Local Sample Ballot interfering with the local Board Election must be rejected.

img_7105.jpgThis is called the “Democratic Sample Ballot.” Its being handed out on various sites throughout Prince George’s county by a powerful lobby committee to elect judges. Notice that it not only tells voters which school board candidates to vote for, but it also tells them to vote “yes” on all questions including Question D. It is paid for by the “Committee to Elect the Sitting Judges.”

Since the Prince George’s County Democratic Committee decided not to put Question D or school board candidates on the ballot, the local party leaders have now found a clever way to get around these endorsements. There are Serious questions on this: Can any group put out a sample ballot and call it a “Democratic Sample Ballot”? Could there be competing “Democratic Sample Ballots” floating around, some with “yes” on Question D and some with “no,” some with one school board candidate, and some with another? These are issues you as the citizenry must say “No”.  Many of us are firm believers in elections.

In this case,  it’s important to follow the money and who is oiling the campaign. This is what is wrong with education in the County. Education must remain non-partisan and we must start rejecting candidates that want to ride the partisan horse to glory and thus sending a strong message to local politicians — Our schools, communities and children are not for sale. img_7099

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