Maryland Citizens must demand an Independent Outside investigation for PGCPS

boe-letter_1498421863756_3613844_ver1-0_640_360Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s decision to call for a “complete, thorough, and exhaustive investigation” into allegations of fraud and corruption in Prince George’s County Schools (PGCPS) is the step in the right direction. (Read more here) However, more needs to be done if the county top leadership has to be held accountable for their actions and credibility established within the schools.

In the last week, the Maryland governor’s office mailed the attached letter concerning Prince George’s County fraud in which several Judges and attorneys have been paid off in an organized scheme here in Maryland. The letter directs Josephat Mua to file a complaint with the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities. (see attached).

However, failure by the Maryland governor to get involved in this dispute which is intertwined with the current issue  will create a situation given that, the Attorney General for Maryland is part of the whole dispute which is tearing Maryland apart with a variety of illegal activities. The issues of fraud cited by the Four Board members in Prince George’s County  are interconnected to the original dispute in which similar issues have been raised in Federal court. (see 1:16-cv-01435-ELH Mua et al v. State of Maryland et al)

Josephat Mua’s complaints prompted the Maryland Attorney General acquiring more powers from the Maryland legislature. Unfortunately, the Federal Judge who presided over the case and failed to hold a hearing in Baltimore and dismissed the case used to work for the Maryland Office of the Attorney General. She refused to recuse herself from the case despite a variety of conflicts she was engaged in and brought to her attention. The case is currently on appeal in Richmond. We will be posting the briefs in this blog. So stay tuned.

At the moment, there is ongoing cover up which we raised in this blog after a hearing was cancelled in Baltimore City circuit Court which was scheduled for wednesday last week. An outside investigation and one which is not controlled by the Maryland Attorney General to review the issues is the only solution to the PGCPS fraud problems. The county citizens and Maryland residents must demand a truly independent outside investigations led by the Federal government on these issues which is not controlled by the Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh.

The gravity of this situation is clearer than ever, and the American people deserve answers. We need to know whether the Defendants led by the Maryland Office of the Attorney General colluded with the other Defendants or if there is any criminal activity, and just how deep their ties run in which employees have lost their jobs and thousands of dollars in an organized scheme.

Our Friends, there’s a whole lot of smoke here – We are going to do our best to figure out whether there’s a fire, too, and get folks like you the answers you deserve. We need help and demand an independent outside investigations concerning what has been happening in the county schools tied to these cases and others in Progress in Federal and state court.

The stakes here are incredibly high.


Use Simply enter in your Zip Code and get your representatives’ phone numbers.

Call your House Member and Senators tell them to demand an proper outside investigation concerning various criminal activities currently in progress in Maryland.

Call your Senators and tell them to demand Josephat Mua get a fair hearing after Attorneys and court personnel were bribed to cancel the hearing which was scheduled for June 21st, 2017.quote-if-you-are-neutral-in-situations-of-injustice-you-have-chosen-the-side-of-the-oppressor-if-an-desmond-tutu-187884

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