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Unbeliavable! 2 PGCPS girls can still ride school bus after beating up 11-year-old boy!

Still1217_00009_1450399044283_643146_ver1.0_640_360ACCOKEEK, Md. (ABC7) — A sixth grade student was brutally beaten by two girls on a school bus December 16, 2015, as the bus pulled out of Accokeek Academy. The entire incident was caught on camera.

At the time, the young boy’s parents wanted to know why the school that bills itself as a “bully free zone” did nothing to stop the attack.

The parents say that when their son sat down next to an older girl on Wednesday, Dec. 16, she told him he could not sit there. When their son refused to get up, that’s when his parents say the girl punched him in the face, and her sister joined in.

“They just maliciously and viciously beat my son,” Myles’ parents said.

Now a few weeks after the incident, Myles’ parents are upset again after they found out the two girls can still ride the bus with their son, says a representative from Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Accokeek Academy said it suspended the two girls for the attack, and initially told the Slade’s that the girls would be transferred to another school in the same county.

“The two young girls will be transferred to another school in the same school district,” Shawn Slade told us about what they were told from the school.

But now Shawn and Lesley Slade say they received word yesterday that the girls – seen beating up their son in the video – will remain at Accokeek Academy, and even be allowed to ride the bus.

“They will be allowed to ride the school bus,” Shawn Slade told us. “I was appalled. I mean, he’s the victim and this is how you treat him?”

The rep says that the school system is following its practices and procedures, and that nothing requires them to transfer these girls to another school.

Unhappy with that, the Slade’s say they are going to court on Monday to obtain a restraining order to keep these girls away from their son.





Mr. Bodyguard Hyena and why his escort is unfair through a jungle.


The Hyena is the most hated and feared animal in the Animal Kingdom, and so are the Sychophants in the human kingdom. The hyena can escort you at night through a jungle and even the lions will not dare touch you if they sense Hyena is your escorting Bodyguard of the day.

But the most interesting part is why is Hyena body-guarding you or escorting you? Its not because, hyena is loyal to you or gives a damn about your well being or safety. NO! Mr. Bodyguard Hyena is behind you praying ceaselessly that your swinging hand falls off or your leg gets plucked off by earth as you take your steps for him to savour. And the reason Mr. Hyena is jealously guarding you against the Lions, Tigers, Wolves, crocodiles and any other predator is because he hopes against hope once your hand drops or you leg gets stuck on earth and plucked off, he will not have competition, because he is greedy.

He is so overwhelmed by greedy he does not realize your hands cannot fall off nor your leg cannot self-pluck off and get stuck on earth. That is what SYCOPHANTS are! So any county leader involved in corruption, and the rest of you who get their egos massaged by sycophants, it will do you good to understand why they are acting so..Remember #Attorneys involved in corruption and misconduct in Prince George’s County? and even the #RogerThomas nuisance and the rest including any attorney who gets compromised to the detriment of their clients. Their support is based on this premises!

In the next few weeks, we plan to launch an expose concerning these issues and suggestions on how to take the county and the world forward into the future. Stay tuned!


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The Cruel Charter School Addiction in Philadelphia

hite0Dr. William Hite Jr is involved in charter schools fiasco in Philly. The lure and promise of magic with millions of dollars squandered on charter schools that are no better–and often worse–than the public schools is an endless blame game which appears to have no end in sight.

Eileen DiFranco, a retired school nurse in Philadelphia, describes an episode from “The Twilight Zone” in which a sober family man encounters slot machines in Las Vegas and becomes an addict. He can’t help himself. He gambles everything and can’t stop.

She compares this gambling fever to the charter school addiction of districts like Philadelphia. No matter how many charter schools fail, the district leaders led by Dr. William Hite Jr want more of them. They are in love with the lure and promise of magic and they can’t stop. Meanwhile, the public schools suffer as do the children who attend public schools, while millions are squandered on charter schools that are no better–and often worse–than the public schools.

