Major Outrage as Architect of an Organized Scheme Monica Goldson is appointed Acting CEO of PGCPS


Monica Goldson

Monday July 16, 2018: The school board for Prince George’s County, Maryland, has appointed an acting CEO to replace Dr. Kevin Maxwell without proper scrutiny.

Dr. Monica Goldson will take the temporary role, the Board of Education announced Thursday night, in the midst of a heated discussion which resulted in a major fiasco and court proceedings after the Board Chairman Segun Eubanks violated rights of Board Member Edward Burroughs.

Goldson was named to the post after the severance package for outgoing CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell was voted on by the board at a contentious Thursday night meeting.

That meeting ended with an allegation of assault as school board member Edward Burroughs alleged that school board Chair Dr. Segun Eubanks called him into a backroom for a meeting and then threatened Burroughs, saying, “I will f*** you up!” and pushed him against a book case.

Burroughs filed charges, asking for a stay-away order directed at Eubanks. There was a Court hearing set for this Monday morning July 16th, 2018 at 10 am at the District Court of Maryland 14735 Main St, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.

In William Shakespeare’s last work, Comedy of Errors, Antipholus of Syracuse poses a philosophical question on why time is such a niggard of hair, being as it is, so plentiful an excrement.

The answer Dromio of Syracuse offers wraps it up for outgoing CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell and current temporary CEO Monica Goldson who was appointed in a hurry in Organized “scheme to defraud” without any input from the public in a midst of a major fiasco at Sasscer. The speed in which her appointment was made should have everyone in the county worried and demanding answers without delay.

Goldson is the Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at Prince George’s County Public Schools. Under her watch, the school District saw a number of fake grades facilitated.

County Executive Rushern Baker will appoint the interim CEO “in the very near future,” the school system said in a release. However, and for the record, Ms. Monica Goldson ‘s appointment was conducted without a thorough background check. If such background check had been done, it would have exposed the dark and sordid background of Ms. Monica Goldson. A preliminary search reveals the following:

  • On or around September 2009, Monica Goldson engaged in cover ups involving Dwayne Jones who is the Principal of Laurel High School and current President of Association of Supervisory & Administrative School Personnel (ASASP). Dwayne Jones has been in an illicit affair for a long time and in plain sight. An investigation was done and she chose to cover up the misconduct which was brought to her attention because of conflict of interest she was involved in.
  • Part of the conflict Monica Goldson was involved in touched on her mentor,  a man by the name of Mr. James Smallwood who had promoted her while she was at Forestville Military Academy. Mr. James Smallwood, who was a Principal at Forestville academy, acted like a wild hyena in heat. After this blog received the issues, we made a report and helped bring them to light and Mr. Smallwood shortly after either retired or resigned.
  • Monica Goldson is engaged in corrupt activities involving paying off attorneys within Prince George’s County and has been the leader of an organized scheme since she was sued in Maryland for willful violations of law in the county. (See CAL1136992 Goldson, Monica Defendant Prince George’s County Circuit Court CIVIL CLOSED 12/16/2011 Mua vs Board of Education of Prince Georges County)
  • There are currently 10 cases in the U.S Supreme Court which touch on her misconduct directly, in the U.S District Court and within Maryland Court system.
  • Confirmed reports say that she was dating Dr. William Hite Jr when she initiated her divorce proceedings from her husband Mr. Lyndell Goldson on or around 11/03/2008. ( See Case # CAD08-32088 GOLDSON VS GOLDSON). For those who are not familiar with Dr. William Hite Jr, the corruption in Prince George’s County was fueled by him and this blog initiated a vote of “No confidence” which  made him leave the county ASAP due to serious issues he was engaged in. (See Some leaders in PGCPS – Heart of the problems in Schools.) Before transferring to Philly, local investigations were partially done on Dr. William Hite and issues covered up. Dr. William Hite promoted Monica Goldson before he left and was pulling the strings from afar in PGCPS for many years. He still does.
  • On 05/17/2013 the Prince George’s County Circuit Court entered an order that Monica Goldson pay. By Consent Order dated 4-22-13, Judge Cathy H Serrette, ordered, that Defendant’s Motion to Modify Child Support filed on November 16, 2012 be and hereby granted; and it is further, order that commencing on May 1, 2013, Plaintiff (Monica Goldson) shall pay child support to the Defendant Mr. Lyndell Goldson on behalf of the minor children in the amount of $803.00 per month, pursuant to the Maryland Child Support Guidelines attached hereto and incorporated herein. The child support payments shall be made by Plaintiff (Monica Goldson) on the first day of each month, directly to the Maryland Child Support Enforcement Administration cc C. Wachter Esq. and E. Opper-Weiner Esq. fd/jmf e051713.
  • Once Monica Goldson was promoted as Deputy Superintendent by her boyfriend Dr. William Hite, there have been reports she was disobedient to Deputy Superintendent Dr. Bonita Coleman now superintendent in Ocean Springs Mississippi.  Monica Goldson is said to have been instrumental in making her leave the District. Apparently to the people familiar with the scandal, Ms. Goldson would not listen to Dr. Coleman because the illicit affair she had with Dr. William Hite Jr was in the way. She has also promoted cronyism by hiring family members and friends throughout the District who in return facilitate fraudulent scheme such as fake grades and other issues within the Board. A fox guarding a hen house for sure!
  • Other issues involve deliberate and systematic scheme to destroy careers of teachers and other staff members who report issues touching on them. Every staff member should be concerned about this. We spend many years training and having our own ideas and thoughts only to be set up by a person driven by greed and selfish motives such as Monica Goldson. This is unacceptable and should be investigated.
  • There are many issues brought to light by others such as procurement fraud she has facilitated over the years as reported by Donna Goodman and Tonya Wingfield below which involves organized schemes to defraud the county. Prince George’s County needs an independent leader who has no ties to the local networks.

