PGCPS Ex-school janitor stole MacBooks, iPads meant for students, sold them online

image.jpegA former elementary school janitor has been sentenced to one year in prison after pleading guilty to stealing laptops from the campus where he worked.

Kenneth Foster, 34, was sentenced in Prince George’s County Circuit Court on Thursday and ordered to pay $18,000 in restitution with five years probation, prosecutors announced in a statement.

Foster worked at Vansville Elementary School in Beltsville, Md., at the time of the theft, according to the Prince George’s County state’s attorney’s office. The school received about $30,000 worth of MacBooks in January 2014 and put them in storage, but when officials went to retrieve them months later, they found that the equipment had disappeared, prosecutors said.

Foster had left the school system on medical leave shortly after the laptop delivery and was still on leave when authorities discovered that the computers were missing, prosecutors said. Authorities later learned that Foster was working in a North Carolina school district when several iPads went missing and while he supposedly was still on medical leave from Prince George’s, prosecutors said.

Investigators later found that Foster was selling the iPads and MacBooks on Craigslist.

Authorities recovered 18 of 30 stolen laptops.

Foster was charged in North Carolina in 2015, prosecutors said. In May, Foster pleaded guilty in Prince George’s to one count of a theft scheme between $10,000 and $100,000.

via Washington post


PGCPS Vansville Elementary at Laurel



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  1. I assure you, he is just the fall guy!. The janitor made me do it, really?? Not likely folks and here’s why!
    All Electronic purchases are routed to one of PGCPS IT Centers before they can be distributed. They are then barcoded and tracked by IT before sent to the school or organization making the purchase. That being the case, how did a janitor have access to the Mac’s?? Where were they, that he could steal them? If someone from the Justice Department, AG Office or outside the immoral grips of this County do a little checking, they will find someone(s) much higher than a janitor involved. Our school system has to be the most incompetent when it comes to tracking brand new purchases, for some strange reason they keep going missing. In 2013 Joseph Mua reported that the computers delivered to his training lab did not match the PO, he gets fired because he pursued the issue! What about all the missing AC units; how about the big fans, who in maintenance was charged? What about the missing gas from our depot, only a select few have access to the gas tanks filling up their POV and that of family and friends! Anyone in transportation arrested?? Here’s a good one, we order Millions in books each year and have No idea if they are needed only to store in the warehouse and other closets never to be touched again.Who was arrested for stealing Millions from the c What about our administration giving Millions in Contracts to persons not even pretending to provide good service or our paying more for hundreds of thousands more for the same services? Why aren’t the real thieves being arrested? Don’t get me wrong, if he stole them he should be punished but what about Dr. Maxwell stealing from our kids?? Putting tens of millions in useless bodies at Sasscer yet failing to place teachers, counselors, and specialist in the schools to really help our students? How many honor roll graduates required remedial classes or worse, drop out the first year because their Educationwas stolen from them! Arrest those thieves!

    Why is the Washington Post Willing to report the Janitor Stealing but not the CEO, CFO, COO, Purchasing Director and all the Department, Board Chair others robbing us blind! Please!! The Janitor?? You ought to be ashamed of our selves to put the Janitor on blast but not the PGCPS Mobsters!

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