She writes:

With their “no excuses” mantra, highly paid charter school CEOs promise school administrators that they will bring students up to grade level in no time at all. It all sounds so attractive. And believable. School districts all over the country have been sucked in by this big, brash idea that sounds wonderful on paper, but has largely failed to deliver on its promises. This has not stopped the charter school operators from repeating their claim of educational superiority over and over again until it takes on the ring of truth.

But the reality is that the charter schools’ claims contain more “truthiness” than actual truth. According to Kevin Welner, director of the National Education Policy Center (NEPC), a national study by CREDO that many cited to tout the superior performance of charters actually found that “less than one hundredth of one percent (<0.01 percent) of the variation in test performance in reading is explainable by charter school enrollment.”

Let’s put that alleged 0.01 percent success rate into a Philadelphia perspective. The SRC has approved charter school establishment and expansion even while the traditional public schools languish. As children are injured, or even die, as did Laporshia Massey at Bryant Elementary, or as violence occurs, as it did at George Washington High School, the fault somehow lies with the resource-starved schools and not the SRC’s addiction to the lure of charter schools.

The underwhelming performance of charter schools for an overwhelming amount of money should set off alarms. Their quick solutions to educational woes follow the logic of past failures: Just hand over the money and we’ll do it all for you. In the end, however, there is only one certainty: If something is too good to be true, it is not the truth.

Several questions need to be asked about this scenario. The first is, why would the SRC allow the majority of Philadelphia’s children to attend dirty, unsafe schools without counselors, nurses, and assistant principals while other children clearly do not? Why is there hardly any discussion about this glaring disparity?

I have a couple of answers. The first is that there is a plan afoot to break public schools deliberately so that they can be handed over to charters. Thus, the SRC and Hite are wreaking havoc by deliberately deferring maintenance and cutting staff to dangerous levels in traditional schools. This practice effectively insures the failure that is necessary to hand over the now low-performing, intentionally broken “seats” over to more “successful” charter operators who feel justified in cutting into the resources available to District schools. This is being done in a calculated way in order to break the teachers’ union, the whipping boy of modern school reform.

The second is that District leaders and politicians are trying to appease elected officials in rural areas who perceive city schools and urban children as great leeches feeding off public dollars who divert resources away from more deserving populations. For them, giving more money to ”those” children in urban areas is like throwing money into a pit. The idea in the Pennsylvania House and Senate is that throwing money at schools doesn’t fix them, although they believe that having enough money fixes just about everything else.

The third is that the SRC has become the ball carrier for hedge fund managers for whom education is a place where they can make money. The fact that school reform is being led by MBAs rather than by educators is telling.

Philadelphia public schools are dying. Who will be held accountable? The legislature? Former Governor Tom Corbett? Superintendent William Hite?

The leaders are chasing a rainbow, bright promises that have never come through for the children. They are killing a democratic institution that society depends on and needs. Can they sleep at night?



PGCPS Parkdale High evacuated due to bomb threat.


(Photo: WUSA9)

Parkdale high school in Prince George’s County, Md. was evacuated due to a bomb threat Wednesday morning, and police issued an all-clear shortly before 11 a.m. after searching the High School.

Students at Parkdale, northeast of Washington, D.C. near the Beltway, were moved out of the school and were keeping warm on heated buses, according to Prince George’s County police. They were evacuated for about two hours.

“We have not found anything to indicate there was a bomb at school,” said police Cpl. Maria McKinney.

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‘Cut Foose Loose’ petition collects over 700 signatures

superAn online petition requesting the Howard County Board of Education not renew Superintendent Renee Foose’s four-year contract has collected more than 700 signatures since it went live last week. (Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun)

According to Baltimore sun, an online petition requesting the Howard County Board of Education not renew Superintendent Renee Foose‘s four-year contract has collected more than 700 signatures since it went live last week.

The “Cut Foose Loose” petition cites concerns about several decisions under Foose’s leadership, including the suspension of the Operating Budget Review Committee; lack of communication with parents about mold issues at Glenwood Middle School; and elimination of the school system’s in-house attorneys in favor of contracted legal services — since that decision was made in 2012, the school system’s legal fees have nearly tripled.

