PGCPS Parents want Prince George’s Co. school leaders to resign including Rushern Baker III.

…The Head Start incidents are just tips of the iceberg.


Prince George’s County Schools CEO Kevin Maxwell (left) and Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker at an Aug. 29 news briefing on the county’s Head Start program, which has been rocked by allegations of teacher misconduct. (WTOP/Kristi King)

Upper Marlboro — During a school board meeting Thursday, parents and other speakers expressed outrage at leaders within Prince George’s County Public Schools over recent revelations of misconduct in the Head Start program but for many who spoke, they believe problems are much worse and deeper than the media is willing to report.

The Prince George’s County Board of Education heard comments from members of the public who demanded that leaders, including the CEO of schools Kevin Maxwell, resign. Already 5 Board members have requested Board Chairperson Segun Eubanks resign his position together with his vice Chairperson.

 The angry reaction was part of a lingering controversy over the school system’s Head Start program, which educates more than 900 children from low-income families. According to the information received, already one school Principal Ms. Michelle Tyler-Skinner caught red handed selling jewelry and other merchandize for personal gain continues to be the Principal despite her shenanigan involving the head start. This cannot be business as usual.

Many staff members over the years complain there have been a number of complaints in Columbia Park Elementary  from teachers  and staff members about the administration’s management, staff morale and contractual violations involving the Principal. Others are engaged in questionable activities and are being covered up because of the special interest.


Principal Ms. Michelle Tyler-Skinner caught red handed selling jewelry and other merchandize for personal gain continues to be the Principal despite her shenanigan involving Head start program in her school and other willful violations. Many staff members complain how malicious she has been. This cannot be business as usual. Selective justice is no justice at all when so many  far larger fish have been swimming within striking range and ignored.

Last month, federal officials with the Department of Health and Human Services terminated a $6.4 million grant for the program, saying some Head Start instructors had engaged in misconduct that included using humiliation and corporal punishment on preschoolers.
Prince George’s County has since turned over control of its program to a Denver-based organization called Community Development Institute Head Start.

The school system’s CEO Kevin Maxwell said he has taken disciplinary action against six educators involved in the misconduct, but many speakers at Thursday night’s meeting said more needs to be done. One woman even called for the county executive to step down because the cover up involves Principals involved in real criminal activities because they are well connected and cannot be touched. It’s time to demand changes and demand proper investigations in these areas, so that we can have a new beginning right away!

 Watch the video from Fox 5

WUSA 9 reported that parents claim a culture of abuse and cover up.


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