Angela D. Alsobrooks, accused of finger to the wind, Bowing to the interest at the expense of our children’s futures!


Angela D. Alsobrooks

One of the candidates running for the County Executive position Angela D. Alsobrooks is accused of a myriads of issues by former congress woman Donna F. Edwards.

In social media postings seen by Reform Sasscer movement Secretariat, Angela Alsobrooks is accused of wavering and only jumping into the serious issues after getting permission from her handlers; part of the post reads in part. She has had to finger to the wind, bowing to the interest at the expense of our children’s futures! The post made it clear, the kind of leadership Ms. Alsobrooks is displaying isn’t the kind of leadership the county deserves.

In addition to these pointers, during the State Attorney Forum at Reid Temple A.M.E. Church in Glenn Dale, Maryland on April 17th, 2018, Rushern Baker’s own cabinet candidate for the position of the State’s Attorney office Mr. Mike Lyles stated “the State’s Attorney office currently is mismanaged.”

There have been major fallout within Ms. Alsobrooks’ campaign and elsewhere. In a campaign supported by outside forces who have fueled her campaign to a tune of close to a million dollars if not more. The undue influence of the county Executive position by outside forces mostly developers must be scrutinized for the good of the county. Otherwise, if this is the kind of corrupt Executive you want, you deserve the kind of government you get.

Anthony Muse who is also running for the County Executive seat has also called on voice for the Voiceless and is also calling for similar issues to address corruption as Donna Edwards in many ways.

One parent Donna Goodman from Upper Marlboro stated the following message in part through social Media.

….Well, I for one, can appreciate Donna Edwards boldness!!

I for one, am sick and tired of our elected officials ignoring all the corruption in our county! I for one, feel if we fail to use our voice, then , when our taxes increase and our children still remain uneducated, we lose our voice. I for one, get sick and tired of Maxwell, Davis, Boston’, Eubanks, Goldson, Battle and the rest of those Baker Blockers on the Board, remain in power inside the schools and outside our Elected Officials like Baker give them cover! I for one, get sick and tired, that officials use our schools as their personal pocketbooks and pimp the tax payers with the “more money means better schools” line each year! I for one, get sick and tired of the pay to play, being so blantaly displayed, impacting our ability to prepare our students for the future, yet pumping up an unqualified 6 figured administration, that accepts No Responsibility, No Accountability and promises have No Reliability! And I for one have witnessed political influences within the school system, direct contracts, funding and programs at the expense of our children, teachers and support staff!! 

No more! Go for it Donna Edwards, yes call out names. Let them answer to their deeds! The rest of us need to be as bold, name names and speak the truth in love for our children and community!! People, PLEASE – Lets make our voices heard and our Votes count! Clean House in 2018!

Other reactions are listed below.

  • Titan Troy  … Well it’s about time!! I mean what was the hold up? She was ELECTED by the people. She wasn’t appointed by the Exec. Is this her leadership style, hmmmm”
  • Sean Michael Wilson She probably apologized to Baker right after she called him out
  • Robin Jones It is obvious to everyone that the our school system is controlled by mismanagement! Prince George County mismanagement! We need a fresh start! County Executive, County Council, School CEO & School Board! We need people of integrity who will be Public Servants to do what’s right! I have only encountered one candidate that fits this bill and she is running for State Delegate! LaTasha Renee Ward! We need people who will work to make our County better for all!
  • Kendra Elizabeth Wood I’m deceased. ⚰️💐 oh no Angieeee what is you doing baby
  • Melvin B Johnson I thought I was the only one that heard that. Understaffed. Over booked. Failing to prosecute certain crimes ie. white collar local government employee fraud! That is why the establishment loves her!

It is imperative that we maintain the public’s trust in these positions. Hopefully this will be a lesson to other administrators with similar tendencies to over look critical areas of the administration into covering up crimes. She isn’t the first. She just got caught with major cover up, a parent in Upper Marlboro added.

Public Corruption in the county

This blog was among the first to educate and share information with Angela D. Alsobrooks concerning issues about public corruption in the county starting in 2011, when she first became State Attorney. However, instead of tackling the issues, she appears to have engaged in a  systematic cover up at the beckoning of Rushern Baker III (current County Executive) to the detriment of the families, children and staff of the county School system.

As the FBI continues to investigate the current fiasco involving illegal recording in a local high school, Angela D. Alsobrooks should show independent leadership skills by inviting  the same agency to review concerns shared with her long ago or even better, join cases as an interested party together with her office in already ongoing cases in Maryland to help fix ongoing major violations committed in PGCPS. This is due to crimes committed under color of law and the parties involved are influential. This will also clarify to the public that, Angela D. Alsobrook means well for the county.

More to come


Where is the outrage in PGCPS?



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