Major Fiasco at Sasscer as Board Member Edward Burroughs is assaulted by Board Chair Segun in retaliation.


Board member Edward Burroughs is pictured here in a past photo while in Annapolis doing a presentation in front of Governor Larry Hogan.

According to verified information received from Sasscer in our blog, Prince George’s County Board of Education member Edward Burroughs was assaulted by the Board chair Mr. Segun Eubanks as part of retaliatory activity at Sasscer.  The retaliatory measures occurred after Mr. Burroughs requested Mr. Eubanks to step down as Board chair during last night’s board hearing due to conflicts of interest.

According to Mr. Burroughs, Dr. Eubanks stated to Mr. Burroughs, “you do not know who you are messing up with” as the Board chair Dr. Eubanks pushed Mr. Burroughs against the wall and told him, he was going to fuck him up. Due to this misconduct, Prince George’s county citizenry are demanding Dr. Eubanks who is related to County Executive Rushern Baker III to step down as he has been closely linked to the outgoing CEO as partners in cover ups and in major violations currently in progress in the county. Other county citizens are asking Mr. Burroughs to file charges in court. (See various responses below).

Retaliation occurs when an employer punishes an employee for engaging in legally protected activity. Retaliation is an act of revenge. The noun retaliation stems from the Latin retaliare, meaning “pay back in kind.” According to EEOC, Revenge isn’t so sweet when it takes the form of unlawful retaliation such as what Dr. Eubanks did to Mr. Burroughs. Retaliation can stifle employees from coming forward and disclosing what they know during internal investigation which is one reason why it is discouraged.

It’s therefore OUR DUTY as responsible, politically conscious and progressive citizens not just to OPPOSE the tyrannical regime that’s looting our resources, abusing Prince George’s county citizenry, violating our human rights and subverting the constitution and the rule of law but to REMOVE it from power all together.

Below is the statement from Board of Education member Edward Burroughs as posted on Facebook.

“My board chair pushed me against the wall and threatened to “fuck me up” after the meeting tonight…. because he was mad about my comments on giving Kevin Maxwell 800k.-In front of a full room of people…

Look at the video – my board chair is being escorted off school system grounds by school police after my assault.”



Reaction on Facebook has been swift. Here are a sample of the comments from the public:

Darrell Gaston Edward P. Burroughs III “did u call the police and file charges?”

Daniel J. Whalen “Please file charges on that pitiable excuse of a man.”

Aaron Cardwell “Wait what. Smh.”

Philip Wilson “At least he wasn’t a punk, and did it publicly so folks could see the kind of person they’re dealing with.

That being said, I’ll lift you up in prayer.. because somebody grab me and threaten my life…. #IssaFight”

Francine Francell “He did what?! You should’ve slapped the taste outta him! That would’ve been SELF DEFENSE. Stay sucka free!”

Tonya Wingfield “You need to file an assault charge against him. Go to the commissioner office at the jail house off Brown Station Road and file for assault. Do not let him get away with this.”

Marcus Afzali “Wait….the chair of the PG County School Board physically assaulted you tonight?”

Thea Scarato ”What? I hope it was on camera. I am so so sorry to hear this. —saddest for our children.”

Nickie Paige “Go File a Police Report!!!!”

Augustus Henderson “hope someone recorded.”

Michelle Jones Griffin “Press charges son….I am glad you are such a calm young man, cuz I would have kicked that ass.”

Vikki Gaston “You know the Christian in me is like oh pray for them, but the before Christ flesh part of me. Smh Eubanks gotta go.”

Loretta Lancaster “definitely file a police report. thats a threat.”

Zena Whitworth “Someone has to be place on leave for this.”

Fred Crouch “I agree. File charges!”

Zena Whitworth “This is what educators deal with everyday.”

 Loretta Lancaster “who was this person? Lets put him on BLAST.”
Micah Watson “That is messed up.”
Antajuan R. Wilson “That is completely insane man! I’m sorry to hear that. I really hope you press charges.”
Tamara Brown “Sound like an assault and threatened bodily harm to me.”
LaTasha Renee Ward “Great modeled behavior. Get a police report let his threat go on record.”
Alisha Wrenn “Please file charges, get a peace order immediately.”
Alexandria Briggs-Blake “What???!! Out of control…that’s an assault!! Sorry that happened to you. I’m sure this will be on the news! No matter what we must always conduct ourselves as professionals!!”
Nickie Paige “Everyone the board chair is related to Rushern and donated to Angela Alsobrooks campaign…I cannot stress enough to vote for Jerry Mathis! for County Executive…Angela did not even show up for the vote!”
Betty Oliver “Charges would be made right away !!! Sorry you had to go through this… I appreciate everything you are trying to do for us.”
Anthony L. Ayers Sr. “Edward….. I saw the news tonight. This is very disturbing what occurred at the meeting. You have ever right to press charges and I hope you do so. We all support you.”
Vasco Mateus “Question: what do we have to do the shut down this $800,000 severance package deal? That is completely unacceptable for someone to leave their job in disgrace and to be paid well for it.”
Cheryl Jenkins “Nephew I saw the news tonight…Since you are there in Upper Marlboro, courthouse down the street..file charges…This should not stand.”
Mikki Tompkins “He was being so rude to Edward and other supporters.What he did was disrespectful and needs to step down.”
Anthony L. Ayers Sr. “Can a lawsuit be placed on the School Board to block the payout? Come on let’s do something…..”
Karen Jenkins “I have to comment again…as a resident, parent and teacher of PGCPS, I am absolutely appalled at the behavior of this board. Please don’t let this stand!!!!”
Tonya Wingfield “Every union, the NAACP and SCLC should file an injunction and challenge this payoff. This nothing more than hush money. Time to stop the corruption in Prince George’s County. We need to see if the State Superintendent can intervene.”
Donna Goodman “Edward P. Burroughs III, his actions were unacceptable. These are criminal actions. Lets see if Baker, Alsobrooks and Miller find this as no big deal!! Additionally, All Unions and the Members should file a court action to prevent Maxwell’s $800K! The CROUPT can’t win this one!! Rise Up!”
Martin Diggs “I’m so sorry I walked out of the room and didn’t witness it! But you lit him up. Lol…. Telling him he doesn’t have the power to clear the room. ROTFLMBO…. You were 100% right. I’m still laughing. Good job Edward take a bow.”
Shukoor Ahmed “Just plain incompetence and lack of leadership by the county executive.”
Donald E. Scoggins “$800k is unconscionable. It’s these kinds of unwise decisions which propel many majority black governed jurisdictions into financial insolvency.”
Anthony L. Ayers Sr. “$800,000 should go toward raises for our teachers and school staff….”
Keith Gray “Press charges, n keep pressing forward, this prosperous the county deserves a school board that educates, protects, and fights for it’s kids…great job guys, let’s rid this county of the cesspool and slave mentality and bring it to the 21st century…”
Lisa Campbell “Damn the upper management tells us lower ranking people who work for the board to keep our hands to ourselves and tell us what to say to the kids and here u have this bullshit happening that that sasscer building it’s totally unacceptable if it was anyone else they be trying to fire your ass.”




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