PGCPS system remains under fire over Head Start incidents – school leaders to resign including Rushern Baker III.


Parents are demanding change and accountability from the board of education. They want the CEO, chair and vice chair of the school system gone.

 On Friday afternoon FOX 5 reached out to Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker, and the reason we wanted to speak to the county executive is because he appointed all three of those people to their position. However the on camera interview request was denied.

David L. Cahn, co-chair of Citizens for an Elected Board said that, “Part of the problem is the structure of the board.  They’re unaccountable.  I thought all they had to do was not embarrass Rushern Baker and their jobs were safe.  Well it turns out their jobs are safe even when they do embarrass Rushern Baker their jobs are still safe.”

Questions are swirling about who was aware about the alleged abuse of 2 and 3 year old children in the head start program in Prince George’s County public schools, and whether there was a cover up that may still be ongoing .

“To have the administration investigate itself makes no sense. The individuals that cause this and didn’t communicate this to the public are attempting to investigate themselves,” said Edward Burroughs, a school board member.

Elected school board member Edward Burroughs was one of five board members that sent a letter to county executive last month asking him to demand the resignation of the chair and vice chair and CEO of the board of education.

“There are a host of concerns about his relationship with the board chair as many people know it’s his former brother in law. And whenever you have your relatives and you appoint them to offices it becomes difficult to hold those individuals accountable,” Burroughs said.

People aren’t questioning their qualifications it is whether the board leadership purposely covered up the abuse of preschoolers that is in question. And that caused the district to lose a 6.4 million dollar grant.

Via FOX5 

The angry reaction is part of a lingering controversy over the school system’s Head Start program, which educates more than 900 children from low-income families. According to the information received, already one school Principal Ms. Michelle Tyler-Skinner (seen below) was caught red handed selling jewelry and other merchandize for personal gain continues to be the Principal despite her shenanigan involving the head start program and other issues including selling of meats during working hours. The administration knew these problems as far back as 2010 and they refuses to act.  This cannot be business as usual.

Principal Ms. Michelle Tyler-Skinner caught red handed selling jewelry and other merchandize for personal gain continues to be the Principal despite her shenanigan involving Head start program in her school and other willful violations. Many staff members complain how malicious she has been. This cannot be business as usual. Selective justice is no justice at all when so many  far larger fish have been swimming within striking range and ignored.



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