Andrew Smarick Elected President of Maryland State Board of Education

Headshots for Bellwether Education. Photos by Toby Jorrin.

Andy Smarick, longtime contributor to Education Next is now the elected President of the Maryland Sate Board of Education – Photo by Toby Jorrin.

Congratulations to Andy Smarick, longtime contributor to Education Next and the EdNext blog. We are hoping he is going to bring much needed order in the State Board of Education and fight corruption within the Maryland state Education system heads on.

Also as Liz Bowie writes in the Baltimore Sun

Andrew Smarick, a longtime education policy expert who has worked on the national and state level, was elected president of the Maryland State Board of Education Tuesday.

Smarick, who was appointed as a member of the school board a year ago by Gov. Larry Hogan, works as a partner at Bellwether Education Partners, a national nonprofit. He was formerly an education official at the U.S. Department of Education under President George W. Bush.

Andy has written frequently for Education Next about how difficult it is to turn around failing schools. He has described how school districts could get out of the business of running their own schools and instead oversee a portfolio of independently run schools.

In 2013 Andy wrote a series of blog entries in which he interviewed interesting people in the world of education policy and these interviews shed a bit of light on what Andy himself is like. They’re great reads. Here’s an interview with Kaya Henderson, for instance. You can find lots more here.




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