Parents allege “culture of abuse” in Prince George’s Co.


Schools CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell insisted an internal investigation is underway

UPPER MARLBORO, MD (WUSA9) – Parents, teachers and even some school board members eviscerated Prince George’s County schools CEO and board chairman, citing a culture of abuse and cover up Thursday night at a meeting.

One board member suggested the abuse might have been even more widespread throughout the district.

PREVIOUS: Prince George’s Co. executive promises accountability in Head Start program

Prince George’s Count Public Schools failed in culture and with cover up, according to parents and educators addressing the school board about the federal investigation into the school districts head start program that found children were being abused.

Schools CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell insisted an internal investigation is underway, teachers are being retrained and policies are being updated in light of the federal findings.

For some, that’s not enough.

School board member Edward Burroughs questions whether the abuse went beyond the head start program, perhaps into other district classrooms.

Addressing another board member, the embattled Maxwell did attempt to battle back in Thursday night’s meeting.

The fact is: PGPS’ head start Federal Funding has been suspended after the district failed to take immediate corrective action when learning about the abuse.

PGPS recently fired six employees, one of whom is believed to have blown the whistle on the abuse.

PGPS has contracted their head start program out to a Colorado-based group. That outfit will receive the $6M+ that the PGPS was supposed to receive for head start

And on Thursday, parents expressed concerns the contractors won’t have the same standards that PGPS has and that being from out of state, they’re not as invested in the community and the county.

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Segun Eubanks – Chairman of the Board of Education appears to have assisted in cover up rather than fix the issues. The agenda seem to be driven by money for personal gain than assist the children and the community.





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  1. Good evening,
    It nice to see the Board Chair decided to add the Discussion Item section back to the agenda. Of course, the question now is why give the public the appearance you now want to be transparent after holding discussions about a public school program funded with federal tax payer dollars in executive session. Sound funny doesn’t it.
    It’s shameful that the CEO, Board Chair and Vice Chair would abuse their power and force as discussion that should have been done in full view of the public behind closed doors simply because you wanted to ensure that any board member with integrity would not disclose that the Head Start Program had been taken over by the Feds. You intentionally set out to defraud the public by announcing the board had voted to relinquish the Head Start Funds as opposed to honestly saying that the only way that PGCPS could keep a Head Start in the county was to relinquish your control over the program. There’s a big difference in those words. The board chair moved to deceive the public into thinking the Administration had a choice in this matter when in fact it was a mandate that authority be relinquish. Shame on you. This is just another demonstration that the Vice Chair, Board Chair and CEO have no remorse for hiding the fact that children were being abused and will continue their pattern of deception for political gain. It is not about the children, but about serving the County Executive that has promised to protect them against termination, forced resignation and prosecution regardless of how many times a child is abused, molested or subjected to such danger while in a PGCPS school.
    Again, I call upon the States Attorney office, the Chief of Police, the Department of Justice – do your job to protect innocent children. I just saw on the news where a mother was arrested for child endangerment for leaving her child in a hot car alone. Our CEO, Board Chair and Vice Chair concealed the abuse of children under the age of 5 and some with special needs. Despite the complaints of parents, they chose to do nothing to help that parent – that’s funny are you not holding the inaugural conference of the Family Institute this Saturday – but back to my point, they allowed the endangerment of many children in multiple schools. How can such heinous acts against children go unpunished?
    For the guest speakers and sponsors planning to attend the Family Institute inaugural conference, your attendance says you are fine with our leaders of this school system jeopardizing the safety of children and not being held accountable. More importantly, the CEO, Board Chair and Vice Chair broke a state law: Family article of the Maryland code; § 5-704, 5-704.1 and 5-705 when they willfully chose not to report the known abuse of children. Violation of this law is punishable by fine and jail time. If you truly feel this type of behavior from school leaders is acceptable then come on Saturday. If you stand for children and what is right, cancel your participation and send the message the PGCPS school leaders that ALL CHILDREN LIVES IN PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY MATTER.

    Tonya Wingfield


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