Snapchat posts of weapons, threats prompt increased security at PGCPS High School – Police later cleared.

 – There is an increased security presence at a Prince George’s County high school Monday after several pictures circulated on social media threatening violence at the campus.

Students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School received Snapchat pictures of an assault rifle with a magazine next to it on Sunday. Another picture appeared to show part of a pipe bomb with the caption “Don’t Go To School On Monday.”

A concerned parent contacted FOX 5 when her son saw the posts at a friend’s house Sunday morning. FOX 5 alerted police with our questions about whether they were aware of the possible threat.

“I’d rather for somebody to come back and tell me this is a joke than I get a text that says Eleanor Roosevelt High School is currently on lockdown for an active shooter,” said Tonnika Jackson, who shared the posts with FOX 5. She says she plans to keep her son home from school Monday.

In a statement, the school’s principal Reginald McNeill said:

“Earlier this evening, Eleanor Roosevelt High School administrators, Prince George’s County Public Schools Department of Security Services and Prince George’s County Police Department were informed about a social media threat directing students to not attend school tomorrow. The post itself was not specific to Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Law enforcement officials are working to identify the person or persons responsible. As a precaution, there will be an additional police presence at the school Monday, October 23. Please contact me at 301-513-5400 on Monday if you have any questions or concerns.”

A spokesman for Prince George’s County Public Schools said the district’s security officials were involved in the investigation with police and that there was extra police on campus Monday.

The photo that was passed around through social media Sunday evening with the words “Don’t go to school Monday” launched a police investigation and increased law enforcement around the school in Greenbelt, Prince George’s County police said.

After consulting with the state’s attorney’s office, police declined to press charges.

The investigation shows that the student sent the post directly to an acquaintance, who then shared the post with others, said Christina Cotterman, a police spokeswoman. There did not appear to be criminal intent behind the post, authorities said.

Police warned people to be cautious about what social media posts they share.

 “Although this threat wasn’t credible, this department takes all such threats seriously and works aggressively to identify the sender,” Deputy Chief Raphael Grant said in a statement. “We urge all citizens, both young and old, to please think before sending such posts.”

Via Fox5 DC

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