Testimony on the Proposed School Budget

pgcpslogo_blue-black*Tonya Wingfield – Testimony on the Proposed School Budget – February 25, 2016*

After reviewing the budget, I’ve notice several things where money can be saved.

  1. You are proposing a new position: Associate Superintendent for Special Education & Student Services. Our system use to have a division that included student services and the parent piece. The parent piece is now under the Chief, Strategic & External Affairs. You can move Family & Community Engagement under Student Services and save money.
  2. Strategy, Planning & Performance and Strategic Resource Planning descriptions are similar enough that these departments can possibly be consolidate and may generate enough funds to keep Forestville open.
  3. There appears to be duplicity with the Deputy Superintendent and Areas Associate Superintendents that can fund school based resources.
  4. The CEO is paid around $100,000 more than any other leader of our school and he has only one reporting person and that position is performing duties that are outlined within the guidelines, scope and framework of ESOL. Why you would focus on one group of immigrants and setup this county up for a wreckless and costly discrimination lawsuit is beyond me. The departments that reported to former CEO/Superintendents now report to a new position – Chief of Staff. For the money that we pay the CEO, he needs to earn his pay and the Chief of Staff and Diversity Officer positions eliminated.
  5. As for Busing: the MOU of 1998 was settlement to end busing and return children to their neighborhood schools. There is no excuse for busing children all over the county. The MOU required the system to put resources in neighborhood schools. A judges order does not expire until it has been fulfilled.
  6. For those asking how is it that decisions are made with limited community input is because of HB1107. This law has handed our system over the county executive and Dr. Maxwell to do as they please. This people is why he can not show up for meeting and send late notices to the community on changes. We used to have 1st and 2nd readers to allow for community input. People, if we want to stop all of this, we must repeal HB1107. Please contact your state legislators and demand they repeal HB1107.

Last I reviewed the budget summaries between 2014-the proposed budget. I’ve always understood Other Operating Cost to include the expenses at the school level. Here are the budget numbers for that category for the last three years: a reduction of 2 million dollars in 2015, $10,072,930 in FY2016 and increase of $36,429,407.00 proposed for 2017, which consider the cuts for the past two years is not a true increase. Then there’s the increase in Contracted Services. We need to know students will be serviced by these contracts. *FY 2014* *FY 2015* * 1,687,807,813.00 * *Allocated Amount* *Percentage of Budget* * 1,753,412,423.00 * *Allocated Amount* *Increased Amount* *Percentage of Budget* Salaries/Wages 1,056,812,876.00 62.61 Salaries/Wages 1,089,912,077.00 33,099,201.00 62.16 Employee Benefits 368,295,317.00 21.82 Employee Benefits 373,772,060.00 5,476,743.00 21.32 Contracted Services 128,926,066.00 7.64 Contracted Services 142,115,723.00 13,189,657.00 8.11 Supplies and Material 39,358,657.00 2.33 Supplies and Material 42,407,595.00 3,048,938.00 2.42 Other Operating Costs 99,811,408.00 5.91 Other Operating Costs 97,700,512.00 -2,110,896.00 5.57 Additional & Replacement Equipment 6,600,457.00 0.39 Additional & Replacement Equipment 7,504,456.00 903,999.00 0.43 *FY 2016* *FY 2017* * 1,839,203,309.00 * *Allocated Amount* *Increased Amount* *Percentage of Budget* * 2,023,794,625.00 * *Allocated Amount* *Increased Amount* *Percentage of Budget* Salaries/Wages 1,158,345,708.00 68,433,631.00 62.98 Salaries/Wages 1,260,914,631.00 102,568,923.00 62.3 Employee Benefits 377,628,015.00 3,855,955.00 20.53 Employee Benefits 412,056,685.00 34,428,670.00 20.4 Contracted Services 160,974,710.00 18,858,987.00 8.75 Contracted Services 179,580,836.00 18,606,126.00 8.9 Supplies and Material 40,276,456.00 -2,131,139.00 2.19 Supplies and Material 37,839,370.00 -2,437,086.00 1.9 Other Operating Costs 87,627,582.00 -10,072,930.00 4.76 Other Operating Costs 124,056,989.00 36,429,407.00 6.1 Additional & Replacement Equipment 14,350,838.00 6,846,382.00 0.78 Additional & Replacement Equipment 9,366,114.00 -4,984,724.00 0.5




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