PGCPS scores lowest than peers across Maryland in PARCC tests


Prince George’s County Public Schools score lowest than peers across state in PARCC tests. (MGN Online)

Prince George’s County Public Schools say they’ve received the high school test scores for the “Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)” tests that were administered for the first time last spring.

Prince George’s County Public Schools say that while their students’ average scores were lower than their peers across the state in 10 of the 15 areas, the difference in scores were less than 10 percentage points. However, they were the last in the whole state of Maryland.

“This is our first round of results for the challenging PARCC assessments, and we will be using these as a baseline to help monitor student performance,” said Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer for PGCPS who was hired in “darkness’ to turn things around . “Our goal is for all of our students to graduate college and career ready, and our strategic plan outlines how we will reach that goal. State assessments are just one way to measure our progress along that path.”

The results is a clear testimony the county schools are not doing well as they should.

The selection of CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell in a non transparent manner in what appears to be an effort to cover up wrong doing among the senior PGCPS staff and the schools, was not good for democracy and accountability initiatives in Prince George’s County.

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CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell has not acted with honor after he engaged in cover ups to hide questionable activity within the county school system. The scores are a clear testimony of his character after he duped the county citizenry he was qualified with high marks. The high salary he has been awarded and bonuses only for the county schools to turn out last in Maryland, is not justified.   




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