which they did, and Eubanks was escorted from the building, he said.

Burroughs said he filed charges after the meeting, at a time when he also applied for — and was granted — a temporary restraining order against Eubanks. Online court records confirmed the assault charge against Eubanks, and Burroughs provided copies showing his temporary restraining order was approved. (See screenshots below).

The next question will be on how the state court proceeds. There have been interference of the Prince George’s County Court system for years now involving Rushern Baker III, Head of judiciary in the county and other players currently in leadership roles. The public will be watching to see if justice is done.

Mr. Burroughs said he is consulting with his attorney about how to proceed, but that the incident leaves him feeling more strongly about the need for Eubanks to resign ASAP.

“I shouldn’t have to fear being assaulted when I’m arguing points he disagrees with,” he said.

Eubanks was seen being escorted from the meeting. He has not commented yet.

Eubanks also serves as the Director of the Center for Education Innovation and Improvement at the University of Maryland’s education department. He also works or worked for the union (National Education Association) NEA which creates a strong conflict of interest on another level. Many teachers seeking justice have not been able to get any due to his shenanigan.

The press contacted Eubanks for comment. He responded in full, “On advice of counsel I am declining all comment at this time.”

In the meantime, Monica Goldson who is known to be much more corrupt than Dr. Kevin Mawell is said to be fronted to take over after Dr. Maxwell. The public is asked to resist such a move.

More to come.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 5.42.58 PM

Peace order

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 5.43.31 PM

Criminal complaint against Board Chairman Dr. Eubank Segun.

Read more >>> Washington Post >>> Fox 5DC >>> WTOP 


Major Fiasco at Sasscer as Board Member Edward Burroughs is assaulted by Board Chair Segun in retaliation.


Board member Edward Burroughs is pictured here in a past photo while in Annapolis doing a presentation in front of Governor Larry Hogan.

According to verified information received from Sasscer in our blog, Prince George’s County Board of Education member Edward Burroughs was assaulted by the Board chair Mr. Segun Eubanks as part of retaliatory activity at Sasscer.  The retaliatory measures occurred after Mr. Burroughs requested Mr. Eubanks to step down as Board chair during last night’s board hearing due to conflicts of interest.

According to Mr. Burroughs, Dr. Eubanks stated to Mr. Burroughs, “you do not know who you are messing up with” as the Board chair Dr. Eubanks pushed Mr. Burroughs against the wall and told him, he was going to fuck him up. Due to this misconduct, Prince George’s county citizenry are demanding Dr. Eubanks who is related to County Executive Rushern Baker III to step down as he has been closely linked to the outgoing CEO as partners in cover ups and in major violations currently in progress in the county. Other county citizens are asking Mr. Burroughs to file charges in court. (See various responses below).

Retaliation occurs when an employer punishes an employee for engaging in legally protected activity. Retaliation is an act of revenge. The noun retaliation stems from the Latin retaliare, meaning “pay back in kind.” According to EEOC, Revenge isn’t so sweet when it takes the form of unlawful retaliation such as what Dr. Eubanks did to Mr. Burroughs. Retaliation can stifle employees from coming forward and disclosing what they know during internal investigation which is one reason why it is discouraged.

It’s therefore OUR DUTY as responsible, politically conscious and progressive citizens not just to OPPOSE the tyrannical regime that’s looting our resources, abusing Prince George’s county citizenry, violating our human rights and subverting the constitution and the rule of law but to REMOVE it from power all together.

Below is the statement from Board of Education member Edward Burroughs as posted on Facebook.

“My board chair pushed me against the wall and threatened to “fuck me up” after the meeting tonight…. because he was mad about my comments on giving Kevin Maxwell 800k.-In front of a full room of people…

Look at the video – my board chair is being escorted off school system grounds by school police after my assault.”



Reaction on Facebook has been swift. Here are a sample of the comments from the public:

Darrell Gaston Edward P. Burroughs III “did u call the police and file charges?”

Daniel J. Whalen “Please file charges on that pitiable excuse of a man.”

Aaron Cardwell “Wait what. Smh.”

Philip Wilson “At least he wasn’t a punk, and did it publicly so folks could see the kind of person they’re dealing with.

