PGCPS Administration to answer questions at ‘tele-town hall’

still0908_00020_1473390673724_1978443_ver1-0_640_360_1475245450741_2115300_ver1-0UPPER MARLBORO, Md. — According to WTOP,  Parents of Prince George’s County Public Schools students are getting a chance to pose questions to school leaders about student safety — and they won’t have to leave their own homes to do it.

 The school system is hosting what’s being billed as a “tele-town hall” starting 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Find the number for the tele-event online here.

In a briefing before the Prince George’s County Council on Monday, Christian Rhodes, who has suspicious links with the unions and the chief of strategic and external affairs for the school system, said 129,000 PGCPS families had been contacted, and said he expects up to 30,000 people to call in to hear the teleconference. According to WTOP, Rhodes explained that robocalls were going out to households, and information about how to call in for the teleconference would be posted online before the event.

 In June, a similar teleconference was set up. “We actually had 2,000 parents on the line. We called 10,000 parents” to alert them to that event, Rhodes explained.

The first 30 minutes will consist of a presentation by the school system’s CEO, Kevin Maxwell. He’ll be joined by school board Chairman Segun Eubanks. The next 30 minutes will allow for questions and answers.

 Rhodes says all the questions that come in from participants will be logged, answered and then posted online. There will be translation available for Spanish speakers as well, said Rhodes.

“I do believe this will be the largest ‘tele-town hall’ the county’s ever done, and one of the largest the state has ever done.” Rhodes said.

 Noting the large numbers projected to participate, Prince George’s County Council member Dannielle Glaros asked, “So now I have to ask: The technology is going to handle those 30,000?”

“Yeah — we will pray,” Rhodes said with a smile.

 Then Rhodes added, “If not, we’ll break it off into smaller segments and do it over, but we wanted to make sure we gave everyone the same information at the same time.”
Some parents complained of short notice provided for the teleconference with one parent stating that, “When all contact information is not made available and parents are notified the day before event, I put it in the category of more smoke and mirrors. The system has yet to put an action in place that demonstrates consideration of parents and valuing their time. Again treating parents like children instead of adults.” The parents were referencing to  Town Hall announcement in Prince George’s county site two days earlier  with no contact info. Yet in the County Council Hearing earlier October 3rd, 2016 they provided specific contact info later. Parents want the administration to provide timely accurate information without playing political games with their children.

Christian Rhodes, who has direct links with the unions and is the chief of strategic and external affairs for the school system. His role has created a conflict of interest over the years. His personal ties with PGCEA, MSEA, ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 and NEA does not serve the district well due to several conflicts of interests in those unions. Parents must demand for his ouster. He is part of the problem and cover ups. 


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