Unmasking Prince George’s County Corruption and other violations Part III


Mr. Calvin Hawkins

The FBI headquarters project was cancelled because of the many violations some of which are covered herein. For example, following our expose’ on Wednesday July 5th, 2017, the county leadership engaged in a retaliatory mission led by Mr. Calvin Hawkins (above). Once again Mr. Hawkins has enlisted his bullies to ensure victory over the county seat by any means necessary.

On Friday  July 7, 2017, two PG NAACP chapter officers called Ms. Tara Maxwell and told her that they did not like a post of hers, which concerned Mr. Hawkins’ candidacy for Prince George’s County council. (See the post below). She was later harassed by Mr. David Chapman.  It is the duty of the NAACP to remain neutral and show leadership in situations such as this, instead of takings sides and dividing members of the community. However, this is not the first time this PG NAACP chapter has failed the community;  we are all too familiar with the story of Carmen Johnson who was recently sentenced to 2 years in Federal prison for her corrupt schemes.  The NAACP should be commending Ms. Tara Maxwell for standing up and speaking out against corrupt and toxic leadership instead of threatening, slandering, and harassing her.



This is the original post of which two PG NAACP chapter officers called Ms. Tara Maxwell and told her that they did not like a post of hers, which concerned Mr. Hawkins’ candidacy for Prince George’s County council.


David chapman



Systemic corruption impedes market development, drives away investment, and erodes the rule of law. Prevalent corruption can render a populace susceptible to demagogic political appeals, and de-legitimizes political leadership. In economic terms, corruption diverts investments and distorts markets – with the poor bearing the brunt of the negative economic impact. Consequently, improving governance and eliminating corrupt practices are the keys to improving business performance, establishing rule of law, and ensuring that democracy delivers for citizens.

We must pressure State and local law makers to pass and enforce laws which protect whistle blowers who call out foul play and corruption.

Racism is wrong

These things we know to be true: Racism is wrong,  Everyone is the same, and everyone should be treated equal. Whether you’re African-American, Mexican, White, Asian, African, Chinese, Indian or other, if you were to cut yourself you would bleed red — everyone does. It’s the same for both the rich and the poor. We all get buried in the same ground, and get covered with the same dirt. Regardless of different skin color, we are all human beings.  Even if scientific distinctions between races could be made, the idea of a “pure” race is pure fiction. The New Encyclopedia Britannica observes: “There are no pure races; all racial groups currently existing are thoroughly mixed.”  Whatever the case, the Bible teaches that God “made out of one man every nation of men.” (Acts 17:26) Regardless of skin color, hair texture, or facial features, there is only one race—the human race.

As stated before in this blog, whenever you have a significant numbers of staff saying the same thing about an administrator or others in the system – there’s usually something to it. (“There is no smoke without a fire” to quote a familiar maxim.)  You just don’t get that many people independently agreeing on a person’s behavior without that person having done something to merit those opinions.  In the case of Mr. Hawkins, many people share the same opinion.  He has shown himself to harbor a racist agenda.  See for yourself:




Racism, A Key Factor In Systemic Corruption

One factor that fuels the problems of corruption in Prince George’s County is racial loyalty. People in Prince George’s County are first and foremost loyal to their families, then their clan (extended family), then their race. Members of the same race or tribe often ‘help’ each other, even if it involves corruption. Racial influences have waned somewhat over the years, but are still strong.  As demonstrated by Hawkins’ and Chapman’s assault against Ms. Maxwell.  Shamelessly, Hawkins and Chapman have attempted to slander Ms. Maxwell by playing on racial tensions in the county, in an attempt to silence her and further their corrupt agenda.  We must band together to denounce this unethical practice, and select ethical leaders who are worthy of leading our community. It’s time!

more to come.


wheel of corruption


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  1. Where are you FBI? Where are you Dept of Justice? Our Children Need you! We the teachers, support and uncorrupt administrators are hanging on by a single thread waiting on you to do your part.


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