That being said, I’ll lift you up in prayer.. because somebody grab me and threaten my life…. #IssaFight”

Francine Francell “He did what?! You should’ve slapped the taste outta him! That would’ve been SELF DEFENSE. Stay sucka free!”

Tonya Wingfield “You need to file an assault charge against him. Go to the commissioner office at the jail house off Brown Station Road and file for assault. Do not let him get away with this.”

Marcus Afzali “Wait….the chair of the PG County School Board physically assaulted you tonight?”

Thea Scarato ”What? I hope it was on camera. I am so so sorry to hear this. —saddest for our children.”

Nickie Paige “Go File a Police Report!!!!”

Augustus Henderson “hope someone recorded.”

Michelle Jones Griffin “Press charges son….I am glad you are such a calm young man, cuz I would have kicked that ass.”

Vikki Gaston “You know the Christian in me is like oh pray for them, but the before Christ flesh part of me. Smh Eubanks gotta go.”

Loretta Lancaster “definitely file a police report. thats a threat.”

Zena Whitworth “Someone has to be place on leave for this.”

Fred Crouch “I agree. File charges!”

Zena Whitworth “This is what educators deal with everyday.”

 Loretta Lancaster “who was this person? Lets put him on BLAST.”
Micah Watson “That is messed up.”
Antajuan R. Wilson “That is completely insane man! I’m sorry to hear that. I really hope you press charges.”
Tamara Brown “Sound like an assault and threatened bodily harm to me.”
LaTasha Renee Ward “Great modeled behavior. Get a police report let his threat go on record.”
Alisha Wrenn “Please file charges, get a peace order immediately.”
Alexandria Briggs-Blake “What???!! Out of control…that’s an assault!! Sorry that happened to you. I’m sure this will be on the news! No matter what we must always conduct ourselves as professionals!!”
Nickie Paige “Everyone the board chair is related to Rushern and donated to Angela Alsobrooks campaign…I cannot stress enough to vote for Jerry Mathis! for County Executive…Angela did not even show up for the vote!”
Betty Oliver “Charges would be made right away !!! Sorry you had to go through this… I appreciate everything you are trying to do for us.”
Anthony L. Ayers Sr. “Edward….. I saw the news tonight. This is very disturbing what occurred at the meeting. You have ever right to press charges and I hope you do so. We all support you.”
Vasco Mateus “Question: what do we have to do the shut down this $800,000 severance package deal? That is completely unacceptable for someone to leave their job in disgrace and to be paid well for it.”
Cheryl Jenkins “Nephew I saw the news tonight…Since you are there in Upper Marlboro, courthouse down the street..file charges…This should not stand.”
Mikki Tompkins “He was being so rude to Edward and other supporters.What he did was disrespectful and needs to step down.”
Anthony L. Ayers Sr. “Can a lawsuit be placed on the School Board to block the payout? Come on let’s do something…..”
Karen Jenkins “I have to comment again…as a resident, parent and teacher of PGCPS, I am absolutely appalled at the behavior of this board. Please don’t let this stand!!!!”
Tonya Wingfield “Every union, the NAACP and SCLC should file an injunction and challenge this payoff. This nothing more than hush money. Time to stop the corruption in Prince George’s County. We need to see if the State Superintendent can intervene.”
Donna Goodman “Edward P. Burroughs III, his actions were unacceptable. These are criminal actions. Lets see if Baker, Alsobrooks and Miller find this as no big deal!! Additionally, All Unions and the Members should file a court action to prevent Maxwell’s $800K! The CROUPT can’t win this one!! Rise Up!”
Martin Diggs “I’m so sorry I walked out of the room and didn’t witness it! But you lit him up. Lol…. Telling him he doesn’t have the power to clear the room. ROTFLMBO…. You were 100% right. I’m still laughing. Good job Edward take a bow.”
Shukoor Ahmed “Just plain incompetence and lack of leadership by the county executive.”
Donald E. Scoggins “$800k is unconscionable. It’s these kinds of unwise decisions which propel many majority black governed jurisdictions into financial insolvency.”
Anthony L. Ayers Sr. “$800,000 should go toward raises for our teachers and school staff….”
Keith Gray “Press charges, n keep pressing forward, this prosperous the county deserves a school board that educates, protects, and fights for it’s kids…great job guys, let’s rid this county of the cesspool and slave mentality and bring it to the 21st century…”
Lisa Campbell “Damn the upper management tells us lower ranking people who work for the board to keep our hands to ourselves and tell us what to say to the kids and here u have this bullshit happening that that sasscer building it’s totally unacceptable if it was anyone else they be trying to fire your ass.”




