Maryland Citizens must demand an Outside investigation for PGCPS to Review Activities in Maryland Courts


Federal Court Baltimore

Recent events in which Governor Larry Hogan called for a “complete, thorough, and exhaustive investigation” into allegations of fraud and corruption in Prince George’s County Schools (PGCPS) should be extended to review the misconduct and fraud currently in progress in Federal court here in Maryland. The Federal law is considered the law of the land but is being applied selectively.

So what happens when the court rules without considering all evidence, fails to docket exhibits connected to the case and then withholds the record from being transmitted for appeal inter alia? This is what is happening in Federal court in Maryland. (see 1:16-cv-01435-ELH Mua et al v. State of Maryland et al). There are problems in the state courts as well.  Plaintiff Mr. Mua travelled to Richmond on June 26th, 2017 to review the documents which had not been docketed by the U.S District Court only to find they were never transmitted in the first place as requested by the U.S Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on 04/18/2017. Thus prompting the upper court to issue the attached order.  The case is tied to issues which are currently in progress in PGCPS.

An outside investigation and one which is not controlled by the Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh to review the issues is the only solution to the PGCPS fraud problems. The county citizens and Maryland residents must demand a truly independent outside investigations led by the Federal government agencies to review these interconnected issues.

There are wide spread problems affecting the citizens of Maryland tied to the Maryland Attorney general and PGCPS including failure by both agencies to transmit the record for administrative appeal to the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County. Other issues involve withholding of crucial  documents, interference of counsels hired by employees, interference of judges,  retaliation with malicious intentions inter alia.

Maryland residents must demand answers on these violations. What happens to one person will become the standard for everyone else in the future. Therefore,  we should not let these willful violations to stand.  Josephat Mua’s complaints prompted the Maryland Attorney General (AG) acquiring more powers from the Maryland legislature after AG engaged in a systematic violations of rights guaranteed by the U.S constitution.

Call your elected officials now to make sure that there is honesty and transparency in every step of the way and that the law is not being applied selectively based on discrimination and racism.

more to come.

Read more >>>Maryland Citizens must demand an Independent Outside investigation for PGCPS


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