Save our communities High School- Friendly Senior High School!!


Save Friendly High School!

Residents of Fort Washington MD and fellow Alumni of Friendly Senior High School, I’m urging our community to actively unite to SAVE Friendly High School, a 50-year landmark of higher learning, from closing it’s treasured doors forever.

Our community needs to join forces and fight for our children’s education.

Why should we, as taxpayers, have our children bused into another school district? The answer is simple- we shouldn’t. We need to make sure our tax dollars go toward improving and expanding our educational system. And if we can’t get competent and committed school board members to protect our children, then it’s time for these officials to go. Afterall, we voted them in and we can just as quickly vote them out.

Together we can make the DIFFERENCE. All it takes is a desire and commitment.

Therefore, take action now! Sign the peition that will be first step in protecting the legacy and future of Friendly High School.

Below are the school board members email address for your districts … give them a quick nice/nasty email about election time.

Read the Petition here and sign up.pgcps_logoCewlqwEXIAA-xKw



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