Foose declined to comment on the petition.

Petition co-sponsors are The People’s Voice, a Howard County civic organization, and three Facebook groups related to issues in the county’s schools: Mold in Howard County Schools — Information for Parents; Voices of Parents and Stakeholders in HCPSS; and Grace K. McComas Memorial Webpage. As of Tuesday afternoon, a week after it was posted, the petition had accumulated 701 signatures toward a goal of 1,000.

“If these people are willing to take the time to sign the petition, you’ve got to look at that as a representation of probably even more out there,” said Lisa Markovitz, president of The People’s Voice. She said that more parents and educators would sign the petition if not for their fear of retribution from school system leadership.

“And to just dismiss that as some relational aspect to the population of the county: I don’t think that’s the way most people react to hearing that level of concern from constituents,” she said.

If Foose decides to seek renewal of her contract, a decision that she must communicate to the board by Feb. 1, board members will vote on whether or not to approve it by March 1. Foose’s current contract ends in June.

“Our concern … was that the Board of Education members likely to support renewal of Foose’s contract were possibly not realizing how widespread the concerns were,” Markovitz said. “We wanted to give as many people as possible a voice to let [board members] know how permeated these concerns are within the county.”

School board member Ann De Lacy wrote about the petition in an email to the Howard County Citizens Association listserv. “There are well over 300,000 people who live in HoCo so 400 people is not an impressive number,” she wrote. When De Lacy posted the message Dec. 23, the day after the petition went live, it had approximately 400 signatures.

“I’m personally focused on equity, opportunity, serving the common good and de facto segregation,” she wrote. “I will not be silenced by a loud and well-organized minority.”

“The argument that this is a minority of organized, loud people is not reflected in the different people who signed it,” said board member Cindy Vaillancourt. “I’m looking at the names and I’m seeing a cross-section of the county and people who I’ve never seen involved in anything ….There are people from every corner of the county, every possible persuasion of political thought and groups that are involved.”

Vaillancourt said that each board member must make her own decision about renewing Foose’s contract, but that all of the members “should be paying close attention to what our community is saying.

“Everybody has to make their own value judgments,” she said. “But one of the reasons that this petition has come up is that the people who are signing it and the others who are too scared to sign it don’t feel like their voices are being heard and they feel like they’ve been dismissed as the loud minority. [The petition] is just another manifestation of their frustration.”

At an education town hall hosted by delegates Frank Turner and Warren Miller in December, more than 30 parents and educators accused the superintendent and school board of operating without transparency and accountability. Several of the speakers at that meeting, which was attended by more than 200 people, called for a change in school system leadership.

“So many things were adding up,” Markowitz said about parent concerns expressed at the meeting and through other venues. “It was getting so overwhelming.”

She and the other co-sponsors felt that a petition would show board members the gravity of the situation.

Sandie French, who has been on the board for more than 20 years, said that the signatures on the petition would not influence her decision on the contract renewal.

“The board that existed in 2012 hired Dr. Foose and gave her a charge. She has been following that charge of increasing academic achievement for all diverse populations of our student body,” French said. “Yes, there are individual issues, but we’ll work through them. And so obviously I am not going to be swayed by a public opinion poll.”

Board Chairwoman Christine O’Connor questioned the authenticity of the signatures and the accuracy of the concerns in the petition, although Markowitz said that she was removing any names she believed to be fake.

“The bottom line — if you read the petition and you see who’s signing it — they’re making up names,” said O’Connor. “People are making up names and just adding them to the petition.”

Both O’Connor and French said that they stand by the superintendent because her leadership has benefited students in Howard County.

“The Board of Education fully supports the superintendent and what she’s doing for the benefit of our 53,000 students,” O’Connor said. “Everything that the public is concerned about is being addressed in one form or another, and some things take a little more time.”

“I believe she has met our standards and our goals,” French said, “and I believe in her.”

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