There is an agenda at play here. What is the outcome at the end?- Their TIME IS UP!


There is an agenda at play here. What is the outcome at the end after millions of dollars got embezzled?

It’s been close to three (3) years since Dr. Maxwell took over the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) and the level of inaction is very frightening, worrying and borders incompetence in total disregard for Prince George’s County at large.

Lack of effectiveness and direction since the hiring of Dr.Maxwell in the dark by Dr. Charlene Dukes and her close friends after being awarded millions of dollars is a traction to the county schools. It does not take a rocket scientist to show that, there is a hidden agenda to derail the county in many ways for personal gain by selling off school property. We could point out a few things we could address immediately. The so called low hanging fruit. To show effectiveness and seriousness, intent and resolve in fixing many of the challenges besetting our school system.

President Charlene Duke doesn’t have to purchase things, in her college but she can pick a sample of 3 items randomly review, and discover the massive theft from Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) using proceedings from Charter, and stop it. And she doesn’t have to do that daily, she can do it weekly. Just 3 items and audit for inflated prices to educate poor children in a community college. That’s what CEOs do.

President Charlene Duke doesn’t have to select about 100 kids to award them a college diploma as the others look as if they don’t matter due to discrimination.  All children matter. They deserve support and a loving   environment.

She is responsible for instituting a pilfer-proof financial control system in Board of Education for Prince County as a previous Board of Education member, but she didn’t. She has to take responsibility now and bow out. Her time is up! Charlene Duke’s position is now untenable as a “protector” with corrupt dealings. She has effectively lost the high moral ground to continue transacting business on behalf of Prince Georgians.

What she needs to do now is negotiate her exit with her appointing authority, and the 2 can agree to keep each other’s little secrets, and promise to never spill the beans of what they know about each other, in light and in darkness.

Maxwell can even do what some other “Superintendents” in the county once did, which is to contain Charlene Duke in some form and never allow her to interfere with PGCPS. She is privy to a lot of illegal board of Education secrets and her exit has to be negotiated and managed, “in the interest of Board of Education Security”. Or even give her some holiday treat to some place far away, then she can come back from “exile” after many yrs. With our understanding of statecraft, its a matter of when not if, that Charlene Duke will exit. Maxwell can choose to retain dignity, or loose his dignity in a messy Charlene Duke exit from the affairs of the county schools.

In PGCPS, the CEO is empowered to make sole decisions about the future of our school system with no legal obligation to accept counsel from the board…. he is the sole decision-maker… and the potential for further disenfranchisement is great!

In the last, two years, We have witnessed in PGCPS Extraordinarily high salaries for overhead, excessive overtime, waste and abuse, and major push back on programming intended to aide in the day-to-day development of our students, …there’s money to hire executives that doesn’t require board approval, but no money for reading and arithmetic literacy programs!

In the French Revolution, the entire lineage to the throne was beheaded, when the King failed to heed to the signs of the times. Maxwell is a good student of History, and he shouldn’t wait for PGCPS to be “beheaded” in a revolution that is fast gathering steam towards 2016. Maxwell can stop a revolution now, by the stroke of 1 o’clock news. That is how Maxwell can avert an uprising, war and escape the wrath of the masses. That is the Foxiness that perpetuates a Prince stay in power.

Insisting on keeping Charlene Duke who is accused of cover ups and fraudulent deals, is stoking the embers of anarchy, and decay in the rule of law in Prince George’s County. You intervene in a timely fashion. Rather than wait to use the county Executive to intervene on your behalf in warding off demonstrators demanding Charlene Duke and others ouster from the affairs of the county, Maxwell should just let this cancerous lesion go.

The best friend who greased his wallet in his cabinet  to become a CEO has to be debrided. Vanilla chocolate may be sweet, but the presidency in the name of “CEO” of the county is sweeter when there is no organized illegal activity. If she was loyal, she would have made it easier for you, but she is not, the county needs committed leaders who will elevate this county to a new level without  discrimination, make changes for the benefits of all children and families.


Part of Prince George’s County Community College at Largo – Maryland





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