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March 19, 2016

Add your voice by sharing creative content such as stories, messages, poetry, inspirational quotes, photos, videos and song lyrics in a safe, moderated space. You can even upload your photo as part of Reform Sasscer Movement.

Send your original content to Reform Sasscer Movement at If we like your article or story etc, we’ll publish it on this blog.

Your story may fall into one or more of the following categories:

Opinion pieces must be that, opinions. They must be grounded in documented evidence with Prince George’s county. Constructive criticism of ideas, policies, and practices is welcome and is a protected speech under the U.S constitution.

Personal narratives. We want to read about your experiences — good and bad — with Prince George’s County Public Schools. Stories should not focus on one particular school, unless the narrative is instructive for the larger PGCPS community. Some pieces are a mix of story telling and opinion.

What story do you want to share?

You can write about how you were treated by Prince George’s County Public Schools, or what it is like to work and make a living under hostile work environment. You could share how you came to be a part of the rights movement, give a front-line report about a protest you went to or are about to attend or give your opinion on an issue.

Submit your own comments via our comment form.

Some points to keep in mind:

Stories should be about our local school system. We publish stories on a wide range of topics, but those stories must be directly linked to county, statewide or national education issues. We would, be interested in publishing a story about school food in PGCPS or Maryland, and we would be interested in a story about the sugar content of the meals served in our local schools.

Every now and then, We do publish opinion pieces concerning political candidates.

You do not have to be a PGCPS parent to write a post for us. We have heard from teachers, parents of young children not yet in the school system, and county residents who have no children. We have even published pieces written by variety of citizens through out the U.S.A.

We may decide to reject any piece for publication, and we maintain the right to edit submissions for clarity, grammar, style, or length. As the author, you may be as involved in the editing process as you would like to be. To change the county, the move takes a collective effort and is not limited to a few. We all know somethings which if improved could make the local scene a better experience while fighting all sorts of discrimination and racism.

If you are interested in editing, blog design, and/or taking photographs, and you would like to become more involved with Reform Sasscer Movement, you might consider becoming part of our blog team. Contact Reform Sasscer Movement secretariat at to learn more.


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