Organized “scheme to defraud” is defined as a systematic, ongoing course of conduct with intent to defraud one or more persons, or with intent to obtain property from one or more persons by false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises or willful misrepresentations of a future act.

Those shouting about opposition to this blog and others on facebook have enacted should know that LIBERATION – any liberation – starts in the mind. No country or society can liberate themselves until they liberate their minds.

To defeat tyranny and transform Prince George’s county for the benefit of community, we must first liberate our minds and demand answers. No teacher, Board member, Superintendent or any administrator has a right to engage in corruption in Prince George’s County. Once boundaries are crossed, there are consequences as laid down in the constitution.

It’s therefore OUR DUTY as responsible, politically conscious and progressive citizens not just to OPPOSE the tyrannical regime that’s looting our resources, abusing Prince George’s county citizenry, violating our human rights and subverting the constitution and the rule of law but to REMOVE it from power all together.

Reaction on facebook has been swift. Here are a sample of the comments from the public:

Pg Parents Both the Board attorney and Eubanks needs to go. We also have a bigger problem now with Monica Goldson. She has been instrumental in pay to play and interferes of the local courts.”

Tonya Wingfield: “True. Monica Goldson is one of the main people that keeps corruption in the school system alive. I’ve always said Dr. Maxwell did not bring corruption to PGCPS. He just fit comfortably in it. There is no one we can say we are turning a new page with Dr. Maxwell’s resignation and keep any member of senior management staff. Let’s remember the top manager to over see grade tampering was Monica Goldson. This is why our school system lacks credibility.”

Donna Goodman Not to mention, she and other executives have have been involved in and promoted procurement fraud!”

Tonya Wingfield “Maxwell came into the corruption, he didn’t bring it. Monica Goldson is the common denominator in the corruption that embroils our school system. She was ineffective as a principal, area director and head of the failed High School Consortium. In the position of COO she manipulated the vacancy of the procurement director to give it to Brenda Allen who had been rejected twice for the position in the normal interview process. Goldson and Allen schemed to terminate whistle blower, Donna Young, by falsifying documentation used in two audits to cover the illegal procurement actions that cost PGCPS millions and required an increase in legal staff to defend an increase of protests due to bid steering. Ms. Young tried to report the evidence of the bid steering to Dr. Maxwell. Derrick Homesley was the Acting Transportation Director and provided PGCPS proof that outsourcing bus drivers would cost the system more money and the system would save money if they stopped doing political favors in transportation for elected officials and follow the MOU of 1998 to return to neighborhood schools. He was brought up of false charges based on manufactured documentation within weeks of presenting his presentation to the administration and school board. He also questioned why the Transportation budget had a large earmark amount for a board member. Who was the head of the department that could have stopped this travesty to destroy the life of an innocent man trying to handle taxpayer’s money responsibly, Monica Goldson. Who was over the area responsible for ensuring the accuracy of grading data in the grading scandal, Monica Goldson. She is a bigger problem than Maxwell.”

More to come!



Board member K. Alexander Wallace was a student when Monica Goldson was a principal at Dr. Henry Wise High School and now PGCPS Deputy Superintendent. Goldson works closely with Delegate Dereck Davis who provided his wife  Deputy Superintendent Monique Davis for number two spot before resigning to go back to Anne Arundel County under pressure.  Board member Wallace worked previously for Senator Ulysses Currie who overseas Delegate Davis. Mr. Wallace can never go against Dr. Goldson, because he  “carries water” for her having been her student.


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