U.S Supreme Court – Demand an investigation.

usa_supreme-court-2012Recent events in Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) in which Two student leaders were not allowed on stage to address the class during graduation at Oxon Hill High School is a turning point in a major crisis within the county schools.

It’s time for people in this county and elsewhere to care and wake everyone up. It always takes a long time for people to care. However, allowing corruption to take root is never a good idea in many aspects. Anytime there are no checks and balances, that leads to corruption.  It’s time to build capacity and engage in mobilization and work together. To achieve success, institutions have to be strong and focus on accountability and transparency. Judges should be impartial. … Judicial impartiality with respect to the parties to a case is also generally desirable.

Here below are three major cases recently filed in the U.S Supreme court by Josephat Mua. There are others in Greenbelt Maryland and Baltimore city.  The gravity of this situation is clearer than ever, and the American people deserve answers. We need to know whether these Defendants led by the Maryland Office of the Attorney General colluded with the other Defendants or if there was any criminal activity, and just how deep their ties run in which employees have lost their jobs and thousands of dollars in an organized scheme.

Our Friends, there’s a whole lot of smoke here – We are going to do our best to figure out whether there’s a fire, too, and get folks like you the answers you deserve. We need help and demand investigations concerning what has been happening in the county schools tied to these cases and others in Progress in Federal and state court.

The stakes here are incredibly high.


Use callyourrep.co. Simply enter in your Zip Code and get your representatives’ phone numbers.

Call your House Member and Senators tell them to demand an investigation concerning various criminal activities currently in progress in Maryland.

Call your Senators and tell them to demand Josephat Mua get a fair hearing after Attorneys and court personnel were bribed to change facts after Mr. Mua won his administrative appeal.

This is the Motion to Recuse Chief Judge Krauser after he engaged in questionable activity together with others in Annapolis Maryland. Judge Krauser retired shortly after this Motion was filed.

This is the proposed Judgement for Mr. Josephat Mua in which PGCPS lost in administrative appeal at Hunt Valley. The Board then working the other agencies then engaged in a scheme to bribe lawyers and others to retract the award in retaliation.

More to come.




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