Maryland schools CEO handed six-figure severance payout


Donna St. George

 -The embattled leader of a Maryland school system will get a contract settlement of nearly $800,000 as he leaves his job — a controversial deal that follows a string of scandals that eroded his support.

Kevin Maxwell ends his tenure as chief executive of Prince George’s County Public Schools about three years before his four-year contract is over, under terms of an agreement approved by a 7-to-2 vote of the school board Thursday night.

His severance package includes $790,000 in compensation, payout of leave time and health benefits. It covers much of what he would have collected if he had worked. His remaining contract was estimated at $1.2 million.

The tensions that flared during Maxwell’s tenure were on display as he departed. On Thursday night, some board members talked about moving on while others denounced the payout to Maxwell and the scandals that unfolded during the past five years. Maxwell completed his first four-year contract in 2017 and was then given another four-year pact.

Maxwell had sought a full payout of his salary and benefits, according to two people familiar with the discussions. His critics said he should get no severance at all.

The CEO’s contract extended until June 2021, and state law limits the circumstances under which he can be fired.

“They sold our kids down the river,” said school board member Edward Burroughs III, a frequent critic of Maxwell’s. “Basically, they’re taking money directly from the classroom in our system and they’re giving it to Dr. Maxwell.”

Maxwell has not given interviews since he announced plans to step down. He turned down another request from The Washington Post last week.

The CEO was not at the board meeting, and officials said Thursday was his last day. Monica Goldson, a deputy superintendent, was named acting CEO.

Maxwell announced May 1 that he planned to “transition” from the system following a tumultuous year that included controversies over inflated graduation rates and “excessive” pay raises to high-level aides.

Since May, Maxwell has been vague about the terms and date of his exit, and as the weeks dragged on, many in the school system and the community grew bitter about the lack of clarity.

In recent weeks, critics have demanded to know why Maxwell was owed anything if he had initiated the separation.

They argued that so much had gone wrong on Maxwell’s watch that he should not collect more money.

“Why would you buy someone out who said he was leaving?” said Theresa Mitchell Dudley, president of the teachers union. “There’s no reason for them to give him a golden parachute as he’s going out the door.”

Doris Reed, executive director of the union that represents principals and administrators, said Maxwell deserved “absolutely nothing.”

“They’re letting this man blackmail this county,” she said. “He’s cost us so much money, and then you’re going to give him more money to go away? I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s an embarrassment to Prince George’s County.”

But there were also new details of what unfolded in the spring as Maxwell announced his plans.

Segun Eubanks, chairman of the school board, acknowledged in an interview Thursday that he had asked Maxwell to leave. He declined to be specific about the timing but said it preceded Maxwell’s May 1 announcement.

“I told him I thought it would be best,” Eubanks said, noting that candidates for county executive were calling for Maxwell’s ousting.

“I did not want to see there be an ugly transition,” Eubanks said. He said he did not know if his request prompted the CEO’s departure.

School board member David Murray on Thursday called the size of the payment alarming.

“I’m surprised because it’s close to a million dollars’ severance for one man not to do his job,” he said. “But I’m also not surprised because the board for years has refused to hold Dr. Maxwell accountable.”

When Maxwell’s contract was signed, his base pay was $299,937 a year. On July 1, he drew a 3.5 percent raise. Under the contract, he was also eligible for future raises, bonuses, retirement benefits and insurance coverage.

For more than two months, Maxwell did not submit a letter of resignation or retirement, apparently seeking to preserve his negotiating position.

The delay in his departure was couched as a wish to wait until the school year ended. But it also came after the June 26 primary election, in which a huge payout to an unpopular schools chief could have been an issue with voters.

