Rushern Baker in major water as yet another Scandal worth millions is discovered in Suitland – Maryland.Oh Lord!


Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker III regime is involved in all manner of scandals affecting the well being of the county residents and schools in a major way.

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker III is in major trouble after a scandal involving millions of dollars of public funds has been unearthed in Suitland Maryland. Although the main players involved are council men and women. Rushern Baker III must have known due to his position as the County Executive for Prince George’s County.

According to Julian Lopez a candidate who is running for the at large county council seat, the Suitland Technology Center is a project that was funded by the county, state and federal agencies at $2.6m. It never opened. The foundation changed names. The MD bonds were sponsored by elected officials we know.

Later this afternoon, Mr. Lopez wrote an open letter to the Maryland Governor Larry Hogan @GovLarryHogan about unaccounted grant funds. A separate letter concerning the fully funded $2.6m Suitland Technology Center that never opened will soon be released and addressed to the Attorney General of Maryland, Mr. Lopez wrote both in Facebook and twitter. (see below).

The Prince George’s County has been affected by ongoing public corruption which has been running amok for awhile now with the County Executive Rushern Baker III and State Attorney Angela Alsobrooks having been made aware. Early this month, CEO for Prince George’s County Dr. Kevin Maxwell resigned after a long running fiasco involving mismanagement of public funds with ties to major cases in Maryland.

Corruption seriously harms the economy and society as a whole. Many countries around the world suffer from deep-rooted corruption that hampers economic development, undermines democracy, and damages social justice and the rule of law. Prince George’s County which is part of the State of Maryland in the United States is not immune to this reality. Corruption varies in nature and extent from one country to another, but it affects all counties in Maryland and Member States of the United States of America. It impinges on good governance, sound management of public money, and competitive markets. In many cases, it undermines the trust of citizens in democratic institutions and processes, as seen here in Prince George’s County.

It will be interesting to see what the state of Maryland will do concerning these issues which are going on at the same time to dupe the public of hard earned dollars. There are reports Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker III has engaged several huckleberry on the internet to carry his water.

Keep it right here as this is a developing story!

More to come.

Karen R. Toles, Member, County Council (left) and Jamel R. (MEL) Franklin, Member, County Council (Right). Both leaders are mentioned in the letter to the Governor of Maryland for possible misuse of public funds. 

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