Pr. George’s police arrest 8th grader in connection with online school threat

kenmoor_esPrince George’s County police made a second arrest in connection with a string of threats made against local schools that circulated around social media over the weekend and prompted extra security at several schools this week.

 Police said Tuesday they arrested an 8th grader from Kenmoor Middle School in Landover, Maryland, in connection with a social media threat posted this weekend. The student has been charged with making a threat of mass violence.
Police say the threat was not credible and was intended as a disruption.

On Monday, authorities arrested a Parkdale High School student in connection with an online threat posted from a Twitter account the student set up that sent out a message threatening to harm students. That student has also been charged with making a threat of mass violence.

 In addition, police said they have identified a student who made a bomb threat against Bladensburg High School. The student hasn’t been charged yet but has already been disciplined by school officials.

The online threats were posed over the weekend and on Monday and were shared on social mediasparking fear among some students and a heightened police presence at several schools on Monday.

 Prince George’s County police asked the public to immediately report online threats to police and not to forward or share the messages.

“When it gets spread around, we have to trace it to its source, so that involves a lot of legwork,” Prince George’s County police Lt. David Coleman told WTOP earlier.

 Prince George’s County police said they are continuing to investigate school threats. The FBI is also investigating.
via WTOP

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