Maxwell was handpicked for the job by County Executive Rushern L Baker III, who was seeking the Democratic nomination for governor and widely viewed as vulnerable on education issues. Baker lost the election to former NAACP president Ben Jealous, who will face Gov. Larry Hogan (R) in the November general election.

Maxwell arrived in the county with a mandate to help turn around a low-performing school system, and he was popular for a time.

Maxwell was hit with two major scandals during his first term — one involving a sex abuse case that raised questions about supervision and oversight, and a second that led to the collapse of a $6.4 million federal Head Start grant.

As he began his fifth year, his troubles worsened. The school system came under fire for grade tampering to increase graduation rates and pay raises to central office employees that were unauthorized or notably high.

The pay raises appeared to be a last straw for Maxwell, with more and more calls for him to step down or be fired.

Via Washington Post >>> Read more >>> Fox 5 DC


Evidence on how Democratic Central Committee used “Official Democratic Ballots”to dupe voters in the County.


Ms. Faye Martin Howell, Democratic Central Committee Treasurer (Seen here wearing a white cap). She was caught red handed passing out “official democratic sample ballots.” The bottom line is that the Democratic Central committee did not issue official ballots to be used for June 26th, 2018 primary. However, Ms. Faye Martin Howell passed out “official democratic sample ballots” as she wore her official name tag and it’s a misrepresentation of the Democratic Central committee which is supposed to be neutral in primary elections.

First, there were millions of “official Democratic sample ballots” mailed out in different parts of the state of Maryland a few days before the primary election on June 26th, 2018. Prince George’s County became the epicenter of the latest shenanigan to dupe voters. The voters armed with filled in ballots walked to the polls equipped with the flyers already filled with answers as if candidates highlighted in the flyer were the “real democratic candidates” which created voter confusion.

“Many voters were tricked into believing the certain candidates were no longer Democrats, no longer running, or running for different positions. This practice was created to confuse voters into believing that certain candidates were supported by the Democratic party when all candidates are Democrats in a Democratic Primary,” stated  Wala Blegay in a petition to the Maryland Democratic Party. This was not the first time this happened and included members of the Board of Education which is supposed to be non partisan.

So during the primary campaign, the Democratic Central Committee allowed for “Official Democratic Ballots” to be put out without any statement to the voters that it was not from the Democratic Party in Maryland. As seen here in the picture above, someone with the DCC Official Badge (Ms. Faye Martin Howell) was seen passing out or facilitating those “official ballots” which undermined other Democratic political candidates in Maryland.

However, after the election there was a Democratic Unity Breakfast under Black caucus Foundation in Greenbelt Maryland which was held on July 7. It was organized by Delegate Darryl Barnes. Democratic Unity Rally is set for July 18 at the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA) HQ. (See flyer below). The unity Rally invitation was mailed  under the authority of DCC treasurer Ms. Faye Martin Howell who was caught facilitating the scheme.  Unity Unity Unity as the party wants victimized citizenry to believe in the fraudulent system of governance through flawed elections… This is wrong on so many levels. “The Unofficial Official Sample Ballot…SMH. DCC is suppose to lead by example, but we know it’s politics as usual! Who holds them accountable is the question? We need integrity, character, and ethics to lead in these efforts as well as those positions that have a direct and indirect relationship with DCC, ” stated Albert Slocum on Facebook.

“We have a lot of work to do to educate the electorate and to break down biases,” said Attorney ‘Sadé Oshinubi. “The democratic central committee also has a role to play in all of this,” She added.

Even democratic central committee members admitting to agreeing to be on these fake ballots so who will check the people who are supposed to be checking the perpetrators?! “A citizen filing grievances to the Maryland Democratic Party at this time is like a goat filing grievances in front of a clan of hyenas. Obviously, the democratic party is not going to punish itself. Instead, they might eat you a live for dinner,” said Moses Otieno.

“We screwed yall over even though you’re part of our party, but can yall forget that now that ya’ll’ve lost and we unite? Unity! Don’t let the “others” tear us apart! Unity!” “Foolishness,” said Janna Parker on Facebook. 

The party should not be involved in purposely confusing Democratic voters. It is time for this practice to end. Sign this petition to ensure that we protect our community from misleading information.